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  • Hi all.....

    I have really enjoyed playing Rising World over the last weeks and have found some really challenging areas.
    Thought I would share some of what I find.

    Currently I am standing on a cliff looking down at a vast expanse of water below me.
    Could it be salt water or is it a huge source of drinking water?

    Behind me stands a huge forest with enough trees to get you through the winter.

    The seed is -2021048627508770

    Current position in map
    -2979.70 68.18 -684.71 W

    See if you can survive here.
    And don't keep your back turned to the forest for too long.
    There may be bears in there!

  • From this location I moved a little further up the lake till I get to an area where I had more room to set camp.
    So for the night I am at -2995.54 67.24 -755.52

    Started chopping trees down to make a small clearing.
    Some rock nearby so before long I had a camp fire going.

    But the problem was that even though there was plenty of water I needed food.
    I look around and don't see anything obvious to eat.

    Looks like I am going to have to go deep into the forest to search for food.
    Problem is night has fallen and I am sure there is a bear nearby.

  • Went into the forest keeping an eye out for bears.
    Discovered a moose standing beside a water hole...... as I drew closer the moose jumped into the water and disappeared.

    Carefully crept over to the waters edge and looked in and was surprised as the water hole was very deep and the moose was nowhere to be found.

  • My search for food in the forest turned out to be in vain with nothing edible being found.
    Made my way back towards the lake and stumbled across a dead body lying in the brush.
    Checked him for a pulse but he was long gone.

    Checked his inventory and retrieved his pick and axe.

    Buried the body deep so that it would not attract bears to the area.

    Have to find food soon or I will end up like this poor fellow.

  • For the last hour I have felt like someone or something was watching me.

    It did not take long for me to find that I was indeed being tracked by a rather large brown bear.

    My priority was still to find food but after that I was going to have to craft some weapons and deal with the bear if it decided to attack me.

  • Hunger eventually forced me to eat the last apple I had left.
    Now it was essential I find more food quickly.

    I moved further into the forest....heading down the edge of the lake.
    The trees began thinning out and as I moved out of the forest my eyes picked up an area where potatoes were growing

    I pocketed the potatoes and moved further on...looking for more food.

    All the while I was aware that the large brown bear was still tracking me and was somewhere close behind me.

  • Spent time gathering food and provisions and then headed back up into the forest.
    My stockpile of food would keep me going for some time in which time I would setup a farm and grow my own vegetables.

    Night fell before I could reach my camp

    It was almost too dark to see further up ahead and this brought further danger.

    This was bear country and I had no way of knowing if there was a bear right in front of me hiding in the darkness.

  • Whenever I play this game I always put myself in the middle of bear country..........
    I setup camp near a water source and never stray far.

    I can hear a bear nearby and it would be the end of me if I tried to make it deep into the woods shown below. However there is very little food in the area so I am having to venture into the woods to try and find some food.

  • This is actually a pretty interesting idea, I like it. Hopefully in the future there'll be some mods that adjust or change the way hydration and hunger work to a more caloric or liquid intake value. Plus, I imagine in the future that this will be an even more fun play-style. Having to watch out for roving packs of wolves and bandits who want to take your food, or stumbling across a small village with a trading post so you can trade your potatoes for some better tools or a musket.

    So yeah, I like what you're doing!

  • So without a supply of food on me I left my campsite and headed into the woods as the sun disappeared over the hills.

    The area I have chosen is ideal to setup a cabin however there is very little in the way of apples,cherries or potatoes to live on until I can start farming.

    So I set off into the dark woods knowing full way that I cannot see any bears that may be in front of me but well aware that those bears can see me.

    I head slowly through the woods and after a few minutes I hear a bear somewhere off to the right. Wanting to avoid an encounter with the bear I turn slightly left and move slowly forward listening to make sure the bear didnt come closer.

    With darkness around moving through the trees is slow but necessary to avoid the bears.

    Eventually the trees around me begin thinning and I emerge into a large clearing and make for the middle....using my binoculars to check for any wild animals. Only a few pigs so looks good.

    I look down at my feet and see a wild carrot which I begin eating. Not too soon as my hunger levels were very high.

    In this area I can see a fair way all around me so there is very little chance a bear will sneak up on me. However there could be other dangers.

