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  • Okay so here's my idea when I look into the Blueprints I see multiple files from single authors strewn up instead of organized into their own threads. My idea is like this...

    [Author Thread]
    1- Name
    A) Description
    B) Blueprint
    C) Screenshots & other Media
    2- Name etc..
    [Author Thread]
    Rinse and repeat.

    The idea is that everyone should take all their blueprints and classify them under a single thread and name that thread according to their product or products. I don't mean to step on anyone's toes or chastise them with this idea as it's an idea that I decided on my own to put into practice for all my Blueprints. Keeping them all in one thread and any time I add a new file it shows up as new files automatically which is quite nice and allows others to come by and have a look at what's new. When we look at how the update log files are created everything is kept nice and clean. What I am asking is if we as a community can help band together and clean up the "Blueprint" panel and categorize all of our stuff in our own threads. Some of us may say but we have hundreds or thousands of blueprints uploaded already. Then let's ask for help from someone that can send us links to all of our threads in the Blueprint section so we may make it better together.

    Thank you everyone and remember this is just a suggestion for us to work better as a community to make things cleaner and more compact.. easier for others, not an affront to the way we have grown accustomed to doing things over the years. As the game grows there will be more people that join the Community. With more people that means a bigger Database! So suggesting this now before the new release seems to me the smartest move. Let's say for example Rising World sells 1 million copies and the blueprint shares become out of control? You can't find what you're looking for, then what? Please let's do this, and remember #BetterTogether <3:saint:

  • Thank you for sharing your idea :)

    My personal kind of interest is the name of the thread (containing a hint about the content) instead of having to read the content itself. With your way I would read "Arcane Desmond" or "Arakara" instead of e.g. "Horse", "Dragon", "Ship" etc. If a title sounds interesting (e.g. "My lovely Dragon") I open it and check the content because I am curious about the new idea of a player. If I knew from the title that the blueprint is "Ship", and as I am not interested in ships, I would skip that one.

    Having to open each player name thread to see what the player offers (e.g. ships only, or ships and dragons), this would take too much of my time. It would keep me away from checking the blueprints. Imagine a player starts with ship blueprints and the fifth blueprint is a dragon, I would not see that because I would remember "this player crafts ships only, I will not open the link".

    This is however my very personal view. :)

    • Thanks for your idea.
    • The author's name as a thread title is not very helpful and not my favorite little furniture, either. I prefer the exact name of an object. Problem to make a new blueprint section is, who sorts the whole blueprints and who wants to make it all new? All of one's prints in one thread is difficult i.e. difficult to find any special blueprints in it. Maybe this depends on the search function, I don't know. I have problems to find some of my own threads 4 years ago.
    • I personnally think that many thread are better than all content in one. I wouldn't like to open pg 15 in one thread or scroll often. I also agree with Arakara, that title ship, I would stop reading the thread and I would never go further and look for more.
  • Desmond, I see the flag behind you in your profile avatar, are you a fellow military veteran? It's not a big deal, I'm just curious. Now, I like your organization of blueprints idea; everything a person's built under one thread. I think I'm going to take you up on your idea and follow suit. It should be easy for me to locate my old blueprints, as I'm the only one I've seen that uses a crystal skull I carved as an avatar :) However, implementing this might take me some time. Most of my builds are several years old and I think there were a few changes to the game, something like a character height change. I had my doubts at first, just like Deirdre, until I saw how you implemented your idea. Anyway, it'll take me some time, but I'm on board, boss :)

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