[Plugin] WTGGestures

  • A plugin that adds gestures.

    To use: Craft the Gestures item (workbench/WTG/gestures).

    This item only needs to be crafted once.

    Right click to open menu.

    left click to use the gesture.

    included Gestures:

    Known issue: Once a gesture is activated it stays until you change gestures or inventory item.

    Possible Plans: context menu to change gestures. this would rework right click to open a menu to select the gesture with left click

    this would add one more click to change a gesture. thoughts?

    will also be changing the preview item to an object instead of a box.

    Instructions: Extract files to your plugins folder.

  • james1bow

    Changed the title of the thread from “[Plugin] Gestures” to “[Plugin] WTGGestures”.
  • james1bow. Please make sure no code is overlapping between this plugin, and my plugin: [Plugin] - Gestures.


    Shouldnt be.

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