Just a question I am asking to me and want to share ;)

    We've posted a status update with some first screenshots of the new terrain generation. There is also a new update available for the Java version!

    • Just a question I am asking to me and want to share ;)

      I totally love this game (yes I spent more than 3000 hours on it ), I have difficulties to understand why so much servers ! when I am connecting and looking at the servers list, I notice that on each server there is 0 or a very little amount of players, as so, knowing how much expansive is a month's server cost, why some server's owners wouldn't decide to merge (just for those with the same idea -survival or giving full creative -),the result would be to have more players connected at the same time and enjoying to visit each one, communicate etc ?
      sorry for my english I prefer to try by my own to explain rather than using google translate (just because this is so bad when some english native speakers are trying that to say something in french ;) )
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    • I agree with what you say @Helie I think it comes down to people wanting to create their own world and then open it up for visitors maybe? My first experience with Rising World was on such a server and unfortunately the next time I logged in the server had gone - so too with my fledgling castle ;( we always point players who want to play in creative mode in the direction of Artisans Realms ;) (one of the oldest servers there is if I am not mistaken?)
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    • also have a problem with quality of server and location of server. I know I have terrible ping with servers in Europe. USA is ok. But I prefer connecting to one in aussie as it gives me best connection.

      I would love to see more people playing on fewer servers. But you have diff types of servers (survival or creative). Plus you have server locations to deal with. Then you have diff quality of servers (memory allotment, and processing speed). Also number of plug ins and which plugins that are installed. This is a lot of variables to consider when choosing a server.

      Plus with the BP not using materials you will have a big problem with server hopping. Who wants to move from one server to another if they cant move their creations with them because bps are not allowed. This is one reason I would love to see BP fixed so they require the use of materials. Then maybe more servers would allow the use of BP. Would help with server consolidation.
    • Gillwin wrote:

      также есть проблемы с качеством сервера и местоположением сервера. Я знаю, что у меня ужасный пинг с серверами в Европе. США в порядке. Но я предпочитаю подключаться к одному из австралийцев, так как это дает мне лучшее соединение.

      Я хотел бы видеть больше людей, играющих на меньшем количестве серверов. Но у вас есть разные типы серверов (выживание или креатив). Плюс у вас есть места на сервере, чтобы иметь дело с. Тогда у вас будет разное качество серверов (выделение памяти и скорость обработки). Также количество плагинов и какие плагины, которые установлены. Это много переменных, которые необходимо учитывать при выборе сервера.

      Кроме того, если BP не использует материалы, у вас будут большие проблемы с перескоком сервера. Кто хочет перейти с одного сервера на другой, если они не могут перенести свои творения вместе с ними, потому что bps не разрешены. Это одна из причин, по которой мне бы хотелось, чтобы BP исправили, поэтому они требуют использования материалов. Тогда, возможно, большее количество серверов позволит использовать BP. Помог бы с консолидацией сервера. [Ru][En]Rising World Server (PVE)16+
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    • What you mention is the downside of having so many individual options to turn on and off.

      1. a lot of new players wants to play multiplayer but not accept the restrictions of someone elses server, so they just open their own one (not so expensive if you host on your own machine).

      2. many just want to play with their friends or with a selected circle of people, not open their world for everybody

      3. there are so many possibilities to individualize your server. Creative is not creative. Creative can be with or without blueprints, with or without flymode, can have tons of different plugins. some server-owners even create their own plugins to be unique.

      In the end it doesn´t matter i think. The list is long but most people are playing Soloplay anyways. That way they can build the way and where they want. This will probably change once there are more dungeons ingame, some overhaul of crafting and building, more NPC, etc.