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    I agree that being able to rotate objects in the preview window would be helpful. It is not the most pressing issue in Rising World, but it would allow players to make sure they are producing the correct object before using precious resources. There are times when players are attempting to match colors and textures to other objects in their world and that may require close inspection in the previews window.

    Perhaps the developers could add a slight color outline to the windows until they are placed by the player. It could be red if the window does not fit in its current location and green if it is in a suitable place. I agree that it can sometimes be difficult to see where the windows are.

    This is another case where there should be more options available. Perhaps some lanterns can only be hung from the ceiling or on a wall, while another could be placed upon a table or other solid object. And Meltron - the stairway looks great. I hope you will show it to us when you are finished.

    Thanks to Meltron and Geneo for providing helpful information/links for those who are looking for help in using Extended Construction Objects. Also, the unanimous opinion about the door trim makes a ton of sense. All of the door trim is going to be removed and I am also going to replace the floors with a different stone block. This is the part that I feel quite comfortable with, but Quezax is correct when he says that wood beams would be more realistic and aesthetically pleasing. I don't have any experience with the beams, but its time to experiment and try it out. Any videos about these construction techniques would be a welcome addition to this forum. Some things have been covered, but it would be helpful to see more specific ones about roof construction, beams spanning hallways, etc.

    So, I'm in the process of adding wooden planks around my doors so that everything in my castle isn't made out of stone. I can rotate and snap them easily, but I must ask a dumb question. :( How do you resize the planks. I have looked at the F1 information but that is not helping.


    It took me a bit to see that it was in fact a bug and not my own user error. Let's hope they will be able to fix this in the next update. My castle is ready and waiting for this piece to get fixed so that I can finish the project.

    Growing grapes would be a wonderful addition to Rising World. It would be satisfying to be able to harvest them and then turn them into wine with the proper equipment and time. They should only grow in certain biomes just like they are in real life. All plants/crops should only grow in their correct region in order to make this a bit more realistic, but also to add some fun. Certain logical limitations make the gameplay better, not worse. It could also encourage trade, especially when there are large multiplayer servers to play on. The idea of creating multi step food production is great and could make the settlements look and feel more like the world around us. Here are just a few of the possibilities:

    olives/olive oil
    apples/apple juice
    oranges/orage juice
    cows & goats/cheese

    Thanks red51. Yes, please allow players to determine for themselves if they want to set a spawn point when they interact with a bed/tent. Here is an example where giving players an option will improve the game experience without adding unnecessary complexity to the user interface.

    I appreciate your new approach to making textures. Keeping it organized as you have described above will save yourself a lot of time and provide many more useful options to the texture users.

    Here is an image of my first slanted roof. This building is the entrance to my combination mine, forge & prison. The idea is that since it is not a large settlement the people living here are forced to make due with multi use structures. Its not an impressive looking building like a castle, but it gave me a chance to understand how to make a slanted roof. Enjoy one of my first projects.

    I have built a mine entrance/forge room and now it needs a roof. For this type of structure I don't want anything that looks like an expensive material, yet it should appear to be functional and able to keep the rain out. The roof will be built in the standard a-frame structure with a combination of square and triangular blocks. I would love to hear any suggestions from this community. I'll be sure to show a picture of the structure right here in this thread after the roof is complete. Thanks!

    The overgrown look would be useful for old or abandoned structures. Nova - you are a texture machine. Once again thanks for sharing your creations with the rest of us.

    Welcome Kostas134! It is wonderful that this game is generating such an international group of players. You may be the first player from Greece. Enjoy the game and the forums.

    I certainly am in favor of NPC villages. There are many potential ways to interact with them and I have not made up my mind about which details seem most logical at this point. Here are a few ideas:

    1. Villagers should have an opinion about players. It would start off neutral but improve with positive interactions and deteriorate with negative interactions. If it was good enough they may trade with you, giving you better deals or access to more valuable items as their opinion of you improves. If it was bad enough they would attack you on sight or refuse to trade with you at least.
    2. Also, the NPCs should have particular jobs within their village with unique names that apply to their profession.
    3. Villagers should only trade items that can be found or produced within their biome and only desire items found outside of their biome. This would be more logical and require players to do a bit of work for for trade goods.
    4. Villagers should ask for protection from some of the local predatory wildlife. This could be the initial task that needs to be accomplished in order to get them to improve their opinion of you and begin to trade.