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  • Hello, I've just discovered Rising World about a week ago and it is now among my favorite games of all time!
    After playing a while, I have a few suggestions. :

    • Time Speed & Real-time | The ability to adjust the time speed in options as well as the ability to set the game to real time. It would be really exceptional to have the option to sync the game to the client's computer clock or Steam time on the client's computer. This way, whenever we enter and play the game it will be the same as our actual local time in the game.
    • Place-able clocks (which actually work and match the time on your hand-held clock). Imagine having the above option set to sync to your local real time and have a grandfather clock which would chime on the hour. You could expand this to include alarm clocks which could actually serve a real-life purpose if the game was synced to real local time.
    • Writable books which can be placed on the bookshelves and read / edited later.

    Edit 05/20/19:
    After playing a while longer, I have more ideas. I will update this original post in place in the future if/when I come up with more.

    • Tier II Compass Declination | If a player has both the Workbench Tier II Compass and a Map, allow the plotting of a course in three different possible ways. 1) by typing in map coordinates 2) by clicking a location on the map 3) by clicking on and/or selecting from a list of predefined map markers the player has previously marked. Once the destination is locked and while holding the tier II compass in game, a colored line appearing on the ground across the terrain will be visible for the player to follow to the destination. The line on the ground could be similar to how route lines are marked in games like Forza racing.
    • Are those friends or foes I spy in the distance? | I had this following idea and just now checked your roadmap and see that my idea could solve much of the NPC's plans. The idea is to take the current code for how bandits appear at night in forests around a campfire and instead make groups of NPC's have a small chance (10-20%? Once per day if exploring and once per week if staying in the same area / chunk) of spawning any time day or night at x-distance from the player. Have them set to walk (not run) in a straight line in a random direction and not be confined to where they spawn. Do not spawn a campfire with them. If at night, they have torches and daytime not. Have them despawn when player is x-distance away and after x-time. Here's where it gets really interesting: Give the spawned group a 50% chance of being hostile, exactly like the current bandit behavior. If they are not hostile, they have a further 33% (1/3) equal chance of being either a trader group, a quest-giver group or a nomads group. Traders would trade random things for random things and have a small (10%?) chance of having a really valuable item, like a Legendary Sword or a Semiauto Rifle. Quest-givers could distribute random preset quests, like clearing a dungeon and saving one of their kin who were taken hostage, escorting them through dangerous territory, bringing them a saddled horse, fetching a pail of water for them, etc. Nomads would basically do nothing but keep walking away and ignoring the player. Having the groups all look the same from a distance would be very important, so that you can't tell if they're hostile or not before being aggro'd if hostile. They should have some small identifier on their wardrobe to tell what they are, such as hostiles have a red belt, traders have a green belt, quest givers have a yellow belt and nomads have a blue belt. Using binoculars may allow the player to see the identifier at a safe distance. Colored belts may or may not be the answer to this, testing would be needed to ensure you could not see the identifier at a safe distance without binoculars. Make the telescope not be strong enough to see the identifier, only the binoculars (Workbench Tier II).
    • Paintable Drywall And Siding | First off, make cans of paint a craftable item in the Workbench Tier II with pigment, resin, solvent and a paint brush. The pigment could be obtained from flowers, the resin from spruce trees and the solvent from... perhaps stagnant chemical pools found in caves or near areas with volcanic activity? The paint brush could be crafted separately (and before making paint) with wood sticks and horse hair. While crafting a can of paint, have the UI give the player a color wheel (IE: with optional boxes to type in RGB or HEX codes, so that a very exact color can be mixed. You could also add a paint mixer as a new workstation to accomplish this. As far as the drywall and siding, make them the only surfaces which can be painted to avoid potential problems with other existing object assets. They should start out white (pre-primed). The drywall should be craftable with a new mineral, "gypsum" as well as paper. It should behave similar to wood planks as far as placement but be bigger. The siding could be crafted with either aluminum or wood and behave similar, again, to wood planks. Once placed, the surfaces can be painted with the crafted paint bucket and paint brush (as one item to avoid a dual wielding dilemma, etc) when wielded by the player and the surface is clicked on. In thinking about this, the inventory icon for the "Paint & Paintbrush" should have a square at the lower right showing the paint's exact RGB or HEX color so you can see what color a given can of paint is. It should have a contents meter on the left similar to what is used for the canteen.
    • Modularized Stick Frames | This could be further down the road after paint, drywall and siding are implemented and in fact that idea led me logically to this idea. Make craftable stick frame sections from lumber which would be intended to place the drywall or other elements on. Sections could be selected from a list of wall sections (vertical studs 16" or 24" apart, framed by stick around the outside), roof sections, "A" frames, floor joist sections, etc. etc. etc.
    • New Advanced Tool: Reciprocating Saw | A saw which can be used to trim undesired portions of non-stone based building objects from projects. Perhaps you went a little too far with that log or have a plank corner sticking up through your angled roof? No problem! Trim it off with the Reciprocating Saw. It should be able to cut on any axis and the trimmed-off waste should just disappear. This tool could be expanded to cut custom shapes through the thinner construction elements such as wood planks. The shapes could be from a predetermined selection of re-sizable shapes such as squares, rectangles, triangles, circles, stars, hearts, crescents, diamonds, clovers, etc. Just Google image search, "stencil shapes" and you'll get the idea.
  • I like the Idea with the clocks and books. Maybe you could do it in the future so that you have to learn certain reciepes only from books that can be produced or found. Or with a kind of learning effect though skills can then freed up neq constuctioin options or items. Above all, I think of the surival/adventure and less of the creative mode.

  • Hi,

    if you play singlemode, and only want to temporarily change the time speed, you can do this with the console command settimespeed <value>. Please note this is only temporarily; if you start your game next time the time speed will reset to default value.
    If you want to permanently change it, you have to alter the entry game_time_speed=<value> in your
    Running your own server, you can do this by editing the, should be the same entry.
    Note: <value> is the amount of realtime seconds until ingame time advances by 1 minute (set 60 for realtime behaviour).

    Hope this helps you.

    Sincerely, Inu

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