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  • Hi red51 or anyone else who might know,

    Can we get a full list with descriptions of what all the settings for permissions do?

    It seems there are a lot more options than the java version and I want to be able to set it up similarly to the default settings in the java version for multiplayer servers so its not so chaotic i.e. people flying around killing others when that should be disabled by default. And it seems a lot of creative mode things can be disabled now that crafting is introduced, so which ones can be safely disabled without interfering with current gameplay?


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  • We're going to prepare a full overview of all permissions for the new version ASAP :) For now it mostly depends on whether or not you want people to be able to use creative mode on your server.

    If "changegamemode" under "general" is set to false, people will not be able to use the "gm" command at all. But if you want to to allow creative mode, I'd recommend to set at least "areatools" (under "creative") to false, otherwise people could abuse the area creation tool.

    Maybe you also want to disable "removaltools" (under "creative"), unless some sort of area protection is active.

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