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  • So personally I think this game is amazing, but to me when I want to play with my friends we would really like to do faction based fighting, so for this I would like to suggest a few things:
    1)Some sort of siege engine would be very cool
    2)maybe explosives
    3)I think traps would make this more interesting aswell
    4)wolves will make it more difficult for the faction to expand to fast
    5)different tiered weapons and armor
    6)Something that might be worth looking into is blocks that have a different amount of hit points for example, a stone block wood have more hp than a wooden block
    7)I would also like to see a few ranged weapons

    So these are just a few Ideads but I would like to hear what you guys think about this.

    For the single player there are some things that I would really want, like:
    1)I would like to see some sort of village in the game(so there are villagers from which you can buy rareish loot)
    2)a lot of different kinds of ores, cause I am just one of those people who loves mining :D
    3)From what I saw in the forum mob wise I thought that the people here had lots of good ideas

    So just let me know what you people think about this. And I know that most of this will probably not be added, but still I would like to tell people what I think could be added to make gameplay more interesting.

  • 1- That would be pretty awesome! I can see a medieval battle going on between armies from different factions, and these contraptions attacking castles. Even taking technology research from other factions in the form of some kind of stealth quest? Or just stealing their gear when you defeat them. haa!

    2- I'm not one for explosives myself, but if people want them, then fine! I hear, from a little birdy, that tnt is planned. Apparently you can get it by entering a command, but it doesn't work because it's not officially in the game. ha!

    3- Bear traps definately! Haa! That would make people very happy. But a variety of different traps for animals and perhaps even your enemies. haa!

    4- I really want wolves in the game. i would love to hear the howling on the night-time . And yes, i agree! they would make things pretty tough for most aspects of the game. haa!

    5- I'm sure that this kind of thing is planned. I can't imagine the game developing properly without the progression of some kind of tier system for armour and weapons. You have to start somewhere right? ha!

    6- Oh definately! i 100% agree with this. Blocks should have a strength feature or something for sure. i heard mention of doors breaking bit by bit as they are attacked. I always found it bonkers that the wooden blocks took the four hits to remove like stone. it's wood for goodness sake. ha! 2-3 hits for wood imo.

    7- maan! can you imagine having to take on bears without a bow throughout the finished game? that would be insane! ha! I'm pretty sure that bows, crossbows and some kind of rifle will be added at some point.

    You have some really good ideas DareDevil 2.0, and i think that most of what you have put down here has a chance to be added to Rising World.
    Take care Friend! :D

  • I also thought that a skill system might be cool, like a crafting skill(this for example could give a small bonus to the crafter of an item like a chest plate) and farming skill(for the farming my idea was that the foods you can plant should need different farming skill levels, so a tomato could be a level 1 food plant while a carrot could be a level 2 plant)!
    So yeah just let me know what you think about this idea!

  • 1) I would love to see seige engines would be neat. If they can be implemented to attack the planned dungeons then that be even more awesome.
    2) Not sure if we all shyed away on this....I guess we agreed collectively to keep it to TNT type damages. We didn't want nukes and such. I guess if they're kept to something we can easily control, and the AI also, then that should be neat.
    3) With the recent update I'm all for bear traps. If they can't be given a 70% of attack on sight then I really REALLY want bear traps.
    4) Wolves! Of course! They're a must in these types of games, and I would love it if they howled at night at random. Not all the time, just at random. Granted, they'll be just as annoying as they would be in Skyrim.
    5) Tiered armour and weaponry, even variety I'm all for. Customization is key in these kinds of games so I do hope Red even implements the statue copy of your avatar at a point that I suggested a while back.
    6) Sure, if we have entities that attack structures. Once we have mobs that can attack man-made blocks, then sure. Also agree with different when mining them back up.
    7) Luckily we're getting guns along with 'bows & arrows'. I'll be having fun with my bows.


    1) NPC Villages are now a must. No way to get around this now! With the vast world you MUST have these. Glad Red is looking into this at his own pace. I also hope we can barter with them, even make comrades from their bunch.
    2) I want variety in ores also. I'm a hoarder and a displayer so I want to hoard and display my findings. Luckily we have ores coming in the next update!
    3) Can't wait to see what other mobs we have added, or if any of our ideas shall be used in the fictional settings in this game.

  • When bows are added, i plan to create my own archery spot on Bramble Farm. I've already decided to add a Chicken coop or two, and i'm in the process of adding decorative gear for my forge. Haa!
    Snaps will follow in the near future......Haa!
    Along with wolf howling at night, i would love to hear cricket sounds, and frogs/toads. It would make night-time much less....silent. haaa!

  • I miss the archery range I made in Minecraft. I want to now remake that in Rising World in that Japanese archery range style. It was fun spawning in tons of arrows to then just blow steam away in that archery range. Would be awesome to see how my Rising World version would appear.

    Would love to hear and see crickets roaming around in the game. Crickets, grasshoppers, frogs, toads, cicadas, and everything else that's common and makes noise. Not a BGM (Background music, nor sound)...Ones triggered when within vicinity.

  • Nice idea DareDevil 2.0, I would like a selection of attatchments, to customise your gear, and maybe some kind of drafting table where you can design your own weapons and armour from scratch. haa!
    It would also be nice to be able to create dyes with the flowers, and dye pieces of armour. Bigger pieces of armour cost more pots of dye. haa!

  • These are my new ideas please tell me what you think about them :D

    -scrolls/books so you could take notes if you wanted to

    -If there is a hell maybe there could be a heaven area
    -For this area I would say add a few mountains (with a few I mean that they should be rare but not so rare that no matter where you go you can’t find one) spread over the map that end above the clouds where there will be the heaven area and you could walk on but not break the clouds. There would be mobs there and some kind of heaven materials/ores (I was thinking mithril maybe as an ore and maybe this is where one could acquire marble for marble floor tiles and such )on top of the clouds. There could also be hell and heaven villages. Like the heaven villages would be more likely to be friendly while the hell villages could be more likely to be warlike.

    -Maybe add ski’s, cause when there is snow it would be amazing to just ski down the mountain :D

    -maybe add maps so you can chart the area around your base

    -Maybe add smelting and crafting times so not everything would be done instantly (I don’t know if this is planned or not), this would add a bit of realism

    -(If this isn’t planned yet) something that you can write on and hang it up, like a board, so everyone could read it. For like faction announcements or server announcements. So if you want to ask people a question or want to explain something you can do so with a free drawing/writing board. You could add dye and a crafting recipe for a marker so you could draw/write on the board. I would like this so I could use this learning from someone/teaching someone.

    -I would also like to be able to invite my friends from steam to a game.

    The End :P

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