    I need to make the most of this and begin scouring the area looking for food to take back to the camp.

  • Spent the night gathering carrots, watermelons, pumpkins, potatoes, apples and cherries to take back to the camp. I had originally planned this to be a 2 day trip away from camp gathering food but I have cut some saplings for apple and cherry trees which I want to take back to camp for planting.

    After finding the cherry and apple trees I waited for morning before picking them and removing the saplings...much easier to do in the light of day.

    The saplings can be a little hard to find once they have been cut as shown in the picture below where a cherry sapling is hidden amongst the long grass.

  • Going down a steep vertical shaft looking for possible treasure at the other end. Hugging the walls and going down slowly is the only way and the only problem being not knowing if I will be able to get up the same way. I could very well die down here.

    The picture below shows what looks like an average every day tunnel in the rocks.

    However looks are deceiving and this is actually a vertical drop and one bad move I am going to have a long fall suffering in a very bad breakage of limbs and even death.

    This cave system is immense with so many tunnels snaking through it that you have to take a chance exploring every part of it....even the vertical drops.

  • Shortly after taking the prior picture I went the wrong way and ended up falling into a deep black crevice from which I did not survive.

    Began a new map and using the seed RadioRealm2017 I began the map standing next to a tree in a cold environment....the tree just had one apple on it.

    However there were plenty of potatoes lying around and I collected 32 potatoes before heading off into a much warmer biome.

  • Made my way into another thick forest with plenty of food supplies and found a watering hole to setup my camp.
    Only one problem..... there is a bear really close by.

    With this game you are able to track the bear and work out what kind of danger you are in with it being in the area.

    When I hear the bear I turn right until I can hear the bear on the left.
    Then turn left until you can start hearing the bear slightly on the right.

    Use this to creep closer keeping an eye out for any movement in the trees or bushes ahead of you. Directly going towards the sound of the bear should mean it will not attack from the sides.

    Using this method you can then set your eyes on the bear and decide what you want to do.

  • How to play in extreme survival mode.

    Want a challenge? Are you finding the game easy because you have all the food you need?
    Well forget food.....lets look at water instead which is far more important to survive.

    Before starting a new game go into settings, click on water and remove ponds.

    Try playing with the only water available being from food you eat or if you happen across lakes or oceans.

    I do not mind ponds but sometimes I find there are too many and by removing them completely you then get an extreme survival challenge to find water during the game.

    When you do find water such as a lake you can then setup camp nearby....otherwise start growing crops quickly so you have food that gives you water.

    If you find a cabin, you may find a map.....nice and easy way to find water you have already found in your travels.
    Running low on water?

    Just look at the map and look for a lake you have found.

    But then that is too easy.

    Tell you what....click on settings / dungeon before starting a new game and get rid of cabins.

    Now not only will you have to survive without plenty of water around you will not have a map to find it at any time through the game.

    Welcome to Rising World Extreme Survival Daniel Boone Style....

  • This is a picture of my camp setup in the middle of bear infested woods........

    I hiked through the woods until I found a small dam which had a small outcrop of rock nearby only 10 feet by 10 feet.

    Cut down a few trees and setup torches for night lighting and then used my pick axe on the small rock outcrop which you can see in the middle of the picture..... to find after my 2nd hit a huge cave below. You can see the orange glow of the cave below the rock outcrop.

    Grabbed lots of stone digging down into the cave, found a lot of iron and coal and built the anvil, the small smelter and the scythe.

    The seed I used for this is 010820171451 which puts you in a forest with plenty of food around

    Moral to this story..... no need to spend hours looking for a cave next to a lake for your camp as I often dig into a very small outcrop of rock and find a cave system from there.

  • Setup a new camp by a large lake........... not much chance of bears here and this will be a break from the constant threat of bear attack.

    The aim of this camp area is to setup a farm to grow crops, trees and breed cows and pigs.

    Where I am at the moment is standing on an island looking back at the mainland with a natural bridge linking to the island. The water is not deep where the rocks cross the water and I can walk across the shallow water without getting my ankles wet..... only a few centimeters of water in the stone bridge area.

    The cabin and some crops will be built on the island with main crops and animals being across the other side of the water.

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