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Trello update: We've added some basic phyiscs / gravity for objects and also started working on a proper sky
  • Ok, so I had an amazing idea for a further future for Rising World: Rising World VR! In a world, where you can physically interact with each crafting table to construct things! Also, the addition of crafting tables and crafting table parts as well, for realistic crafting! There should be multiple parts for some crafting tables such as "Layouts"(Layouts should just be holograms of the station), meaning that some crafting benches will need more than one station to craft certain items. A good Layout example, would be, "The Forge", which will be for metal working! For the Forging Station, you'll need an Anvil and a Furnace.

    In the beginning, there shouldn't be a primitive axe in the player's inventory. The player should gather things to make a, "Primitive Bench" to construct primitive tools, and other crafting benches. For example, the player should gather grass for plant fiber and stones, that are picked up from the ground, as well as sticks from below trees. The player will then take these ingredients and physically put them together by using the Primitive Bench. There will be a User Interface for the player to select which tool they would like to make, as well as other ingredients to make those tools, such as string or rope to bind ingredients together. Say for instance, the Primitive Axe is selected, as well as the side ingredient, which would be rope(or could be called "Bind"). The player will place the stick down, the bind(or rope), and then the stone. An animation of the characters hands will show the player combining all the items together, crafting a Primitive Axe.

    There should be some other additional primitive crafting tables, such as the "Primitive Sawbench", and the

    "Primitive Stonemason". To craft the Primitive Stonemason, the player will need to gather stone with the Primitive Axe for the, "Sharpening-Stone Wheel" that is apart of the Primitive Stonemason. You may ask, why not use stones from the ground? Well, that would make things too easy! There should be multiple types of stone: "Ground Stone" and "Stone".

    The player will take stone, and grind it with the Primitive Stonemason to make a Stone Table Saw(or could be called, Primitive Table Saw). The player will then take the wood, bind and stone saw(or Primitive Table saw) to the Primitive Workbench and craft the Sawbench.

    To make lumber with the Sawbench, the player will need to craft the Sawbench itself, the "Raw Lumber chassis"(which holds the Raw Lumber after its cut). Also the, "Sander Table"(will be used to smooth the Raw Lumber into Lumber). The player will slide vertical logs through the saw. the saw will cut the logs, creating "Raw Lumber". The Raw Lumber will then slide into a, "Lumber Chassis". The player will then pick up the Raw Lumber and carry it to the, Sander Table. From there, the player will sand the Raw Lumber into Lumber. The animation for carrying will look like the player is carrying the lumber on his or her shoulder, with the arm wrapped around 3 stacks of Logs, Raw Lumber and Lumber(no matter how many are in your inventory).

    The first step(s) for smelting, will require the player to craft the "Primitive Furnace"(no layout required) to smelt ores down into ingots to craft the Anvil. Also the "Forge Furnace"(used in the Forging Station). To craft iron tools, the player will need to smelt iron in the Forge Furnace, then use the anvil(crafted in the Primitive Workbench) to shape the iron ingots into tool heads. For the player using the Anvil, the player will take out the ingots from the Forge Furnace using tongs to place on the anvil. The animation should be of the player banging the ingots with a Forge Hammer into, say an Iron Axe Head.

    I hope you liked my idea, and I really hope that Rising World will one day turn into this amazing VR game!

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