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  • Voted No.
    We already got enough games with monsters who want to eat our brains or simply blow us up.
    Shit becomes boring.
    Why not think of real dangers like earthquakes, illnesses by some animals infecting players, bugs destroying a years worth of crops, etc. etc.

  • Bugs affecting crops would be great! Question is, how do you deal with them? Like grasshoppers. I don't want chemicals to be the answer. Maybe using chickens would work and they would need less feed also. Or you manually use a net to catch the pests. Something new for sure!

    Earthquakes etc.. would be fine by me, of course a very rare thing. But I'm sure most people wouldn't want that lol I honestly don't see it happening more because it would be tough to do.

    But illness that affects your livestock would be great too! Just by having them penned up together, as the population increases, the chances of it happening go up too. Treat your animals with salves or herbal medicines you craft from harvested flora and maybe some stuff you can grow yourself.

    Then there's the whole, keep your stuff clean or your water etc.. may get nasty. But that might be asking too much haha It would be an interesting game mechanic though.. cleaning your house, animal pens, greenhouse, water tanks etc.. I've already suggested we should have to maintain things like piping and wiring to keep things functioning... it kind of fits in with that.

  • I think certain objects in the environment should attract predators, such as when you're cooking meat, they come to check it out, and if you're chopping wood nearby, they are woken by the noise. realistic stuff like that. As for monsters, it's a real challenge in a game like this, but something that merges in with the terrain might be pretty cool. Not sure what though. some kind of deformed tree?

  • I would think chopping wood would keep animals away. Possibly a goblin would be interested in the sound of chopping wood though (that is if they roam around on the surface..). A bear would be attracted to the smell of cooking for sure. But not all predators. Fresh kills would attract more predators then cooking I would think.

  • Quote

    Bugs affecting crops would be great! Question is, how do you deal with them? Like grasshoppers.

    Simple: You don't.
    Usually pleagues come and go fast but leave a path of wasted land. they come, eat and go somewhere else. And them fuckers can break windows...

  • Video won't play here dude.

    I think a full plague is a bit much, although it would be funny. I was thinking it could be on a much smaller scale. Just affecting each persons farm individually based on what they do in their own farm. Slugs/snails, grasshoppers, rats and/or mice, raccoons, even bears can be a pest in your garbage.

  • Why not have an invention called the Insectinator. you go around your crops spraying them. It causes them to fall on the ground, doesn't harm your crops, and lets you use the bugs for other things. it could even just subdue the bugs so that you can keep them as pets......

    (or am i going off on one again? haa!)

  • no to monsters why add this to this game its just plan silly and you can get that on a 100 other games but yes to real life danger like wild dogs or wild pigs even tigers would be fun it would also be cool if we could catch them and train them to be pets maybe sheep could be fenced in and eat the long grass down, or dogs could carry stuff items for you


    :thumbsup: Rising Citys @ ip ServerName (Yahgiggles Rising Citys) :thumbsup:

    If at first your code does not work call it version 0.1 with the odd bug :S

  • One good part of another game is that you can capture and breed any animal. Keep them in pens, feed them etc... people play the game just for that. But, that would limit what usable stuffs you can get from them or eliminate it completely. Don't want things OP right? So not sure about it although it would be great.

    No bug spray... promotes insecticide use. Got bugs like aphids? Breed or collect ladybugs (because ladybugs eat aphids). Got a slug problem? Bring in some ducks. Too many grasshoppers? Chickens be your friend... etc etc

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