A Couple of suggestion sketches.

    We've posted a status update with some first screenshots of the new terrain generation. There is also a new update available for the Java version!

    • Awesome drawings! Even that zombie dog in the other thread. These are awesome and I would love to see more of these :)

      I would approve of those "Sand Stinger" creatures lurking in desert biomes. Would give you something to fear other than bears & Mooses. Allow us to adapt to these 'fantasy' creatures and we'll approve of them. If anybody considered disliking them should note how they fell in love with Enderman for Minecraft. They were hated, then loved. Simply think Star Trek with alien life-forms heh.

      Also, having wooden themed furniture should be in. If we're going off 'Ages' (Medieval & Modern) then we should have these forest themed furniture as a 'prequel' type Age. Wooden bed, furniture, and such would be awesome. Building in a Zelda game theme would be interesting, if possibly viewed as a 'peasant' manner when compared to the Medieval Age.
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    • Thanks ArcticuKitsu I appreciate that! drawing is something of a passion of mine. I love to draw things like this from my imagination. I thought about the sand stinger living in a kind of hole in the side of a sandy mountain in the desert biome, and it comes out at certain times in swarms to hunt. This would probably annoy the pants off of a lot of players though, but i think if we're going for realism here, they should be in. Or at least something like them. Haa! I've done some modern style furnishings. They're not brilliant, but i will add them soon. I also have some ideas for mushrooms. I know, a bit random, but what the heck. that's me....Ha!
    • Awesome. At least someone here kept up with drawing. I got annoyed and stopped because I couldn't do things as nicely as yours. Keep it up :)

      Ooo! Now that be a nice place for them indeed. If they can be programmed to hunt at certain times (maybe through percentage) then things should be overly awesome. Just hunting in random I guess.

      To hell with the annoyed players. From my experience you should just add them in or else the game shall be boring & bare. Add them in and have your fun with others needing to adapt. Sure, they can toggle it but that won't be fun. Having them in would add to an interesting mix, also roleplaying for those that roleplay.

      Would be awesome to also see more of your furniture furnishings. Post more and it just might inspire Red and pals to emulate such beauty into the game. Feel free to post up :)
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    • Oh please don't give up drawing. Please! The more you practice, the better you get right? Just go for it, and i would love to see some of the things that you've come up with.
      Thanks so much for the grand words. it's great to hear that people are enjoying my work. That's what it's all about isn't it. Haa!
      Love the ,"to hell with the annoyed players." You're right. They should learn to adapt shouldn't they. After all, it is a survival game hee hee!