Fully Playable

  • I must admit that we underestimated the amount of work involved to get the new version ready... what's taking so long is the fact that we're taking this opportunity to rework many features of the game, but we also add new things which never made it into the Java version (e.g. flowing water).

    IMHO the most important missing features are certainly the full world generator, flowing water and NPCs/animals. The world gen update including flowing water will be the next update, we try to get it ready ASAP. Once that's implemented, we will start working on animals (but there is a lot less work involved to get them ready compared to the world gen update).

    Once these things are implemented, I think the new version could be considered fully playable.

    Is there a particular feature of the Java version you're looking for? Maybe I can provide more information about when that feature will be available :)

  • I truly love and appreciate all the work red51 puts into this game. Rising World has already been one of the most unique infinite-possibilities building games, and I think once the world gen update is released we'll see an explosion of people returning to the game. Just from the preview of the new version now, its evident that the game is going to be incredibly detailed, amazing graphics, and highly unique amongst the survival genre. There's no other game with the same building mechanics that makes it possible to build anything.

    Green Valleys - PvE Survival - Land Claims/Portals/SetHome - discord.gg/EQ6a9mb

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