Ankündigung Changelog 2015-02-07: Hunger and food, bacon, more bacon!

  • NZ_Simplicity schrieb:

    Just an observation, but what's the chance of getting told "you are full, stop eating" - I seem to be wasting food cause I don't really know when I am full :( (yea I do know when the icons are green you are full, but the color changes are not really a good indicator)

    Yep, or just remove some colors, so that green is only for fully feeded ^^ E.g.
    Green = Full
    Yellow = 75%
    Orange = 50%
    Red = 25%
    Blinking Red = >10%
  • ZaCormyr schrieb:

    This is why I would like those icons to fill up like a bottle with water. Instead of the whole thing changing colour. This will also avoid pissing off people who are colourblind. ;)

    That would be a even better idea. Unite that with my idea of colors and this should fix all problems ^^ but I would like to have a little bigger icon then. I would like bigger icons and more visible things in the inventory anway (Yes, I am really into optimizing little basic details in this game :D ).
    But stupid question, how do people with colorblindness play this game anyway? :P Because doesn't a pumpkin look like a watermelon then? ^^
  • The current icons and layout matches dayz and a few other games. Those are free code, or almost free and easy to implement, just a drop in chunk of code I believe. That's why its so common. I got the broken leg icon also so the whole package is there. Making a hand built damage and hunger UI is a lot of work and probably would be a later game change.

    I just stop eating when its washed out green then when its yellow again I have a snack. You don't have any real benefits from being 100% hydrated or 100% fed.

    PS. Colour blind gamers get very good at spotting shapes. Maybe better than us. Someone with the most common Colour blindness see shades of brown. A brown melon hiding in brown grass will not be any harder or easier than a green melon in long green grass. I.e. Still *#$@^ impossible.
    There are computer games for the blind with only audio cues! Including a zombie shooter!!!!!
    I've had a go. I lasted 30 seconds 8 times. Very very scary.
    Its called swamp on this site.…

    Yep that's a whole page of audio games for the blind. Awesume.
  • ZaCormyr schrieb:

    Going to try that swamp game haha

    You will die! Don't blame me.

    I accidently downloaded the tower defence game. A blind tower defence game; wow.
    And there's a real time 'settlers' type village builder too.

    Thankfully my eyes are not that bad. X/

    It did get me thinking how you would do a minecraft voxel world for the blind.
    You would need about three times the sounds. You would need to set edge protect (sneak in minecraft) to default so the player does not walk off edges but must hit a key to walk down one block (or step off a cliff). Stairs might override that.
    Every material would have a walk sound, top face, a tap sound side faces and a unique echo bottom face. Leaves would rustle if you're facing them. Bird song would indicate the size and type of the forest. Some materials, stone, might have one sound if there is more than 4 solid blocks below it, a different sound if there is an air voxel/ cave less than four below and yet another sound if there is ore within 2 metres.

    Environmental index sounds would be highly directional. If you're not facing something you don't hear it. Leaves would rustle if you're facing them. The exception would be Bird song would indicate the size and type of the forest.
    The tree trunks creek and Crops or flowers are marked by insect sounds. Six different wind sounds would tell you you're outdoors and how large the area is.
    Predators, triffids and other nasty things would have one sound if they are in your forward arc and another if they're behind you. Maybe another if they're in range and weapon arc.

    Crafting would talk to you and building would use a cornerstone. Place it then add building materials and select the layout from an audio menu. Click a square room extending from the corner stone.

    Its beyond my skills but possible.
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