Changelog 2015-02-07: Hunger and food, bacon, more bacon!

  • Finally the next update is available, introducing hunger/thirst and food! This includes apples and watermelons, as well as different types of meat: bacon, steaks and ribs.
    You can get meat from animals, currently only from pigs (bacon and ribs) and cows (beefsteak), but more will follow.
    Watermelons are growing in the wild, and trees will sometimes drop apples when you cut them down. Please note that his is not a final solution, since we want to introduce appletrees in the near future.
    To cook meat, you can make a fireplace and put it on a cooking grate, or craft a grill or smoker. When placing meat on it, it takes a few minutes until it's ready, but you should keep an eye on it if you don't want to get burned meat ;)

    Thirst has also been enabled, you need to eat fruits to quench it. But eventually we will disable it again until water is implemented.

    Apart from that, we fixed the fullscreen problem for most systems (especially MacOS). The bug may still occur on some machines, please contact us in that case.

    Furthermore we added new Lua functions which give you the ability to modify the world via script (e.g. clear all objects inside an area, or fill an area with dirt etc.). We will update our example AreaProtection script shortly.

    It's now also possible to set a +connect=ip:port startparameter to skip the main menu and directly connect to a server. Important note for standalone users: You need to download a new launcher from our homepage to use this feature.

    Have fun!


    • [New] Hunger and thirst
    • [New] Animals now drop three different types of meat: bacon (pig), ribs (pig), beefsteak (cow)
    • [New] New objects: fireplace, cooking grate, grill, smoker
    • [New] Now you can grill meat at the fireplace or grill
    • [New] New fruits: apple, watermelonpiece
    • [New] New vegetation: Watermelon plant
    • [New] Ability to set launch parameter "+connect=IP:PORT" to skip main menu and directly connect to a server
    • [New] "LuaWorld" object, which offers several functions to edit the terrain (see updated AreaProtection script for examples)
    • [New] Images (posters) now automatically adjust their size to fit into windowframes
    • [New] Button to enable/disable automatic rotation of items in crafting menu (rightclick on the button also resets the rotation)
    • [New] Multiplayer commands to force the server to save the world immediately and to shutdown the server
    • [Change] Improved hit detection for construction elements
    • [Change] Changed "item" command so that you can no longer give yourself invalid items
    • [Change] Screenshots will now be saved in an own subfolder
    • [Change] Console now suppresses ^ or ´ or ` input when opening
    • [Change] Slightly increased size of saplings (makes it easier to find them in high grass)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed fullscreen related issues for most systems (may still occur on some machines, please let us know)
    • [Bugfix] Anisotropic filtering does now work
    • [Bugfix] Fixed repeating animation when opening a menu
    • [Bugfix] Fixed bug that prevented player from spawning when his position was out of world boundaries
    • [Bugfix] Changing the position of a player/npc via LUA now also updates the position clientside
    • [Bugfix] Fixed blocked HTTP port (when returning from serverbrowser) preventing you from starting a singleplayer game
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong position of some objects (e.g. tent) when placing on blocks or constructions
    • [Bugfix] Fixed various bugs that caused the game to crash randomly

    Bugfix 2015-02-08:

    • [Change] You can now only take items from the smoker when it is open
    • [Change] It now takes longer to become hungry/thirsty
    • [Change] Increased spawnrate of watermelons
    • [Change] Pigs now drop 6x bacon instead of 4x
    • [Bugfix] Fixed problems with Linux
    • [Bugfix] Lua functions 'setPlayerHunger', '-Thirst' and '-Health' now also update the player status clientside
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong Lua event triggered when eating
  • 8o Yeah!
    Edit: Fullscreen still does not work for me. Same as before, I have the nightly.fullscreen enabled.
    My monitor is a television. Graphics drivers are up to date, here some more settings:

    It's not a big problem for me, so don't worrie to much about it.

  • Sweet! Making me hungry just looking at it. :thumbsup:

    Loving what you did from the get-go what Mojang refused to do from a long-run. Adding in that BBQ-fireplace thing is one of such things. Cooking them on that grill, making sure they don't burn is a nice touch. I love that. Looking forward to when apples get their apple trees. I'm loving this.

    Wish I could jump in and test it myself. Awesome work!

  • Just got little over an hour to try the update. Going to give feedback before the family gets home any time here lol....

    I know some of this you devs already know.

    I only used the round gas grill so far.

    - Cooking meat sizzling sound please!
    - When grill is turned on, add some hot coals inside and/or a little fire
    - Would be cool to have to flip the meat to cook both sides (after placing meat, Right click to flip)
    - This is probably due to light needing work. But when I placed a light source near the grill, the meat on the grill pretty much glowed but the grill did not.. screens on my Steam to check out if you want there Red
    - Bacon eating sound should be crunchy! :D
    - Love the melon slice eating slurp!! made me laugh haha whoever did that.. nice work!
    - If burnt meat is left on too long, it should start a small fire which destroys the grill.
    - should need fuel of course for grill etc..

    gotta go!

  • could you change the coloring when hunger and thirst decreases

    I actually wish it was different. I would prefer if they would fill up from bottom to top. When healthy green colour is full to the top then it's at max, then it slowly goes down until the symbols are empty and well.. soon you die. And I would change thirst meter to blue. Just my 2 cents on it.

    Regarding thirst, I found it took a lot of apples to fill it up. Maybe this was because I ate some burnt bacon? Does that decrease your thirst a lot and make it more difficult to get it up again?

  • This is probably one of the best updates so far! I've been waiting for a food-system for so long :) Also really great that the animals are finally put to use. Really nice job with the graphics. Looks neat as fuck, guys :)

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