Water properties

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • Forgive me if there is another post about water. I just got the game and in survival. I was trying to make a well so I do not have to run to a lake or pond to drink. No matter how much water I poured into a well type area, the water moved up. Same goes for down, you can drown if too deep. Placing water is 1 per tile. Water have some strange things in the game. You can place water from a bucket in a hole, on a side of block, or open ground which look like jello. Just cannot stack the water. Also if sinks could give water to drink or use.

    Have not found lava or sand to see if the stays on top or disappear.

  • Heya:

    Rising World is voxel based and to say it plainly, manipulable water has never been mastered in any voxel game that Im aware of. It was pretty much a holy grail item that never was all the way back to Landmark.
    I patently wait for the day I can make a stream that actually flows but not holding my breath.

  • Unfortunately water is indeed quite limited right now. It's still static so it doesn't flow, and "placing" water is kinda broken sometimes...

    But dynamic/flowing water is definitely planned and will be available in the new version of the game. Of course there will always be limitations, since we cannot implement fully accurate physical water where every single drop is simulated (computers are by far not powerful enough to handle that), so water will basically flow "block by block", but still a huge improvement compared to the current situation ;)

  • I've commented on water before. Red is right its hard. The most likely way to get flowing water is to define not the water but what it flows on. The river bed or waterfall/ rapids face. That stores water data and adds the water voxels above in the case of a stream or river and both above and forward with rapids, water fall. This to some extent is what Reds doing with the pools. However if you dig away the pool the water hangs. If the water bed voxel is a dependency for the water then hanging water is controlled and water trolling is controlled. We would need a recipe for water supporting blocks. The sink could be made one. We would also need two kinds of water so the sea and ponds don't glitch out. A sloping half block for pool/ river shores might help too.
    Red has other things to do that may be more urgent and important so a team may be needed. I have too many ideas but can't see the code. Who can code?

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