Tropical jungle & arctic coast biomes

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • We have in game enough plants and things for a tropical biome. It would be one or two big broad leaf trees that are already in the forest. The palm tree. The lemon tree. The under story would be short grass, ferns, small bushes. The crops would be corn, chilli, hemp. The fauna could be chickens, Boar, goats, cows, Jaguar. No new plants needed.

    When we get though the upgrade it could be included.

    We could also add an arctic coast biome. Snow, logs on the shore line, no other trees or grass. Boulders. Only crop strawberries (representing tundra berry's). Fauna rabbits, sheep, deer, polar bear. Technically the arctic musk ox is actually a very big mean sheep!
    Penguins and polar bears don't mix and are literally not found at the same ends of the planet but penguin are cute.

    Survival requires mining early, warming up at a furnace or torch and fishing a lot. Its meant to be a hard start.

  • For the Jungle biome which comes to mind is choco trees for chocolate. Or banana trees. The other animal can be tiger, since grasslands has tigers already. Temperature is warming than normal.

    Arctic biome. Summer time version little snow with growing plants. Winter should have no growing plants, only meat just like the snow biome. The coast line should large chunks of ice. Mine ice for ice block or ice glass like with sand for glass. Ice block can be white or blue or even transparent.

    The problem about mining a cave with snow, the temperature is colder than the surface. Torches gives light but no heat currently. Furnace needs fuel. Campfires and heaters are the only heat source. With fishing you need bait. If no worms, cut up raw meat to use for bait. The cold will kill you too.

    My starting point in the game for survival was dead middle of the snow biome. A single campfire was not enough to survive on. I do have a underground house in snow biome if you want to see the temperature difference. Steam version single survival mode.

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