My ideas for the new version.

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • Hi, i just want to say that this game its one of my favorites and i really wish to see it shine and be one of the games that will be remembered for many years to come once the new one will release.


    -Primitive Tool-

    When you start the game you should not directly start with a Stone Axe, you should search for a Sharp Bone or a Sharp Stone on the ground,

    once you have a "Primitive Knife Tool" a Sharp Bone or a Sharp Stone you should be abble to cut plants and bushes to make Lashings and get Sticks,

    when you have the Lashings and the Sticks together with the Sharp Bone or Sharp Stone you can make yourself a Bone or a Stone Axe.


    I will like to see Backpacks and Tool Belt added to the game, i know there is already a plugin with the Backpack, but i will like it to be similar to clothes.

    Here is my raw idea of an inventory with a Backback and a Tool Belt that will add +5 slots to your tool bar.


    -Back To Ingot-

    We should be able to Smelt back to Ingots our Plates and Rods after all those are all metals.

    -Jewels Necklaces/Bracelets/Rings-

    Will be nice if we will get aswell Jewels to the game, using Gold, Silver and other metals together with Gemstones something similar to what the owner of the medievalreals server added to make our beautifull Jewels to wear.


    I will really like to see Coins in the game, Silver,Gold Coins to pay for bountyes and trade with the npcs and players.

    -Animals Luring/Breeding-

    A simple Luring and Breeding animals system similar to the plugin Animal Farming but with a bit more in depth system.

    The Luring should be made that when you have a specific vegetable or fruit in your had and press F for the first time that animal should follow you always

    but when you press F a second time the animal should stop to follow and eat that specific vegetable or fruit.

    For Breeding the animals should have some stats for example age, food and water level, maybe you can push the confort stat aswell but thats just an ideea.

    An animal should be able to breed only when he will reach the age necesary to breed and when you have atleast one male and one female on a specific radius.

    That will have to bring in the game males and females animals aswell baby animals.

    -Survival Book Attached To Journal-

    Something similar to The Forest survival book, for animals and plants if you find and eat a poisoned animal or plant then you should get a note in that book about that specific plant or animal that it is poisoned or good to eat for future reference, that way we can use the book as an exploration tool for animals and plants.

    That will have to bring to the game more wildlife and plants.

    -Fast Travel-

    Simple fast travel system, for early fantasy we can use Portals something like the plugin Portals, further medieval eras we can use

    Carriages and to cross seas just Sailing Ships those should use the simple and efective system of skyrim traveling system, this ideea can be expanded

    for others eras aswell like adding Trains and Air Balloons and other traveling things as you progress.


    -Claim/Protection Area-

    A simple claim and protection area similar to a few released on the plugins but with a bit more in depth system, when you first start to play the game the land should be free

    to be claimed, you should be able to choice how much land you want to claim from 1 patch of land up to let say 1000 radius if that land is explored on your map and its not owned by someone.

    If the land is owned by someone then that person should be able to sell or marge together with the person next to it if he wishes to join that person kingdom.

    You should be able also to expand your territory when you meet a request, let say a number of players or AI players in your clan/kingdom.

    -Law And Order-

    There should be some rules implemented for claimed lands, if a random person will kill one of your clan/kingdom players that person will always be red on your claimed land untill he will be eventualy killed, if that person manages to leaves the claim you should be able to set up a bounty on his head, the bounty hunters will have to bring that player head with his tag and claim the bounty reward.

    -Good And Evil-

    A system that will bring the Good and Evil to the game, if you kill a player then you will gain evil points, if you kill a player that have evil points then you will take a specific number of his evil points and those will be added to your good points, that way we can have knights and bandits players.

    If there are 2 neutral players and one decides to attack the other one then the first one who attacked will get the evil points if he manages to kill the other player, if he fails then the other neutral player will get good points for defending himself.

