Event for the removal of saddlebags and saddles

  • Hi plugin people! :D

    Does anyone know if there is a method for this? I've checked the API and the one I think it should be "PlayerRemoveObjectEvent" doesn't get called. I suspect a method doesn't exist and it needs @red51 to add it, however I may just be being blind and someone might be able to light my way!

    Many thanks guys,


  • Many thanks! This will stop some of our horse thieves :evil:

    yes this would be a nice addition to my "badass" tracker in my discord plugin. I had the same thieve problem...

    Maybe it would be nice if you get the owner of a mount if you put a saddle on it and then on remove we can check if the player is the owner or not and cancel the event then!

  • would be nice if we had to tame the mounts first before saddling them. In this way they could be owned and then only owned mounts could be saddled and ridden. In this way theft could be averted. You would still have to deal with poachers killing them though. With horses being excluded from ABM , there shouldn't be any interference with it either. Another solution is to add them to ABM so they could be owned and bred. This will also reduce theft by marking the animal owned. I know dummy NPC were once affected by ABM, I see no reason that mounts can't be added to ABM for this purpose. If you figure out the modification to ABM to make, let me know because I want to do it too. We could feed them hemp leaves to tame them :) or carrots. The default food for non specified animals is potato and lemon if my memory serves me correctly. Adding them to ABM might not stop theft but you can locate them through ABM and maybe recall them with the /abm warphome all command. Then again leashing and making invincible might secure the mounts well enough. Main problem is @Machete has been M.I.A. for a while.

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