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    I am just a player of this game but
    Usually few things fix most issues when dealing with a java game

    1. download latest java figure out if game likes 32 bit or 64 bit java
    2. update graphics card in your case NVIDIA for your OS
    3. Check requirements if you exceed them.
    4. Look at errors.

    Based on my normal trouble shooting list I start with
    2. Your graphic card "NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT" with "2015/01/30"?

    I am not sure if they use dates for that version number but have you updated you graphics card driver recently in last month?
    That needs to be updated for all games to run their best.
    If not should do that first.

    4. Looking at errors are you sure you have that dll in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Coop-Land\Rising World\JavaFMod64.dll" did you rename folders after installing?

    Side questions: since looks like missing references and missing libraries
    Are you sure it downloaded the full game before you launched?
    Your running that on non-steam version you have to be sure to follow instructions and downloading everything.
    Also are you trying to run it as server or single player.

    If this doesn't help you I am sure the tech support guys will help you soon.

    from a developers point of view you could also easily lose control of your creation.

    Of course that's the point I think. I am pretty sure "RED" Developers also wants us to have fun on his game and get a modding community started that's why he's doing an API. Why would a developers point of view be different from his users aka gamer's point of view.

    Rhetorical question, Do you think 'Minecraft' cares if people write 200 mods for their game or FTB exists? No. Because that's just free content Microsoft doesn't have to work on yet still get all the revenue and benefits from that existing. Since you got 4 gigs of content for free because base game allowed mods to be use in it much easier than most games. Even now Minecraft after it sold to Microsoft, the new developers are still working on it's API to make it better for more mods. They want you to do whatever you can in Minecraft that doesn't break copy write laws for content. Unfortunately the original Minecraft game had to undergo a lot of changes even causing some mods to quit because it's base API was almost non existent an external force forge had to manage each other's mods to even work together. That's not a good design I don't think the developers foresaw people hacking their game.

    When I develop software I never assume what's easiest or correct for me, I always think about end users point of view. I want the end users happy. I always try to think all the possibilities in various methods usually there's lots of methods if your dumb you will be limited in your thinking, if you have a high IQ you can think of dozens of things and methods before even beginning. What would the stupidest person do? What would be the most intuitive way to do this? What would be the smartest method? What are people use to? Who all has done this before and how can I make it better? What is the experience and interface for the end user. What will a veteran at computers assume? I don't ever think it's end users fault if they don't do as I intended. I know there are various levels of IQ differences, if I see a high number of people doing something unintended I go back and try to fix any issue making it more clear, having tool-tips, changing colors, resizing, move position all things have to be considered. Especially if it's a number of users doing that not just one. This is just only me writing about interface.

    A developer has tons of unseen code too. Where that code can make your life a living hell, If he starts off a program on a bad foundation. He will have performance issues bad methods, not catching a mistake in methodology can haunt him even years later in that program. Such as a sorting algorithm, math mistakes, or increasing the programs complexity on something could have been very simple. I don't know how many times I done complicated methods that could of been much simpler and less time consuming. If I had thought of a better method before I started going down a mediocre method which I thought was best. Of course that's the thing with IQ and wisdom to remember things you did prior years applying that knowledge to your current project to pick the best methods you have learned.

    When i make software for different parts of world I even have to make it simpler since lower IQ people in different countries. I make the PC people go crazy X/ . PC X/ people not all people are same we have different (strength, height, weight, metabolism, sex drive, and of COURSE IQ) no matter what environment you put a stupid person into he's still stupid just as a tall person is same height in Africa as in Europe. And by far men's IQ they have a wider IQ bell curve than women so there are a lot more smarter men and a lot more dumber men where as women tend to be average. When you import refugees and immigrants from dumb countries your entire country becomes stupider less productive for generations to come. :thumbdown:…oads/2015/04/IQscores.png So when I do software development for other countries I have to always keep that IQ in mind it's rather annoying <X for me as a computer programmer to have to explain why I change something to marketers or non-technical people that their lack of knowledge about IQ, cultures and aggression in some other countries is reason the interface will not work there. I know based on the complaints. It won't work general population as an interface only for smarter people in those regions. Anyways I got off topic lol. I sometimes vent here, <3 lol.

