New video card lousy FPS

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  • Hello All,

    I went a bit crazy and bought a new video card GeForce RTX 2080 super, loaded all the latest drivers..
    Load game, start to play, and hmmm whats this it is laggy!! I check FPS, 70 ?( !!! What? I was running 144 on my 970.
    I have my ini set to 144 the only thing that really changed is the video card.
    Any thoughts?

  • Oh, I missed the original post, sorry icon58 ... did you manage to solve the issue in the meantime? Does the game actually use the new graphics card (in case there is an additional, integrated graphics adapter)? You can find the currently used graphics adapter in the lower right corner of the graphics settings. Alternatively you can open console and type "graphics", then the game prints the currently used adapter).

    idk, i have the same problem on a 2080 ti. as soon as i move the mouse, it starts stuttering and makes the game unplayable

    Can you elaborate on that? Does the framerate actually drop? To enable the fps counter, you can press F9 (you then find it in the lower right corner of the screen).

  • Is it just rising world? or is it other games as well??

    A couple of things that you can try if your still having problems, use DDU to uninstall all of your graphic cards drivers…uninstaller-download.html make sure you know how to use them first but its very easy, if that doesn't do anything try your graphic card in a different pcie slot if you have one. even if its just to test.

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