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  • Well, now that I've been playing for several hours throughout the day, I've finally run into the first real problem:

    I reopened my game after a break, and it spawned me to a completely random location. This was extremely distressing because I had put in quite a good bit of time creating a village/farm and it was going really well. Despite using the 'mark' command, I was unable to return home. :C
    After hunting around on the web for some way to possibly find home again, I read that the 'setspawn' command will allow you to return to a specific spawn point each time, but regardless, it was too late.

    That said, I think it would be great to have some sort map or blueprint of the world that you could craft. Minecraft has something similar, and what it does is acts almost like a little metal detector. The map opens up along the bottom of the screen (or in front I don't remember...) and one side of the map will glow or be shaded. That shaded area will get bigger and bigger until you eventually hit home. This would be something specific to the player, so you're not running into 100 other structures if you're playing on an open server.

    Maybe this is already something you have done? If so I would love to know how to get back to my little project, because I hate to lose so much time, even if it is my first day playing.

  • Welcome to Rising World, Ella!

    Respawn: If I am not horribly mistaken, by default, when you go back to a certain world you have already visisted, the programme should place you at the same point you were when you left.

    1) Are you sure you did not generate a new world, rather than coming back to the one you were working on? The first time you enter a new world (new at least for you), your position might be whichever.

    2) Are you sure your character didn't die? A dead character will respawn at a random location if a respawn point have not been set

    The 'proper' way to fix a specific respawn point, it is to make a shelter, place it somewhere on the ground and sleep in it a few seconds. The shelter will become the respawn point of your character.

    Map: no map is implemented in the software so far. There have been discussions about a map feature and different positions: someone does not like it, as it reduces the survivalist aspects; some would like a map showing only the places you have actually visited, some a map the player actually draws himself on, some (like myself) would welcome a simple map with just land markers.

    Search the fora for more details about these discussions and to add your own position / feelings.

  • 100% certain I didn't create a new world. I had been in and out of the game a few times with no problems, but for some reason when I loaded again it popped me to a new location. I had an entire farm built, house, crafting lodge, bed, kitchen/bathroom, etc. So it should have continued to spawn me into that location, especially since I had slept in the bed and saved there multiple times. Not sure what happened, but I was pretty annoyed, lol.
    (I had already been through the 'proper' way to set a spawnpoint, because I had slept in a basic shelter for about 2 game days, then had the house built and slept in the bed, indoors, for the rest of the time.)

    Also, didn't die, I was playing creative with peaceful on, and everything was fine. I went to rest in the bed (after doing so several times before, thereby 'saving' the game), and when I opened it back up about an hour or so later, I was in a totally random part of the world. I tried using F2 to fly around and find my place based on the position of the sun, but because the world is pretty much endless, I had no luck. :[

    For the map, I'm not thinking of anything heavy-duty, just something that would show the structures you've built. Not anything else, really. So you would either have to create a different map for each structure, or... I'm not sure, really. But I wouldn't care either way if showed land markers or anything, so long as it gets you home. Or even adding some feature to the compass that lets you do that would be cool. It could be shaded green or something in whatever direction home is?

  • Next time don't get lost following methods may house.
    1. Put torches along the way walk or fly I do this in minecraft all the time
    2. when flying explore only spiral pattern same applies to find again
    3. have a compass before you leave.
    4. Make mental notes of your landscape ... Mountains / lakes ... Put a high tower with a torch on top.
    5. Maybe choose not to fly to far away to explore, it's hard to resist.

    You probably never went camping without a cell phone. You must be born after 1990 or millennial. Well I don't blame you if your born after 1990s probably never experienced a time without cell phones or gps.
    If your born before modern cellphones. What were you thinking going off into the woods!

    Now that your lost:
    1. you can use /gps or make a compass to get back to your respawn point.
    2. If you have a respawn point and can't find it craft a compass where you are
    3. or craft a chest / put all your items in their /gps that then kill yourself
    4. or just kill yourself you be home in bed if you don't care about your items
    5. Even if you don't have a bed or shelter to respawn in you will respawn at spawn point which probably is familiar or close to where you started building.
    6. flying / walk only sprial pattern to find it again. If your truly very far away you might not be able to keep your spiral pattern correct and never get back. Leave torch bread crumbs along the ground maybe only way.

    Of course there is want a MAP/GPS like system it's not flushed out IMO not that big of deal compared to other things but it be nice to hit like ('M') to get an instant top down view rendering.
    Someone could probably hack the saved game data out of game, could probably render or generate a map similar to minecraft external map tools do. But there's not millions playing this like minecraft to do that work.

    At least this what we learned in boy scouts in 1980s how to find lost things. Now days they just say call him on his cell phone.

  • Thanks, YakMe, but I had a compass and followed all of those steps already to find my building, but had no luck. :C In another update I stated that the game was actually spawning me to the exact point where I was building, but it wasn't saving my buildings or my game data. My inventory was full and the items I had crafted during that time were all there, but the buildings/terrain edits were gone. :C

    Happy to see that the new update includes a way to spawn back to your bed/rest point, but as I said, my stuff is all gone, so I'll have to investigate what happened exactly.

    Since this happened, I started a new world and have been sleeping every night, then quitting the game when the next day begins. After quitting, I have loaded the game, and everything has been there the last 10 times I've done this, so hopefully it was just a random error with my computer or something?
    However, the first time this happened, all of my data had been saved from each time I loaded the game, and when I opened a different time, it was all gone, so hopefully that wont happen again.
    Thanks for trying to help though!

  • I don't know why that happened your game shouldn't just loose buldings like that I have played hundreds of hours without that but the game saves I heard in SQL but I am not sure. You didn't get errors when you quit? If you stay in that same game maybe you will find it someday.

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