Yogscast explore a server

  • This post is dedicated to whoever is missing their underground bed...

    In the previous episode they called it and I was highly disappointed because they barely scratched the surface of the building capabilities of this game. I'm really glad that they decided to post another one. I don't know whose server this is but it looks like Chris is one of the admins. Anyways, I'm really glad to see how impressed they both were with the creative builds of others. Also glad that Duncan finally got to kiss Satan ;-p

  • ya i am. the who where theres a maze, graveyard and parkour that im featured in is called LEVELUP and was filmed probably like a month ago. I remember those two and that day, totally was a shocker to find out the two noobs was actually yogcast. Im seriously sitting at my desk kicking my own butt right now. Duncan has always been my fav.

  • They recorded it that far back? Well I guess that explains why it took so long for the furnace fuel requirement to finally become a thing.

    I mainly asked about the server because I saw you floating in the sky like an Admin god. The level up server was up today so I took a peek around. Its a very nice server and it looks like the experience changed their mind on the capabilities of the game.

    I hope the guy with the missing bed is not too mad -p

  • When i did my first server called "Os Lusiadas" a huge city with a Bank, Police, School, Museum, Medical Center, etc etc etc and has no sucess, i thought with my best friend R4, this is going wrong and we need something diferent to attract people.
    So i decide to buy another server and start to create a new spawn area in secret. Only after that i told R4 what i were doing and ask him to take care of all scripts and find a way to add levels to players... I named LEVEL UP......and he made it:)
    Than he met Chrisx and his Vornet script and since then we are working together. We are very proud to have Chrisx in this server, as well as Furbal and James7. I love all players active or not, we have more than a hundred protected lands and we want more. We are a big family here.
    I had a big surprise when Chrisx link me this video and the pride in all involved could not be higher.
    Thank you all, i love you.
    Join us, you all most welcome. <3:thumbup:

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