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  • I honestly want to go on my hiatus. Just not seeing eye-to-eye, and all this other nonsense. I however had to post this for comical effect. I'm actually laughing at this nonsense.

    Disclaimer: This may appear as if it's negative. I'm actually happy; Highly amused at the weird lengths fake people go to in shaming entertainment inside and outside of North America. Shaming Anime, and everything else just because they can't get the numbers Asian media markets can get. Stats are on Google, just Google. If NA gaming industry actually focused on quality we wouldn't be here laughing at them. Also, I'm going to try my best not to post for a long while after this post after the disagreements "we" had all around. Bump up the Merry Christmas and New Years threads again. I'll understand why. I however still wanted to share actual comedy as to why foreign games tends to do better than Americanized ones. It's for the laughs.


    - Bloomberg's/Twitter/SJW's Fake anti-gendered Stereotype campaign.

    A recent campaign on Twitter about a false narrative push against "gender stereotypes" is making its round again.


    (Artificially trending)

    This is all falsely and artificially trending for fake hate-clicks and etc. It's because of these stupid Americanized political narratives that Asian games tend to outperform western games. Yes, I may be saying this, you however can't deny the fact that Asian games have been the most popular since the 2000's with the help of Playstation 1 & 2, Nintendo, & even Xbox. Too many Americans were insecure about themselves, then Europeans, and then other fragile people.

    Why do you love Rising World? It's European, it's German, and it's freely doing what it wants. Why we actually love Rising World is because we can do things freely on our own terms. Now apply that same logic to Asian games, then amplify that by a mainstream amount. As for American games? People force themselves to play that because their friends are playing it, etc, etc. cliques and tribal mentality, or simple availability. Then there are those strangely fearing anime for whatever weird reason. Maybe it's cultural upbringing or whatever. I went into it because of the scarcity of open-mindedness in Canada siding more with my European side which eventually led me to the Japanese philosophical side. Freedom in media and gaming is where it is at.

    They (fake journalists) want to prop up anything western while shunning anything anime because it goes against their values. Some (small portion) of it justified, others not so much. The harassment campaigns are not justified. It's the way they go on about it which leads to "give them an inch and they take a mile" saying. They go as far as they're able to while abusing and hijacking their own movements.

    It's characters like these (Shenhe from Genshin Impact), among others being unfairly witchhunted.

    Tomb Riader, Genshin Impact, among others were noted to be hated. Insecure much? It's a vicious cycle we need to continue to laugh at, something I'm doing right now. Stupid gaming journalists. :lol: Some can't even beat a tutorial level. This is the state of journalism, hence Gamergate. It spawned because journalists couldn't do their own job.


    Found this on Twitter, probably because something comically horrible was trending. Or maybe just coincidental. Every time I go through Steam forums I always meet the most negative bunch of people also because Steam moderation supports and encourages it. Even certain developers let it happen. Yeah.


    THIS is WHY I hate game journalists because they're afraid of everything. Hate-baiting, paranoid, among other nonsense. Click-baiting.....

    Games are supposed to be free, fun, and entertaining. A proper escapism. Instead of viewing me as crazy it be nice if we could keep our gaming integrity intact instead of falsely conforming to moronic movements. Give an inch and a mile is taken...... Remove one thing and then everything else shatters with it like a house of cards. Not an exaggeration. I wish it was. The funny thing about Bloomberg Opinion piece? Genshin Impact is actually censored by the CCP so it's as tame as you can get it. Or as lewdly tame as you can get it. Genshin Impact is genuinely family friendly thanks to the hypocritical Chinese government. I'm finding so many holes and flaws in Bloomberg's hitpiece it makes me laugh. Grow a back bone. Go celebrate Christmas and New Years instead of making comical hit pieces. :lol::lol:

    But yeah, pretend I'm rambling, or whatever. Whatever makes people sleep better at night, I guess. I'm laughing here at the lengths western folks go to just to corrupt and censor their own entertainment and media. Even allowing it. I'm just... laughing.

    You're free to play whatever you want, however you want it. That is what a games are for. It's why we can mod things, buy DLCs, make textures, etc. Simply imagine Rising World without modding.... Imagine plugins and modding banned because it offended,.... *pulls card from deck*..... A child girl who can't eat carrots. Can't have modding and plugins because it offends a kid unable to eat carrots. :thinking: Yeah. Analogies are a bit hard on a whim.

    All these fake outrage attempts. :lol::lol:


    More comical nonsense hidden in spoiler tag.