    Of course an API will benefit everyone especially the more features it has such as

    * 0. API for avatar (interactions / skins / location indicator / relative position / inventory / facing)
    * 1. API for loading in models any open source XML, DXF, DWF or whatever is popular. I am so old I don't know.
    2. API for adding in foods we have a lot of foods added.
    3. API for interacting with (machines, cooking, avatar)
    4. API for adding in crafting recipes (requirements)
    5. API for replacing Textures easily
    6. API for moving (avatars/objects/chests) transportation is done we will have a group using the model API on top of existing models like replacing trains with cars / ships /airplanes / or boats.

    I agree any API that is done well will improve this game.

    In fact it may get the developer out of a lot of work especially if people offer it up for download and no licensing things are added.
    * API for 3D models that could be add,modified that could be used on server would basically get a storm of new content without any work required by developer.
    It's similar to loading pictures I see all the amazing thing that does as a 2D custom image.
    Especially if API is simple to use with instructions such as simply placing items in folders, of course easily usable on server side that models/textures auto downloads to clients as they login.

    Yeah I am on SilverSatin server he is concerned with the permission issues in scripting since he has to disable all creative tools and blue printing. Since I asked him about blue prints said when placing a blue print it ignores the protection he has so you could paste a building on top of someone elses structure.

    I hope permissions are fixed blue prints are one of the major advantages this has over other block building
    games even the all mighty minecraft. Able to trade or use blue prints would be very nice.

    I dunno, it looks like a complete wood working set to me. I didn't make it but I think it looks pretty good for a garage decoration.

    Yeah it's cool screenshot I even sent that set of tool image and many more images to my friend to convenience him to buy this game. It's definitely a nice set for 1800s early 1900s before power tools, I could imagine a person owning that. Even now some probably still use those old tools. Wood working is so much easier having a big shop with all the modern power tools for each job. I am only amateur but my step dad was into house building / large construction / cabinet making / fabrication / custom jobs / various other handy man stuff. I watch him and this old house but never get off my ass to do those things LOL.. I hear those arguments if you spent twenty minutes a day in 3 years you know Chinese or whatever. I say who cares I don't want to talk to Chinese, I want to play video games and watch tv more happy.

    I usually build all my buildings higher just incase terrain is uneven. I guess another way is to push terrain down first using editor then choose an extra brick on corner point something nothing to do with anything so you can grab it easily and select it if your having trouble figuring out where to start I usually choose lowest point first since it's easy to go up. I grab lowest point then run to adjacent corner next then use <arrow keys> from there. That's it. I also build a foundation of of extra set of blocks too. Most land will be uneven so I build in flat land make a blueprint then go into rendered world.

    That's my free advice you get what you pay for lol....

    The key is to get lowest point on the corner hit start point (right or left) then go to other lowest point adjacent hit end point. Now adjust using <arrow keys>

    I will paste a simple paint graphic to show you. Tell me if that helps if not others may give better instructions.

    Once you have a good blue print you can place it on any flat land you may have to use tools to flatten it or editor. Get rid of grass extra must be perfectly flat or you have dirt inside if your trying to do a direct placement on grass. But your Blueprint has to be captured correctly before you can hope to place it. I often build buildings with foundations allowing a few bricks higher just like real houses usually don't land directly on the surface they need foundations stairs extra to get off the ground which allows me to not worry so much about it being flat. Using concrete or stone under it to keep the buildings floor from getting moist, buckling, cracking or insects penetrating is also the way buildings are built anyways. Unless your building a hill billy shack or third world house you should consider doing that.

    If your not working with a building it can be more difficult.

    You can use my blue prints to practice with. One blueprint has a super high foundation the watermill the other the church is just two brick layer foundation.
    You can download copy to your steam folder. Or use other blueprints to practice
    Water Mill - Wassermühle - RedTon various structures

    Yeah, You can't stop stupid. It's genetics with some people. But yeah put higher specs up there would help some old pc users. Lowering chunks sometimes helps on servers.
    Some people do two specs. One min. One recommended for online or running well.
    Most games shoot for highest specs on PCs by time it gets released it's usually obsolete PCs far as games goes.
    Sometimes recommending windows version may help too. One more likely to meet specs required.
    *Graphic Card XX gigs latest drivers

    Also by time game ships might need higher specs. Since your going to have a lot more entities and players. Of course I seen a lot of CPU reduction happen once developers push some of the
    graphics to GPU rather than CPU but I don't ever pay attention to what game is doing since it's always ran fine even in alpha.

