Game minimizes on its own

  • Do you maybe have skype or any other app/program that displays toasts on the side of your screen and you accidentally click them causing it to minimise?
    Could you go to the game directory (if you have it through steam it must be something like: D:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\RisingWorld) there you will see a file called, open it with a text editor and you will find an entry: game_debug_console=false in it. Change that to true. Then start the game and the next time it minimises by itself quit the game and go back to the game directory. Now there should be a folder called Logs, go into that and post here the latest log in there. Maybe someone can help you out by reading it if the problem is RW related.

  • It may also help to disable full-screen mode and disable window decorations in the game. Both are under the graphical settings in the game. This will make the game run in a window as large as the screen but not be "full screen" which is another mode that has been acting kinda funky lately when switching tasks.

  • I looked through the log and I don't see something that would cause the game to minimise on its own. So I would assume your problem is not game related.
    Having said that I am not qualified enough to understand every aspect of the log file (since I have no insight in the game's actual code) so I will let red51 have a look and answer you with more information if the issue turns out to be in fact game related.

  • That log looks very normal to me. There must be some external program instructing this (and possibly other) applications to minimize for some purpose. However, considering that it's windows 10, I wonder if there could be some interference with multiple desktops. This is a new feature in Windows ( a feature I've enjoyed in Linux for nearly 20 years now) and it is a little buggy at times. You can hit [Windows key] + [TAB] to view all desktops available. It might be worth trying to remove any extra desktops (all desktops are visible on the bottom of the screen in this view). When you remove a desktop, the windows will be moved to desktop 1 so nothing will get closed.

    Might also wanna disable all the keyboard "enhancements" under the "Ease of Access Center" under the control panel. I find that constantly messing me up when i play many games since Windows then monitors unusual usage of the various control/alt/tab keys on the keyboard.

    Actually you mentioned that the game minimizes and takes you to the task bar. Do you mean the start menu? Perhaps you're hitting the [Windows] key on accident.

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