    Again, imagine if Rising World is censored in some way, shape, or form. It needs to be as open as possible.


    But yeah, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and have a good 2022. I mean it. Happy New Year! :party:

    (If you hate this comical posting then go bump up the festive threads to hide this one. Now to go silent for awhile, if I'm allowed to.)

  • Of course. When I chose to do my hiatus we have people doing the most moronic things forcing me to post. This is against my will.


    - Genshin Impact - Shenhe's Belly Button Censorship:

    Allegedly someone in China complained about Shenhe's belly button being "exposed" to the point Mihoyo had went around to get rid of that. Of all the pointless moderation updates to do this has to be one of those. Imagine a scenario where Red51 had to alter his female player models to not have a nose. It's offensive because people smell farts all day, or something. That's how silly this is. It's also similar to how Mojang downgraded the horse hooves and the enchanted pillar effect when people preferred a snapshot version.

    This is also interesting to note when I left an embedded tweet in the previous post showing Shenhe and her belly button.

    Before and after:

    How "offensive", and allegedly "sexist". :lol::lol:

    Seeing this, I can't wait to mod them into Rising World. That is, if I can find their MMD for use with how difficult it is to even obtain them. I really do hope Red51 allows us to give NPCs external models to import into Rising World so we can continue to pay proper respect. They may not have their anime move flow, they'll however be in Rising World in their basic form. I may hit upon some German laws, though if kept private I should hopefully be able to keep it on my end. Germany also has the weirdest laws, similar to China.


    - CCP Demands Mihoyo to censor their game (Similar with Azur Lane):

    Well, CCP demanded Mihoyo to censor certain characters while also redesigning them. A shame, really. So much for freedom of creativity and expression, especially when its one of the highest rated game in the world (for a valid reason), and for being one of the most created. China is censoring their major Chinese game developers which ends up stunting them.

    I'd rather play Genshin Impact over World of Warcraft, War Thunder, or even World of Warships. Anything. I don't really want to pick up any proper MMO, only Genshin Impact because I can also hide in a singleplayer world, granted it's an "always online" function.

    For video open up the spoiler tag.

    - Rosaria loses her fishnets to obtains a more "militaristic" appearance. Maybe even a heavy influence on a church, seeing as how she's from a church and all. This design I don't mind, and her breasts may have allegedly shrunk. Can't really tell at a glance. This I actually approve of because it actually makes her look farm more menacing, classy, and regal in one manner or another. Even to the church.

    - Mona loses her swimsuit appearance to obtain more of a 'mage' appearance. Either or works, I'm simply used to the former, not the latter. Both appear nice so I have no real complaints here. Mona appeared to be 'classier' with her swimsuit appearance, seeing as how she's a water user and all.

    - Global users can switch between the skins while China shall be dealt the harshest blow.

    As for the two characters, they also seem decent. For the overly prudish folks they may see nothing wrong so they'll see this as a win. I see this as "don't fix what ain't broke" type of deal. There is a reason why the military uses A-10, and other overly dated equipment because they're still relevant and useful. No need to bring in new equipment if old one does the job just as fine. If you attempt to fix what ain't broke you simply end up breaking it further........


    Now that I'm more familiar with German and Chinese laws I wonder if I screwed up with Rising World and the whole modding thing. Copyright laws, beaucracy, among other nonsense. I'm having some doubts if I'll be censored if I seek and desire to import other game models into Rising World for a more offline customized open-world experience. It may be an interesting 'catch 22' type situation where Rising World won't really take off until Anime mods are implemented while at the very same time German laws prevent these sort of mods from existing. Maybe. I'm hoping I'm incorrect here with how mod.io works, and all that.

    mod.io could probably work around this.

    I wanted to add more but I'd be accused of "rambling" or "ranting so I'll end it here. I wanted to share more yet unable to because I had a fatigued caused brain fart from 5 hours of sleep because of work and work harassment. Fell asleep a few times today for only 1 minute or so every so often. Too much pressure while people also want to blame me for everything both online and offline when I know people are being plastic.

    In short: Censorship bad. Even weird irrelevant belly button type censorship. Let's censor fingernails and eyes next! They're abusive! :wacko:

  • Screw it. I'm going against my hiatus. It's just in me to note things....... I said I was going to do it, I can't, and it was something stupid I said earlier when others trying to punish me. I have to note things as I see them.


    - EA not Listening; Players have left:

    If you don't treat players with respect they leave.


