Musical Entertainment

  • That Marble Machine is the inspiration from the automated piano gadgets. The guy even wanted to inspire from the self-playing violin to make an upgrade of the marble machine.

    I agree with the thought that it would give us something to do between updates, as well as being a VAST improvement over noteblocks & jukeboxes from Minecraft. Rising World has this potential, thus I'm suggesting it so we can make use of it for when the time comes. I'd love to see what people would do with the sheet music, as well as import music into my world from other worlds that I'd even hope for Workshop support. Imagine also having a storage case for the sheet music, similar to how Mystcraft mod for Minecraft handles 'pages' to craft teleporting worlds and such using books, after having used those pages to write up a world.

    Shall be fun.

  • I really would enjoy the sound of an organ or maybe drums or something like that. And by using the drums every single click is a beat... as fast as you klick as fast as you play it.
    Now I imagine Sheldon plays his bongos. :S

    But I would prefer a organ so mystic and impressive... the right thing for a church, cathedral or a villain in his hideout or a Captain Nemo rofl. Seriously I want an organ^^

  • Something more practical, and standard in Europe, being the simple additions of 'bells'. Would be sweet to hang bells up in a very standard manner in a church type manner, or a clock tower. The more complex side of things could work along a programable sheet music + mechanical pins to make notes out of bells.

    Having bells in the game would be interesting. I would love to hear a more casual side to bells, yet on public servers people would simply spam it that it would lose its meaning. On a private & themed servers it would work wonders that I would love to hear city bells tolling.


    - Bonus: Being able to sync bell chiming with real world hours in the game for that added bonus.

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