Survival Mode Suggestions + Item Requests!

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • Thank you Red for this amazing game, you're doing a fantastic job! I was wondering if there is a thread or post that outlines what direction you're heading with the game? Or what the most requested things are by the community and what you're definitely looking to implement long-term?

    Loving the realism of the game, however, for me, one thing that takes away from this is how easy it is (in survival mode) to go from making yourself a simple wooden chair/table to being able to craft modern furniture like office chairs. In a creative mode this is fine, but in a survival mode this seems like an oversight. I feel like some sort of "unlocking" path for these things during survival would work better - either similar to Creativerse wherein you can only craft more advanced items once you've crafted a more primitive version or similar to Minecraft where you must find and collect better materials to make more complicated and higher level items. If going the Creativerse path, for chairs, the "evolutionary" chain would look something like:

    • Stool (unlocked at start)
    • Wooden chair (unlocked after 1. has been crafted)
    • Wooden chair with padded seat (unlocked only after 2. has been crafted; needs more materials - cotton, wool or hemp for pad);
      Rocking Chair (unlocked only after 2. has been crafted; needs more wood than a normal wooden chair)
    • Fancy wooden chair (unlocked after 3. has been crafted. Probably carved/lacquered wood + padding covered in leather, so needs wax or something to craft as well as materials from 3.);
      Sturdy Wooden chair (unlocked after 3. has been crafted. Metal legs/frame, wooden seat/back.)
    • Modern chair (unlocked after 4. has been crafted. I have something like an Eames chair in mind when thinking of this. Needs wood, metal and something for lacquer. Or more like the Ikea PREBEN Chair where you'd need metal, wood and cotton/wool/hemp);
      Office chair (unlocked after 4. has been crafted. Needs wood, metal, cotton/wool/hemp)

    The Minecraft route would mean a tad more grind; e.g. having other little things you always need on hand to craft. For example, nails/pins/springs - starting with wooden pegs to craft tier 1 items and graduating up to metal springs for more complicated items - this will increase grind-time, but only a little if implemented properly (e.g. one block of lumber = 100 pegs or something).

    At the moment, Survival mode feels like I'm playing Creative, because resources for crafting EVERYTHING are so easy to collect.

    I believe you're doing a food update, but here's my thoughts anyway. Within a day I have a fully fledged farm with more food than I can possibly eat. A possibility to make this more challenging is to add irrigation requirements to plowed land. Being able to water your plants with the bucket or a craftable watering-can would be good, but I'd be even more excited by the option of crafting yourself a water tank/tower which fills in two ways: slogging buckets of water to it and with rain water. Then you can craft some sweet copper pipes to drip-irrigate your land. And I'm getting mad carried away here, but crafting a composter to make fertiliser to get bigger harvests too (1 strawberry per plant is killing me). Then we'd have something useful to do with all the grass we end up with :D

    I'd like to see wild animals chow down on crops as well, so there's a bit of competition and you're forced to fence off your farms from thieves!
    A tweak for less passive wild animals would make finding meat (and wool) harder and encourage future animal husbandry...which I hope is in the pipeline!

    It would be nice to be able to make dyes from flowers and cobalt and coal... and then use said dyes to colour the existing mattress. Also potential future items like rugs, flags/banners and clothes!

    Double mattress
    Other instruments (a simple drum, lute and flute?)
    Rugs (made from hemp fibres and others made out of other animals skins - feels like a waste to use my tiger skins for leather...)
    Decorative items to use my silver and gold on (diningware, jewellery)
    More weapons - i.e. upgrades for weapons (and tools) using alloys we craft, as well as a bow and arrows
    Beehives for honey (food) and wax (crafting)
    Cooked potatoes! (just pop them on the grill like the meat)

    The degradation of weapons/tools and armor/clothes as you use them would be a nice touch!

    Keep up the hard work (but also take care of yourself!!), I'm such a fan! <3

  • Nice suggestions.

    One thing though, ores are not easy to find if you choose flat lands. I had to use the F2 key to fly around and collect iron ore in the underground tunnels. Ores are easy to find if you have mountains but I chose to play flat lands.

    I was thrilled when I found tungsten ore because I was finally able to make lights inside my house.

  • I'm certain that 'unlocking paths' shall be more of a thing once Red51 manages to get to a point where it's Medieval era only to then progress gradually into the modern era from the lowest tech to the highest tech. My guess is, with what I know is that Medieval era shall be in three stages, as with modern era. You'll have the caveman era, colonizin Medieval era, and the high-tech Medieval era.....Then you'll have the low-tech colonization era (primitive machines), mid-modern (learning how to use machines proper), and hightech modern with 2017+ era machinery. Post game stuff.

    - Farming:

    Pick this plugin up so you can burn through food a bit faster.

    [Plugin] Animal Breed Master V0.1 - Viehzuchtmeister V0.1

    You can breed animals in a more survival friendly manner. I also agree that we strongly need a water storage tank, as well as a way to collect filtered rain water so we can have more water to store & consume in various ways. Should even be an option of filtering ocean water into pure water by using barrels on horses, or similar, to dump into liquid storage.

    - Dyes:

    I'll agree here. However you can make them in real life would be neat to put into Rising World. Would indeed be sweet to dye your bed in various colours


    • A double mattress would be sweet, more so when we gain NPCs. A place for us to sleep with them, and them to sleep with one another. Somewhat like bunk beds for the more advanced AI.
    • Other instruments would be welcomed, such as a trumpet, and for NPCs to also play them for you. Have sheet music for them to auto-play it back that you can also hold concerts, and etc. Use the paper we currently have to write sheet music for NPCs to play music for you.
    • Rugs & Carpets are both something I'm trying to get Red51 to add into the game because of how bland the flooring appears. Red carpets, normal carpets, and etc so we can decorate the flooring with them. To even use up our massive amount of cotton supplies.
    • Flags & banners is something I'd love to create also, yet I already have a pattern I'm using posters to plaster on my builds. If other people can create their banners ingame then that's much welcomed. If banners can read from people's images then that be neat. Red51 would have to take a look at Medieval Engineers for further ideas.
    • Decorative items (gold & silver): We've been pushing this for quite a while, yet waiting on the next player model update to do anything. We would really love to use our silver supply to craft decoratives.
    • More weapons: That's in the next player update. Samurai armour, and such. You have to wait and see.
    • Clothing/Armour: Same as above, it's in the next update. You'll have to keep yourself cool in warm biomes, and vice-versa. It'll be a survival thing in both armour & temperature wise.
    • Bee hives: This one is an interesting one that they'd have to spawn in trees. I'd accept this, welcoming them for honey. I've seen them added in Wurm Unlimited, and wouldn't mind seeing them being added into Rising World.
    • Cooked Potatoes: Something I've been pushing for a while now. Wishing for hot potatoes, as well as buttered & peppered types. Yummy. I did mention to put it on a grill, yet Red51 wants it in a cooking update instead. I would have turned my farms into a dedicated potato farm, yet that's not happening.

    - Item Degradation:
    What I'm really looking forward to is seeing your tools degrade that you'll have to keep finding sticks & stones to make sure your iron supply is in tip-top shape. You'll have to make sure your tools are appropriately repaired, and such. You'll have to however gain half more resources than what your pickaxe is worth so you can keep mining.....The degradation i something I'm pushing for, hoping we'll have. It'll be for sure annoying, yet it's part of digital life.

    Yup. We gotta wait for the next update to release.


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