    "Instead blaming their own player base and branding them toxic"

    Sounds like what the media does with "alt-right" for drinking water, eating food, and etc. This is exactly why I get into pointless fights because corporations turn people against us, including me. Never wanted Battlefield 2042 anyways.


    - Flight Sim - A32NX Troubles (Just want planes to work):

    Finally fed up I dropped by 'FlyByWire' Discord to have their Airbus given feedback on my end in a belated manner. I wanted to give the simple feedback of the AI pilot auto-checklisting the stuff for me because I just don't have time. I also want to start from a gate (not a runway) for safety purposes. It appears they won't acknowledge my AI checklist feedback, just other neutralities. "Go read the manual" like a broken record. I would if I could.......... Only so many free hours in a day, god damn it! MAKE YOUR PLANE USER FRIENDLY! QoL fix it via AI checklist. SIMPLE........

    I feel I've been "formally" assisted yet equally as denied. Formalities here and there. I'm frustrated because I can't get A320 default nor modded (this one) to work. What do you guys have to do with this? Nothing. I'm just tired, frustrated, and annoyed I can't get things working having to troubleshoot everything. Developers won't acknowledge my feedback so I'm stuck fighting against the pushbacks. Stuck with smaller planes. I wish I could use airliners the FSX way. Blinded by realism. Yikes..... Let the AI handle checklists safely at a gate damn it.

    I'm now forced to read manuals.


    (Failing to comprehend the lacking of time issue also. )

    The Issue - No map or display:

    (No map from AI checklist............)

    The Solution - knobs?:

    (The three knobs).

    From Dec 15 I finally have the chance to see if it works or not. This is exactly what I mean about user friendly...... I can't play flight sim whenever I want. I get yelled at for hogging my roommate's internet also for how much of a hog this game is... Which, again, is allegedly my fault. Too many barriers. I will see if that fix does it.

    Note: Everything I say should lead to 'AI auto-complete checklist'. It's listed, just not enabled when I've done it. QoL, bug fixes, etc. I left my feedback. My actual flaw is being constantly tired on a daily basis. Always tired making me miss things.


    Others people:



    Skipped a few.


    It is what it is and everything is allegedly "my fault" because I wanted a plane to fly yet didn't read their manual. I was hoping the AI Checklist would have solved everything. Maybe it is allegedly my fault, I still desire a modded plane that is suitable for both hardcore and casual folks; Hardcore for every knob and button while casual for AI checklist hitting everything. It's honestly not that much to ask for for the AI to cover the necessities. Other planes do it in this game.

    I'm frustrated. This is also one of the many reasons why I simply stopped playing Flight SIm. I'm not allowed to fly airliners on the default, nor modded manner with the various barriers to fly them. Game stops working, too much hassle, and etc, even if I do have the option of bush planes and smaller planes. Everything should simply work. User friendly, Quality of Life, etc...... I shouldn't have to read a manual when the AI should auto complete the checklist for me. I mean, I should, but I shouldn't. Don't rely on a manual unless you're a hardcore flight sim pro.

    Good flight until game froze on me with sound playing...... COMMON! (Dec 15).

    I can't wait for Rising World to ease any tension I'm having. I need a proper "home" game with NPCS, trains, boats, etc. Red51 seems shy about planes so doubt we'll ever see them. Twin Otter, JU-52, or whatever.....Maybe I won't be allowed to play Flight sim ever again in the coming months thanks to a thing called life. Too many gaming barriers, voids, etc. I'm spent, done....exhausted.......... I need something to work properly........... Developers not acknowleding my feedback, or so it seems. As tired and obnoxious as I am I'm only trying to help.

  • - G4 TV Revival: The Hypocritical Sexism Rant:

    Never knew G4TV was revived...... I used to watch bits and pieces of their shows whenever I used to have Rogers TV hosting. Good stuff. Maybe even Bell TV. I used to watch it out of curiousity loving how they rant and ramble, and hastefully cover games on a whim. I'm hearing it's doing far worse than it ever was in its rebooted form, especially when it hypocritically calls out "sexism" in the fakest way possible. They're not even being genuine about it. It's like watching mannequins reading out a script, if anything. There are far better ways of doing so without trying to get clout on Twitter and the news. Never knew they were back, never advertised, probably because they didn't want to have people watching fake American media reboots we're constantly getting. Even Zorro is obtaining a female reboot/remake.... Just leave it to the Asians, Americans can't do jack shit when drunk on politics......

