Can't remove planks and woodbeams (resolved)

  • Hi

    First of all, thank you for this great game. It's really cool and i'm spending a huge time on it since i bought it.

    Unfortunately, i just meet my first bug.

    I wanted to remove a woodbeam line and dit it fine (even if it's quite difficult sometimes to "find" the hitbox), but the very last woobbeam of the line seem to have no hitbox anymore. I really tried to remove it from all angles and distances but it never reacted.

    I tried to add other woodbeam near the problematic woodbeam, and tried to remove one after another, but the problem has gotten worse: it seems that all planks and other woodbeam lose their own hitboxes too !!

    Is there a way to remove elements apart from hitting hitbox with tool ?

    Her's a link to a picture of the problem…d=8555402015020100001.jpg

  • Thanks! :)
    Unfortunately this seems to happen in some cases. We are working on a solution, eventually we can provide a bugfix for that with the next update ;) Until then you can only try to hit it from a different angle, but if that does not work, I'm afraid you need to wait until it's fixed :/

  • Thank you you answering so quick !

    Nice to hear that you are on this problem already. Good luck to find a solution.
    Its a critical problem though, because it affects all wood element "in touch" with the bugged one... and acts like a contamination all around.

    If you need more details about the bug, just ask, i'll be glad to help.

  • A good few of us have experienced this bug. it can be a nuisance but these things happen in alpha mode. I've found on occasion it can also help to quit and reload, and or try striking the unwanted item from different angles and sides. If the item is hard to reach try using [F2] Flying mode.

    Welcome to the forum by the way :)

  • Yes it seems that the bug is shared... witch is quite a good news finally because the devteam is already working on it.
    As you said, i tried all the angles /sides / tools, and it really seems that there is no hitbox to be reached anymore on the bugged objects.
    Its strange because the grid still appears on these elements when i activate it. It's not just a graphic bug.

    See you soon / a bientot /bis bald

  • Hi again.

    I read that the last update improved the hit detection, but unfortunately i still have my planks and woodbeam stuck...

    I still can add other plaks and elements to these bugged ones, and the grid does work on it, but theres is NO way to remove it with the tools.

    Is there no other way to erase elements from the game for the moment ??? (any command on the console or things like that ??? ...)

    Please help me ( I rather should say "please help US" because it seems that this bug is quite common by the way).

    I'm sure you can fix this, regarding to the extraordinary work you have done until now ;)

  • OMG it works !!!!! Thank you so much.

    At first time it didnot worked because i wrote the commands in the console (in fact the commands mush be written in chat... ) but now i managed to remove these planks !!!

    It's so cool thx again and thx andyzee

  • I'm not sure if I'm being dense here but what parameters need to be given to clear stuck planks. I've looked at


    WorldEdit-Script by andyzee: [SCRIPT] World Edit

    seen I should run /we-fill


    Partially working:
    /we-fill [air|dirt|stone]
    /we-fill id <number>
    Allows you to fill the selected area with specified blocks. It removes all objects (basically does the same as "/we-clear all" before filling)
    Note: game will interprete id>16 as 0 (air).
    UPD: handmade blocks are not disappearing and cannot be destroyed by hand after /we-fill, but will disappear/change after restart (singleuser - goto main menu, server - restart)

    So what parameter should be used to clear the stuck object. Do we need to define an area at all, if not won't the script clear all planks for example.

    I've tried /we-fill air which didn't do anything.

  • To clear objects you shall first define the area you want to clear, by using "/we-select". It allows you to define the area with leftclick and numpad.

    Once the area is defined, type "/we-clear + the item" you want to clear inside this area

    Planks and woodbeam are cleared by typing "/we-clear con"

  • this is still a big problem when you have stuff on 30 Degrees its driving me insane also something when you forget to click the grid and lay something it wont delete


    :thumbsup: Rising Citys @ ip ServerName (Yahgiggles Rising Citys) :thumbsup:

    If at first your code does not work call it version 0.1 with the odd bug :S

  • hello, sorry to bother more'm very anxious to know when the next update that will introduce agriculture. What else will add to the game?

  • hello, sorry to bother more'm very anxious to know when the next update that will introduce agriculture. What else will add to the game?

    Not even 2 weeks passed since last update. To me, farming would be enough :P
    Or do you just mean what generally will be added in the future? Here is a list from red: You can also search the forum for suggestions/ bug reports and look for red's responds to see what will be added soon.

  • yes, for me the griculture would be enough for a long time, the rest of which will be added in the future would be even out of curiosity. I'm just waiting agriculture to play.

    sim, para mim a gricultura seria suficiente para um longo tempo, o resto dos quais serão adicionados no futuro seria ainda por curiosidade. Só estou esperando a agricultura para jogar.

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