New Player Reference - Commands and Basics - Partially Updated for Version 0.6.4

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  • New Player Reference - Commands and Basics - Partially Updated for Version 0.6.4

    I am starting this thread for the new players, so until the wiki comes along they have a place to look for helpful items that are scattered about these threads.
    Last updates were for Alpha 0.6.4, but this is not 100% complete information.

    CONSOLE/Keyboard Keys
    Game console is access one of the following key depending on your OS.
    • Accessing Console (Not controlled by
      • Windows/Linux: ~(Tilde),`(Grave), OR ^(Carat) Key(Previously it was the F12 key.)
      • Mac: |(Pipe) & \(Back Slash) Key
    • Console Commands:
      • setspawn - You can sleep in beds but they do not reset your spawn button
      • setinventory - changes the default inventory on spawn/respawn
      • setgametype - changes game mode
        • 0 - Normal game mode
        • 1 - Semi-Creative mode (Godmode and instant break with tools)
      • settime or tod - Change the ingame tim
        • 7 - Dawn/Sunrise
        • 8 - Full Morning
        • 21 - Sunset/Dusk
        • 22 - Full night
      • mark - Saves your current position
      • goto <destination> - known options
        • #spawn - teleports to the spawn point
        • #mark (or gotomark) - teleport to previously "mark"ed position
        • <Playername>
      • getplayerinfo <player> - Gives you information about a player like IP address
      • makeadmin <player> - gives admin rights to a player
      • kick <player> [reason] - kicks player from game, reason optional
    • F1 - Help
      • Provides Button Reference Help view for placing construction items
      • Provides Button Reference for placing objects
    • F2 - Fly/clipping off mod - Use to save from falling through the world and to Fly ;)
      • you cannot interact with objects while flying, you must land first
      • Addition Keys Used
        • Move Down: Crouch(Left-Ctrl)
        • Move Up: Jump(Space)
        • Normal Speed - Page-Up
        • Slow Speed - Page-Down
    • F3 - Debug/display information (take 4 or 5 times to cylce through these to clear them)
    • L-key - Player sourced strong white light

    Here are some of the tools and their functions:
    • Pickaxe - All your digging needs for dirt, stone, etc., also for breaking all placed blocks, objects, and construction components in the world.
    • Axe - Tree Chopping and Bush removed, also takes out ferns effectively
    • Sickle - Cuts/Clears tall grass in a small area, harvests plants for saplings
      • Left Click: cuts then clears tall grass
      • Right Click: only cuts grass
    • Scythe - Cuts/Clears tall grass in a larger area
      • Right/Left click same as Sickle
      • Does not collect plant saplings
    • Rake - Smooths out dirt terrain and turns grass terrain to dirt (useful for making paths)
      • Left Click - Smooth with more propensity to lower terrain
      • Right Click - Smooth with more propensity to raise terrain
      • Occasionally you will need use your pickaxe to dig out a uncooperating piece of terrain
    • Sledge Hammer - Smooths down stone terrain and alters stone texture (no alt function currently)
    • Weapons - Sword, Battle Axe, and Morning Star - Slash, Hack, and Smash <Target> respectively
    • Clock - Place in Equipment portion of Inventory - Use O-key(Gui Changeable) to access time of day in game
    • Compass - Place in Equipment portion of Inventory - Use K-Key(Gui Changeable) to access compass in game
    Plant Resources
    World collectable resources:
    • Wood (Small Tree 4/5 Logs, Large Tree 7/8 Logs, plus 0-3 Sapling)
      • Axe + Tree
      • Tree stumps can be removed
        • Take 2 swings more then felling the tree does
        • Yields one additional log
      • Wood blocks give 4 blocks per log (regardless of Shape)
      • Sapling spawn when tree is chopped into log pieces at the "top" of the logs
        • Planted Saplings grow over time through multiple stages
        • The more mature tree means more resources gained from cutting it down
      • Six Types: Maple, Spruce, Willow, Birch, Apple, Lemon (Plus old generic logs still exist, but not dropped any more by any tree)
        • Each own log type, no use differences at this time
        • Mature Apple and Lemon trees produce fruit
          • 6 fruit per picking, tree remains
    • Pumpkins found growing wildly randomly through out the world
      • Rare Plant - Decent Visibility
      • Only used for Jack o'Lanterns so far
      • Not currently farmable or plantable
    • Flowers
      • Very Common Plant - Good Visible
      • Found in 5 natural colors - Pink/Purple, Yellow, Blue, Orange(Uncommon), and White
      • Can be replanted, but not farmed
      • can be destroyed with a single swipe of most tools
    • Melons
      • Common Plant - Low Visibility
      • Can be split into 8 slices, and consumed
      • Not currently farmable or plantable
    • Tomatoes
      • Common Plant - Very Good Visibility
      • Harvest:
        • 4 fruit from picking, Vine remains
        • Sickle: 2 Saplings on bare vine, 3 Saplings and 4 fruit on Ripe Vine
    • Lettuce(Salad)
      • Extremely Rare Plant - Probably Very Poor Visiblity
      • Harvest
        • 1 Salad per plant
        • Sickle: 3 Saplings and 1 Salad on fully mature plant
    • Carrots
      • Very Common Plant - Poor Visibility (Suggestion: Look on steep hills for light green)
      • Harvest
        • 1 carrot per plant
        • Sickle: 3 Saplings and 1 Carrot on fully mature plant
    • Broccoli
      • Extremely Rare Plant - Probably very poor visibility
      • Harvest:
        • 1 Bunch from picking, Plant remains
        • Sickle: 1 Saplings on bare plant, 2 Saplings and 1 bunch on Ripe Plant
    • Potatoes
      • Extremely Rare Plant - Probably poor visibility
      • Harvest
        • 2 Potatoes per plant
        • Sickle: 2 Saplings and 2 Potatoes on fully mature plant
    • Strawberries
      • Extremely Rare Plant - Probably poor visibility
      • Harvest:
        • 1 Bunch from picking, Plant remains
        • Sickle: 1 Saplings on bare plant, 2 Saplings and 1 bunch on Ripe Plant