    Servers little slower but don't know about other person's hardware.
    This game seems pretty smooth already at least single player.

    Yeah a true gamer doesn't let your Graphic cards or mother boards/cpu get to old.
    You can't help some people are like bubbling lava you just get burned people acting like kids and raging.

    zfoxfire that's way too many similar tools lol... most only need about few tools the rest are variation on screwdriver, hammer, drill, wrench, saw. I used other tools but pretty much same thing. I never really needed a chisel even when I needed a chisel lol. Other than cutting out groves in wood which new days I just use a power hammer drill for all that stuff (drill,wrench,screwdriver). Hell drill can be used to grind out same as a chisel

    If I only had 3 tools now days to build with
    I take a cordless power hammer drill
    plug in saws all
    nail gun

    Build almost entire house with those three of course probably a circular/table saw straight cuts but it's bad ass to use saws all lol its so cool to rip through walls with wires pipes and electrical lol no worries.

    3d modeling is fun. I messed with 3dsmax 4 when i was a kid. Nothing professional ofcourse.

    I personally would love to have an iron wood burning stove. Then if we get olives to make olive oil, i can make me some fried green tomatoes! :-9

    Yeah I was waiting for grapes corn.
    (Rice, Corn "Maize", Wheat) are main food crops of every nation on this planet. If I get corn which will be higher than me I will make a corn maze lol. I put it on stove popcorn or boil corn on cob depending on corn type.

    Nice models. Some people are great at 3d. I am terrible trying to make 3d things. I get overwhelmed by 3d programs options and movements.
    Yeah nice to put some of those high power electronic items in Tier 2 work bench items.
    What's next Chain saw, Franklin Stove, Dresser, Refrigerator, Fishing poles, boats, cars, trains, train tracks, pipes, pumps, wall outlets, Statues of various animals or people.

    Nice job on your models.

    Yeah as an artist you can find methods to making textures but best way is to find a guide to making one.
    To give a brief description is you create an image then cut in the center by four Then you put each of those four centers onto the four corners then your texture will match up onto each inter connecting one. But you will then have a center that has to be blended or fixed to get rid of it's problems.

    Go onto youtube I am sure you can find someone doing that.

    I fully agree!
    it would improve upon a big part of client and server performance and it would fully protect everything within the world instead of leaving out the workbenches and smelters.

    And most important it would make sure players cant place a blueprint into the area of another player ( destroying their house ) which is why we only enable it at player request while we're there watching.

    not to mention maybe even prevent blueprint theft (server visitors who come to copy stuff and go.)

    That is a great idea "SilverSatin" I also agree with you so much, in fact if it was part of game on server side you could inverse blue print areas only allow you to use blueprints in your protected areas / capture or used then you wouldn't had what we had in 2014-2015 where people just posting solid blocks all over the place. Or in their own protected areas when they raged quit, so server admins just ban blueprints all together. The server I am on just bans all blue prints except with half dozen admins. So I can not use blueprints at all so I can not even capture my own work on the server and put into my single games. I have a lot of work there I like to save locally. Of course blueprints allow bypassing of gathering resources right now if that was added no looser would just paste in 1024x1024x1024 bricks but I think that was partly because blueprints didn't have a price, Now you have to find rare gold to make a blueprint which is difficult for them. Something SJW and trolls hate is work, so if they have work hard for blueprints most would just give up trying to grief the servers.

    "SilverSatin" can I use your suggestion in my suggestions topic, I really think that's a good idea.
    Roofs, Doors, Automation, Tool Suggestions, NPCs, Servers, Brick Suggestions

    I always wanted blueprints in minecraft had to use glitchy mods or hack the game to get your builds.

    I guess no one is majorly concerned on our server with dozens of people on it. ...

    So It's fine red51 you know it could be our server since we never reloaded after that biomes update.
    Sorry to waist your time, Sir.

    Your doing a great job BTW love <3 the Drawbridge
    I guess I was just getting ahead of myself back then with permission issue in 2015. Roofs, Doors, Automation, Tool Suggestions, NPCs, Servers, Brick Suggestions

    My Castle thanks you for it's Bricks/Drawbridge! :thumbsup:

    It only happen once I just logged out and back in and the next login even in the same place it didn't keep me stuck. I never had it happen before and none of the other four on that server heard of that before.

