Rock crusher and more gravel varieties

  • Another good idea came up on the Steam forums to add a rock crusher to make various gravel varieties. I'm adding on this a little:

    • Gravel should be more common and there should be more gravel varieties, one or two in each biome depending on the surrounding materials. There should be more stone types such a limestone and if we ever get a mesa biome then lots of colorful stone and clay.
    • more gravel types would make nice roads and you can actually place gravel and dirt to paint the terrain by pressing PageDown to make the placement tool flush with the ground and simply change the texture instead of modifying the terrain (Radioman03 showed this in action in the beginning of this video
    • Gravel should auto generate like in above video. Seeing naturally occuring patches of dirt, stone, and gravel would make the world look more natural
    • Add limestone!
    • The rockcrusher will convert any stone into gravel and also any gravel into stone powder
    • Add a brick oven which can be used to smelt stone powder into a variety of brick depending on what powder was used.
    • On the blockbench, the stone powders can be combined with water to make pastel blocks. The gravel could be used to make various types of cobblestone. The bricks from the brick oven can make any of the brick patterns.
    • I'd like to see some hellstone be used as a crafting ingredient for making some unique block types using the same process as above of crushing it into gravel and powder.

    I'm sure something similar to all of this is already planned by Red51 but we haven't heard of it yet but I'm posting this here to start a discussion and see if we can improve on it. Maybe Red51 will respond with some of his own ideas :-)

    Original Thread:…ons/0/208684375428317706/

  • I see.....

    Yeah, I'm actually quite curious what kind of implementation Red51 has to make gravel so easily. He had something up his sleeve, and I'm still curious to see what that's all about with how easy it would be. I don't care if it's handheld tools, or if through machinery, just that I'd have the ability to produce more gravel to make roads from one point to the next. It would at first be for horses & camels, then railway, and then whenever we get cars for them. It's making me wonder if Red51 should add gravel pockets underground to allow you to mine those up to use for road construction. It's far more useful here than in Minecraft.

    What kind of rock crushing machinery you have in mind? Anything? Tools for medieval & actual machinery in modern times? Trying to think of what the Medieval civilisation would have had access to in making gravel, among other sorts of stone types.

    The limestone, marble, and everything else type suggestion is something I'd love to see also. The stuff like a mesa biome, swamp, jungle, among other things, even though you're trying to keep that thought simple.

  • Gravel pockets currently only exist just above Hell. With the water it is now possible to find gravel surrounding small watering holes. Still not good enough. Red51 did reply to that Steam thread earlier and said more gravel will be added to the world terrain once he gets around to improving that but he also confirmed a rock crusher tool.

    The form that it takes is anyone's guess. Tools in Rising World are likely to have primitive, middle-age, and modern varieties. Some examples of modern machines are shown here:

    Ofcourse rock crushing is a very old process and more labor intensive. You can manually hit rocks with a sledgehammer or pivot a large drop hammer on a fulcrum and pump it from the opposite end. There is a visual of such a machine at the top of this page:…ocess-primitive-and-basic

  • Sigh…

    I used to own 42 acres in the Sierra foothills here in Californy, and TheRadioman’s video brought back a flood of memories.

    Our house was built from scratch by local ‘craftsmen’ and although it was somewhat more modern than the structures shown in the video, you didn’t have to travel far to find back roads that led to areas stunningly similar to this RW project. In fact, while watching the video I could swear I walked that same exact gravel/dirt/rock road on any number of my day hikes.

    My hat’s off to Red, Radioman, and all of you with the talent to produce such realistic-looking structures and environments. I can actually feel the burs and stickers clinging to my socks as we speak. :S

    Thanks for posting, Fox.

  • I don't want to hijack this thread, Fox, but the secret is to have a father who bought the land decades ago when it wasn't worth much, and then inherit it years later. Nothing to do with my own genius or financial worth. ;)

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