  • Dn25Crow

    Changed the title of the thread from “-Primitive Tool-” to “My ideeas are simply for the medieval era but those can evolve for others era too.”.
  • I really like the axe idea, but should be toggle able, like if you want an easy to hard start, due to some people just wanting to spawn with an item.

    I also do want jewelry, coins, and the animal breeding system, but some things like fast travel i feel kinda pull away from the semi realistic vibe.

  • Dn25Crow

    Changed the title of the thread from “My ideeas are simply for the medieval era but those can evolve for others era too.” to “My ideas are simply for the medieval era but those can evolve for others era too.”.
  • slyant609 Yep i definetly like the easy to hard start idea for the -Primitive Tool-

    And yes the Portal for early fantasy medieval its not really realistic but the others are from real life, Carriages and Sailing Ships.

    I dont mind having Portals aswell to the game because it will be a choice if i want to use them or not, but there are definetly people who will want them to the game if they will play a fantasy game mode or even futuristic space mode who knows what the future will bring to this game and how many eras modes we will be able to play :P

  • Just need to do trial and error of some of the basic things. Do you play on multi player server? A lot of what you talk about are pointless in single player game. Some good ideas. Now for fast travel, have try to ride a horse or similar. You might be surprised how fast you can travel....just watch out for hole in ground/caves. You have normal movement and gallop like you are running. Since most cannot be reused for now, just have to live with it.

  • Dn25Crow

    Changed the title of the thread from “My ideas are simply for the medieval era but those can evolve for others era too.” to “My ideas for the new version.”.
  • @Dn25Crow

    You want like Elder Scroll games...Skyrim or Rimworld for the crafting?

    Fallout 4 had fast travel until you turned on survival mode which disable fast travel.

    Have not tried multi player...not sure what server to play on. I have 113 hours and still learning. On Coastal map starting...exploring and drilling to the core again. First map was too confusing to the core...too many tunnels and had to leave stone block crumbs to find my way.

  • Fallout 4 has the same fast travel as other fallout games and elder scroll games...4 and 5. Elder Scroll games had bonemold gear and crafting jewelry. For Rimworld, you can recycle any item and get a few mats back in base form. Are you thinking some type of melting pot with bar form? Another idea for faster travel is rail system with mine cart for speed. Terraria had that system, slow to build but very fast to cart did speeds of 101 mph. Even 3 times of faster than horse...hopefully graphics can keep up.

    Portal system on a pvp server, you will lose lots of players to the game...A few people will camp the portals just to kill others and soon everyone gets mad and leave.

    Asheron's Call had that and slowly lost people to crash people client after portaling. After people get killed, then camp the person body for repeat kills. If you are far away, then takes too long to run or ride back to the location you died. it was multiplayer game MMO with PVP and PVE servers before World of Warcraft came out. Near the end of the game, houses had allowed area or not allowed area to keep people out...houses had rent in game, few different styles but could not build your own. You got add items to show off but no furniture in the game.

    Set location for recall or beacon an area to teleport to, using a bed.

  • For the melting back the plates and rods to ingots i dont even mind using the existing furnaces, teleports like portals should be just used in main cityes not for every day use to tp from one place to another whenever you want, let say i have a main city at 0 0 then another main city at 10000 10000 then both cityes will be conected to a fast travel system once you let say explored that city atleast once on that specific character you will be able to use that city teleport, maybe using some kind of runes to activate the teleports that you will find in the world something similar to dungeon lords if i remember corectly back in the days...

  • Ok, Town Portal spells like in Might and Magic games (not heroes) with beacon spells to teleport to set location. With Magic and Magic 6-9 once you use that city fountain it unlocked the to town portal there. Might and Magic games just had limited set points. Beacons spell can have 5 through 7 saved spots. Diablo games had way points which were annoying to find or had too many critters around them. I think the best way station for your idea will be Elder Scroll online ones. In town and spread out over the landscape also if you died, you went to closet way station to be res. You can use them when found. Free travel at any way station to way station or from any where for a price to way point of choosing.

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