Example script: AreaProtection

  • We fixed a small bug in the AreaProtection script! :!: The new version is uploaded. It was just a small issue, so you can also change it directly in your script: There were two debug prints in the onChestItemDrop event (in playerListener.lua) which caused the game to crash, simply remove it.

    About the chests: Unfortunately the protection does only work for newly placed chests. Sorry, we should have mentioned it^^

  • The admins line in your server.properties file. Separate names with a semicolon like so:


    The admin would be the player name of the player to be admin.

  • Here's a suggestion:

    Normal users should be able to create areas as well. When they create an area, they will be moved to the Admin group in that area. It should be possible to define a max size of an area (and maybe a max number of areas?) a default user can create.

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  • I was working on that. Yeah you can define a max size, and also create functionality to allow players to be admin for their own area, and invite others and assign them roles. None of that functionality exists, but it is 100% possible via scripts. I got side-tracked with creating a server manager/lua script patcher.

  • Is there a way to ban a player from your area? So they can not even add themselves in? I do know about the removed part but that only works for so long...

  • The new version 1.6 is available. It contains two new commands, /cleanuparea (either provide an area name, or simply stand inside the desired area), which removes all objects, constructions, vegetations and blocks inside a particular area (useful when you want to delete the stuff from inactive players for example) and /fillarea (parameters: Areaname and TerrainID [e.g. /fillarea myArea 0]), which fills an area with a terrainid (0 for air, 1 for dirt, 2 for grass, 3 for stone).
    This serves as a small example for the new LuaWorld functions ;)

  • Hi, ive been trying to add the area protection script to my server. Do i need to put in all the files/scripts or just some. Plus when i put all them in the server crashes.

    Any help here would be awesome.

  • Ok, so this is what happens
    1- Stop server.
    2- I goto scripts and make "myscripts" as I like to keep my scripts in different file so i can see them and find them plus my other scripts work this way.
    3- I then add a file and I find AreaProtection were I put it after I downloaded and extracted it.
    4- I click on AreaProtection it then goes to groups, I click on that and it has /admin/guest/owner. It lets me add these files and I can add the files that are in listener and the files that sit below that.
    5- I upload the files and then restart the server.
    6- The server crashes.

    Then I found out that at the point off adding a file I can drag over the AreaProtection file. I do this and hit upload then it comes up with error!:true and I cant go any further than delete it.
    Now I have been able to put the Zcript for admin tools and the edit world script. But I am having so much trouble with this one

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