    Mining Resources:
    A variety of resources from digging into the ground:
    • Dirt (2-5 pieces per dig break action)
      • Use pickaxe on brown or grass terrain
      • Can be placed on Dirt/Stone
      • Also counts as stone currently for purposes of crafting
    • Stone (2-5 pieces per dig break action)
      • Use Pickaxe on grey stone terrain
      • Can be placed on Dirt/Stone
      • gives 1 block per stone (regardless of shape)
    • ORES - These have been added but I just haven't done enough mining to document - Look for future update

    Non-Craftable Resources
    Items needed for crafting that are not produced from raw resources. This is until additional base resources are added to the game.
    • Glass for construction/window frames - Free from Saw Table

    Creative Item Spawn
    This is why I didn't place this with the other command.
    Dev's recommend that you just spawn base resources and craft the items from there.

    Console Commands
    • item <type/shape> <quantity> [variation]
      • Shapes (variations): block, cylinder, halfcylinder, ramp, stair1, stair2
      • type (no variation): treelog, lumber, stick, torch, clock, compass, ironsheet, ironrods, ironrodm, nvg, maplesapling, pinesapling, apple
      • Variations: is a number representing the texture
    • object <objectname>
      • Objects: workbench, sawmill, blockbench, anvil, piano
    • Useful examples:
      • Spawn Stack of Stone: item ore 64 3 (Thanks @Carlzilla)
      • Spawn Stack of Logs: item treelog 32
      • Spawn Tree Saplings:
        • item saplingapple 64
        • item saplingbirch 64
        • item saplinglemon 64
        • item saplingmaple 64
        • item saplingspruce 64
        • item saplingwillow 64
      • Spawn Crops:
        • item saplingsalad 64 (Lettuce)
        • item saplingpotato 64
        • item saplingcarrot 64
        • item saplingstrawberry 64
        • item saplingbroccoli 64
        • item saplingtomato 64
    • More item spawn commands can be found on Meltron's Wall of Text

    General Information

    These are general information that players may find useful, or unusual
    • World is 1216 blocks tall with the surface taking 320 blocks and the rest of them are below your feet (Changed in Alpha-0.6.4)
    • There is a known issue that some items/construction objects do not remove properly.
    • Rake/Sledge Hammer do not use or collect resources
    • There is no current means to re-grow or spread grass terrain or long grass, once removed it is gone.
    • Blocks and Objects do not prevent each other from placement
    • There are 2 pages of inventory in Chests
    • Kitchen Cabinets have usable storage in them
    • The Piano is playable in Game
    • Posters allow you to import pictures into the game
    • There is a Hell, just keep going down :P
    • The only water in game is in the swimming pool in the clouds...

    I am sure there is a lot more that can be added to the list, and I will try to update this based on replies and updates.
    Enjoy Rising World!

    EDIT - Sorry Long time in updated, I have been off in other worlds and dealing with the real one.

    New Player Reference - for commands and basic help
    My Youtube Channel - for videos of my builds

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  • also...

    Source Code

    1. item ore 64 3

    will spawn a stack of raw stone that can be crafted into blocks. I don't know if that's safer than trying to mess with spawning specific block types with specific textures...but it seems like there's less typing to futz it might be a better option.
  • Currently the only help F1 provides is on construction objects list Boards, Beams and Window pieces.
    The devs said they are going expanded the F1 help system as the game develops.

    @Exquisite is correct, you have to use the interact button (configurable in the Settings GUI) to access the advanced crafting menus of the carftingstations.

    New Player Reference - for commands and basic help
    My Youtube Channel - for videos of my builds
  • Is there any way you can save without exiting to the menu? Can't find any other way to do it, and this is problematic since the risk of falling trough the ground and killing yourself is ever present.
    It is a bummer to work on a project for hours only to loose everything because of a bug.
  • purringcat wrote:

    I built the craftbench and the cursor turns to a hammer, how do I get the menu to build more tools. The F1 key does nothing in the game.
    SM's YouTube video shows the expanded menu when the cursor turns into a hammer. I don't get that feature.

    For the crafting menu thing, the hammer only pops up if you are in a liable area for it to pop up. You have to find a good spot on the workbench because it seems that you have placed it in a spot where you cannot use it.