    We are getting more 3 issues on server side with permission issues 1. smelter once your done cooking you have to login out 2. keeping/loosing permissions within areas using scripts 3. lastly with falling during TP or walking which falling isn't as bad as before.

    Did anyone just get a 12 MB update for rising world? I see no announcements and I've been getting a lot of 0 byte updates for random games which I think is just a Steam bug. I dont see any anouncements on here however.

    Uhh.. nevermind. I still have version I'm pretty sure that's the current version.

    The people in USA told me the updates were probably for Steam to do VR stuff on the games that can. I don't know if they are pulling my leg or trolling me. But I did get about 15 updates out of my ~50 games. I just thought was a steam bug. So I read the Steam forum no official mention far as I can tell at this time everyone is asking that too it like Steam team is ignoring the question. Either way must be a bug or scheduled push. At least update was not so large and I only got about 30% of my games updated. Man hope it wasn't a virus imagine if steam did a DOS attack at focused ip ranges like banks & governments lol. Obama care website would go down lol

    I was frozen couldn't move with jump or F2. It was server so I don't know if F2 would of gotten me out but I could hit still work tools pick axe just couldn't move. Here is error codes in Java.

    Windows 10 (x64) 10.0 Java: 1.8.0_73 amd640.6.5.1_26 -H:4096 -D:3072 (Steam)
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3220 CPU @ 3.30GHz, Z77 Pro3, 12766 MB (4260 MB Heap)
    Intel(R) HD Graphics 20150817000000.000000-000
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 20160321000000.000000-000
    Uncaught exception thrown in Thread[jME3 Main,5,main]
    at com.bulletphysics.collision.dispatch.CollisionDispatcher.freeCollisionAlgorithm(
    at com.bulletphysics.collision.broadphase.HashedOverlappingPairCache.cleanOverlappingPair(
    at com.bulletphysics.collision.broadphase.HashedOverlappingPairCache$CleanPairCallback.processOverlap(
    at com.bulletphysics.collision.broadphase.HashedOverlappingPairCache.processAllOverlappingPairs(
    at com.bulletphysics.collision.broadphase.HashedOverlappingPairCache.cleanProxyFromPairs(
    at com.bulletphysics.collision.dispatch.CollisionWorld.destroy(
    at com.jme3.bullet.PhysicsSpace.destroy(
    at com.jme3.bullet.BulletAppState.stopPhysics(
    at com.jme3.bullet.BulletAppState.cleanup(
    at content.Game.resetGameContext(SourceFile:2163)
    at s.d.onButtonReleaseEvent(SourceFile:1798)
    at de.jiw.gui.elements.Button.onMouseButtonEvent(
    at de.jiw.gui.core.Screen.onMouseButtonEvent(
    at com.jme3.input.InputManager.processQueue(
    at com.jme3.input.InputManager.update(
    at commons.JIWApplication.update(SourceFile:102)
    at com.jme3.system.lwjgl.LwjglAbstractDisplay.runLoop(
    at com.jme3.system.lwjgl.LwjglDisplay.runLoop(
    at Source)

    Hi Yak,

    I did not really word that very well. Let me clarify. My idea is to opt-in to unstable builds. I totally agree that there is a big risk of pushing unstable builds onto game servers where possible world corruption is possible and I would never suggest that every new build that Red makes be automatically published for mainstream consumption. However, some of us are more development minded and wouldn't mind playing with new features (and aid in bug reporting) in full understanding of the risk. I take my own precautions in game saves. I run my own server and I do not allow automatic updates whatsoever. I keep my saves and config data under version control for safe keeping and allow game updates when I am personally ready to move forward.

    If you look at a game like Stranded Deep, you'll see in Steam that an experimental branch is available which has lots of extra features not completely debugged but gives you an idea of how development is going and gives the gamer an opportunity to provide useful feedback to the developer.

    Yeah sounds like a good idea.
    I don't think right now the game has "opt in" check mark.
    I just worry about server world breaking versions.

