Steam Blueprints Sub Forum Please

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • Hello everyone, first of all i want to say that i love this game, bought 2 copy of the game on 21 Jun, 2019 for myself and my girlfriend and we have already 160hours on record.
    All those 160hours are invested just in building stuff for the moment, i really like how things are going for the game, hope to see more updates.

    I will really like to see a sub forum for blueprints on steam aswell, i think alot off new players are checking steam first for blueprints, thats exactly what i did after 160 hours of playing the game, i was kinda surprised that there its not a sub forum for blueprints on steam but only on the website forum, looking forward to share some blueprints aswell, maybe directly on steam if it will be possible!


  • The proper "Steam way" would be indeed workshop support for blueprints. That's probably the best solution for this. Basically that's planned, but unfortunately I have no ETA for that yet...

    Having a separate forum there would only work if the majority of people are willing to post their blueprints both on Steam and here. I'm not sure if that's really going to happen =O

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