    "Man are at fault for everything"

    "If you don't like it, don't watch"

    Yeah, I won't watch because it's trash. Shut the hell up next time instead of being fake hypocritical......

    The rant passed over our heads because it's fake attention seeking clout chasing nonsense........ If it actually meant something we would have listened. Seeing as how its fake and hypocritical we're just going to move on. Let the fake SJWs watch it as they pretend they're doing everything right. Watching Captain & G4TV is like watching spoiled children seek their parent's approval by doing things against their wishes and will. I can't listen to actual genuine bigotry.

    You're not wrong. G4TV and other shows have done this embracing their inner lewdness, hence the hypocritical nonsense of a rant. Modern day politics is counterproductive and a strawman. If it was genuine we would have embraced it.

    And this is the part where I say Asian media is far better than western media because of how fake and disingenuous North American media has become. Now that this has been noted we can move onto things that actually matter in the gaming world :)


    As for my vent about the A320NX last night? I can't even boot the plane up without waiting 20 minutes in the loading screen, nor even get the plane to run. I have to use other planes which I shall do so. If you're going to do something then at the very least do it right..................

  • - Pokemon - The Elephant in the Room (AAA vs Indie):

    Ever since I kept getting burnt by AAA game companies like Electornic Art, Ubisoft, and such in the early 2000's I always sought out indie games. I always ended up researching a game before I purchased it by viewing reviews, youtubes, and user related feedback. Even same with Minecraft (before it was sold out and threw Notch under the SJW bus), among other games. Rising World, etc. It was between Rising World & Blockscape with Rising World winning the NPC decision for me. Nintendo tended to do fairly well as a company also, they however tend to have flaws themselves. So, what's the elephant in the room? Development practices of adding one small gimmick per version while fans made Pixelmon mod for Minecraft, etc. Numerous fan games, now probably lost in time thanks to legal actions (cease and desist actions).

    When you find out (or rediscover) indie development can do so much more for a Pokemon game than Nintendo themselves. Pokemon Legends: Arceus is going to do what I've desired from Pokemon for a long time (an open world). The problem? It stalled the 'Pixelmon' mod for Minecraft to where others had to pick it up elsewhere. It's been noted it may not even be a proper true open world. It may be 'zoned' in segments, like pie pieces. I've enjoyed Pixelmon because the world was free, you could build and do as you desire. It was almost a perfect game. You can fly on your Pokemon, surf on them, and even ride on them. Sadly, Gamefreak and Nintendo simply can't capture the Pixelmon charm of having your own proper berry farm, nor the true freedom.

    - Video noting the voids in environment and density:

    (The video is decent, except for the horrible plug of Forbes. Everything else seems legit).

    I applaud the ambitious attempt for having this on a Switch. It'll be a stunted beast of a game on the Switch, I admit that. Even so, I'm highly eager to see how much they have learned and to make note of this "for science". It would however do FAR better being made specifically for PC (on Steam) where we could potentially even play it using Steam VR, Oculus headset VR devices, etc. I'm well aware Nintendo/Game Freak shall handle their Pokemon Legends fairly well, just pointing out indie developers could potentially push this game further with only two people. Sure, it may not have the story and other charms. There are things indie developers can do that Gamefreak just can't.

    On a side note: I guess this is what you call "bootleg". (for the first embedded video)

    Nintendo locked themselves into a corner. They've tried venturing out into mobile, they need to try Steam Deck and Steam itself. As great as Pokemon Legends may be, I feel it may not be the best it could be. I'm seeing Monster Hunter Rise on Steam (also a Steam Title), a platform Pokemon also needs to find itself on also to further grow as a game and IP. It feels painfully shackled, stunted, among other issues.

  • Came to check if Red51 deleted my thread. If it's an issue let me know and I'll stop. Set some boundaries and I'll respect them, as I've tried doing previously. I've always tried respecting Red51........


    Gran Turismo 7 Goes Rogue:


    It's honestly depressing to see even the Japanese developers going rogue with their titles. Once they tap into the mainstream market they lose all their integrity (as with Mojang & Minecraft) to the point you see stale features, updates, and nonsense. The best games are those created from the heart, though once they go mainstream they lose their charms. Most of the time they end up losing their charm to which they lose their original charm in the first place. For Gran Turismo it was the offline part with the occasional online racing with friends or B-Spec races. When it comes to Gran Turismo 7 I haven't really paid attention to it until my close friend brought it up, and when Twitter brought it up again to meme the game for its online only saves. Once the servers went down players all lost access to their save file being unable to do anything for Gran Turismo..........