    Another thing to mention is that Red doesn't rush updates. He's a perfectionist so nothing he releases is ever half-assed. The drawback is that we have to wait longer. I personally would like to see more frequent updates even if they are buggy or maybe access to a test build in Steam so we can see what's going on. But that's totally his choice whether to allow that.

    zfoxfire, I don't know if you like more frequent updates if it breaks your world, I know the server people would go crazy if you broke their servers they still have problems on their servers from LUA scripts not permissions for smelting, and blocking off areas in the fact it doesn't work consistently. Also the server I am playing on never did a reset after the biomes update so they got issues where land has holes in polygons probably more than average. You can't hunt for animals very easily since they only respawn every 24 hours and you can't find new biomes since this server was up for six months before the biomes update so everyone went in every direction for many months prior hench everything is plains. Yeah as a single player I wouldn't mind more updates but we are on alpha there's no more alpha of an alpha except an unstable alpha.

    I think if Red would release an unstable version would be far worse for reputation than benefit even if you and me wouldn't mind. He has to endure all the negative feed back like internet trolls pout at the first instance of anything wrong. Hell we got a few guys crying about over a week to get update, how much worse would he cry and hundreds more they couldn't even launch a world. The server people play this game every single day it's like minecraft dedication for over six months before biomes update creating LUA scripts for TP transportation, virtual credits, admin commands, block protections entire worlds laying every single flower out for their worlds. Their scripts especially for transportation TP and block ownership are already unstable yet they keep resetting stuff if fails. Also people logging in and out after every smelting. Hell they still got land glitches in some areas and seems like the entire server that has never biomes update and almost zero animals since the server was up for 6 months prior so people had 6 months in various directions creating plains everywhere. I felt similar when it was Aug when Red mentioned biomes update that was 4 months waiting for it. But in meantime we waited I got a nice few blocks in mean time and objects. Which is always nice. So I am with you zfoxfire about a few updates if even just a token object went every so often into our games like here is a mug or here is a picture frame or here is a new vertical castle gate, here is a token object. Since it be nice to have any new object or blocks and yet less likely to cause any large coding issue or breakage. But I think if Red added an API feature for us to load custom objects, textures, we could do that as a community.

    We can't do as a community is the core game mechanics like having transportation (trains,carriages, cars,horses,elevators,tanks, escalators, boats) or what he's working on now we can't do animation models for swimming or add a new medium of water. We can't add something without having the core game already having a foundation to use. For instance as soon as the game has cars if Developers added an api to add models into it and scripts to move those cars, we have amazing dedicated people that move car models and upload new cars. Developers wouldn't even have to worry above original cars looks until release. Same with furniture models. But you notice as a community they can not add core elements like game mechanics (swimming, falling, light, HUD, combat, model animations, shadows, API, scripting commands, transportation, armor, health, cooking). Of course the better the (API / scripting language) and more custom features allowed (blueprints,editors,model uploading, image uploading) is the less the developers will have to do since everyone will do that for them also I am a programmer myself If you do your own API well enough you can use it yourself for your game. I you have an API so stable you can just call your own functions rather than build separate ones so If I built an API for moving models around (cars+me+storage) I could use that same API function to move (carriages+me+storage), trains, elevators, extra then give a the script language access to the API.

    Almost 1 month later and still no water update, what a game.

    It's in Alpha / Beta with no time table. I bought this game to support it since it's very good and has progression. I been here since first time it was put on Steam. I seen all the changes every month it's being updated so don't worry. I seen Alpha games utterly fail because they released with major bugs or not enough content. If you don't like alpha or beta games make sure you don't buy any they are labeled as "Early Access Games" I am guessing it will be end of the month but who knows what problems they are having or adding in extra things. I was happy when biomes was released on Christmas it took some time for that. Also I was happy with all the additions in objects like Drawbridge I was happy and unexpected that was going to be in an update.

    You can get your money back in most Steam games but you will probably end up paying more upon release the cheaper price is usually when in Early Access. But as far as building games I seen dozens and right now half a dozen of those are Minecraft knockoffs done IMO half done to just get onto market fast before they have actual content look at those they are mix of minecraft and other. I don't have any incline to buy any of those yet bought this making building the key getting it correct and server based is very important. Especially as animal breeding, cooking, and machines will make this game take off and IMO if not many bugs will be a very nice start. All the content the author wants to do with Models (avatar/objects), blueprints and uploading custom photos is very smart and allows customization. Also if author can add in transport / machines people will use the API and models uploads options to replace models giving it amazing potential. I think a few things sound ambitious because of complexity is not yet realized. Perhaps I sound like a fan boy but I seen progression been here since start of 2015.