NOOBIE There has to be a manual help documention something!!!!!

  • Hello All,

    Maybe I just do not know the right search phrase but... I have been playing this game pretty much blind, yes I read the journal, some of the forums. But the people already know what they are doing, and trying to find out why something is not working. I hear about flying creative mode etc but my question is how do you do a little beyond basic? I kill a bear, then what? no meat no hide nothing he is just dead, and I just wasted time and energy. I know I can farm but how? To hoe out rows take forever!!! So please point the way to a book, sticky, something for me to read not watch. I find lots of videos but I need to read something to understand it.

  • Well, Friend, if you want meat, you can kill pigs or Cows. Pigs drop bacon every time and somtimes ribs. Cows drop beefsteak everytime. Hide and the like is planned, so yeah! I'm afraid killing bears is all for naught unless you're driving them from your land. haa!
    If you give a few more bits and bobs about specific things you're having difficulty with, i'm sure most of us will rally to your aid Friend. I hope i helped a bit with getting meat, and i'll help futher if i can! have fun!

  • If you have a compass, you need to put it into one of the "equipment" slots in your inventory, then you can equip it by pressing [K].
    Pumpkins can be used to craft a halloween lantern on the workbench.

    it seems when I select creative I do not get any more items than in survival?

    Yeah, that is (unfortunately) normal. You can use console commands though to cheat for items, see this list for most of them.

  • yep just like this makeadmin ICON58 and yes my steamID is cap ICON :)

    sounds to me like you dont know what you are doing lol ;-P
    before you paid for a server you should play on a server thats been going for some time and learn things from them, then maybe start a server but be warned running a server is a lot of work


    :thumbsup: Rising Citys @ ip ServerName (Yahgiggles Rising Citys) :thumbsup:

    If at first your code does not work call it version 0.1 with the odd bug :S

  • @yahgiggle thank you for that information, useless as it is. First off I have ran several servers, Rust Minecraft, Unreal, Quake etc. Each server is different with different little quirks, hence the forums. Playing on other servers may get me the game experience but not the server side experience. Of lot of my "silly" questions could be answered in a how to, or sticky notes but there does not seem to be any.If you know of any or if you have any real information I would appreciate it.
    Thanks again...

  • ok so..... is there ever going to be at least a manual? So I have played a bit apparently the is decay? I did not know that.. How do you find your way home? I can set spawn but... the only way I can get home is to kill myself? I hear there is TP but i do not know how? Coordinates would be nice,map even better.. Also where is Paris?

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