    There are certain people in the group trying to gaslight the whole situation claiming its being "review bombs", or "Last of Us II" nonsense when it's more to do with people desiring normal games. Imagine if you couldn't play Rising World a random day of any week. Imagine if all your save file goes lost...... I used to heavily play Gran Turismo 3 & 4, even Prologue for a lengthy period. Certain musical tracks even feel overly nostalgic to me, even how I rally raced without any sound while listening to music. My friend and I played Gran Turismo 3, 4, & Prologue heavily. I even enjoyed B-Specing the AI to earn me Formula 1 cars on 24 hour races to which my PS3 would freeze up upon acquiring F1 cars. The frustration, the memories. The nostalgia.

    Gran Turismo became too big for its own good while tapping heavily into the Western market....... It's honestly a shame seeing indie games go rogue as mainstream games with micro-transactions, or playing politics when it shouldn't, or doing other moronic things by adapting taboo elements like microtransactions and 'Always Online' saves.

    My friend was overly hyped up about how awesome this game is. I can't share that same sentiment after seeing this, and I let him know, even if I ever won't pick up a Playstation anymore. I do have a Nintendo Switch, even acquiring the Steam Deck. That's all I'm going to do.

    Game developers need a lesson in what makes their games fun. Japanese game developers know how to make their games fun while being the sole reason as to why games are still fun to this day. Chinese are learning as well which is also making me happy, if in a wary state. Azur Lane, Genshin Impact, Arknight, among others. I'm getting absolutely fed up sterilized games, or when Mojang corrupted my Minecraft Realms, terminating my hosting yet allowing it to still be billed in online mode. I had to fully cancel it to let it go which now has me eyeing Rising World with my full attention. Thanks for giving me another reason as to why I shouldn't obtain a Playstation 5. I have a Steam Deck coming Q3 so that is all I'll need.

    Ah, the good old days

    Sad to see Gran Turismo 7 being corrupted by western taboos of 'always online', microtransactions, and other nonsense.


    Comment left by a user in the article covering Gran Turismo 7


    This press is preparing us the world "You'll own nothing and you'll be happy"

  • Just going to post something simple because that is why we're here in one manner or another. Also, because we don't want political nonsense in our games. We may desire philosophical POVs such as in Metal Gear Solid & Nier: Automata (any Japanese & Chinese games) to provoke our minds and emotions. No political nonsense, no broken glitchy nonsense, forced development, etc. Just pure simple fun classic Nintendo styled entertainment.

    Simple, and to the point. Why myself and others prefer indie games over AAA games doing things a AAA games won't ever do. Power to the people!:thumbup:

  • - Mexican Mario's "cultural Appropriation:

    It appears I get the last laugh with how actual Mexicans desire Mexican Mario back loving any form of exposure in the media. Then you have the fake people claiming its fake-racist, etc, to which we nearly break the Rising World discord groups, forums, and bad blood nudging Vortac out of the community. Sorry buddy, Sorry you had to see that but I'm not happy with it either. If only people were more honest we wouldn't be divided and you wouldn't have to also be MIA from this community either. If only honesty was a more prideful thing to be taken care of I wouldn't have to make these posts calling things out.

    My Mexican friend over from the Anime & Genshin Impact side approves of Mexican Mario finding it awesome. He laughs at people who were offended by such a trivial thing (same as I) wishing people would grow their skin back. Not have their nerves exposed to the world, just be a normal human. This even runs parallel to how people are offended to find Canadians in video games, let alone refusing to have them in video games for censorship and stale void-causing reasoning. They're afraid of anything creative and fun. People hate anime, people hate expressive individuals. The more something stands out the more you have to hammer it down into boringness. No fun allowed!

    Fun is fun. When it comes to Rising World I want to encourage Red51 to just make the game HE wants to make while listening to feedback improving the game. If someone says to censor, remove, or not have a feature then find another way to put it in a game. Mod.io, or whatever. We live in a society where everything is allegedly offensive. Play what you want, do what you want. It's why Asian games are overtaking the western market while western games accuse one another of false crimes. People keep noting "false allegations" when I point something else, that in itself is gaslighting when the proof is out there on the internet. I source things, the cancel culture doesn't.

    Normal (indie) games are fun when they can reach their max potential. This goes with AAA games unhindered by political or corruption. If Red51 deletes this then that's fair. Keep the peace, I'm however fed up with fake behaviours. I'll keep calling it out. I want to find honest people who care about what they enjoy.

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