Trello update: The last weeks we've been improving the terrain generation and we've also put some effort into making landscapes smoother in general (to avoid bumpy terrain). Apart from that, we've also been working on new building tools. You find more information on Trello, but also expect an announcement about the recent changes soon
  • Anybody that colonized the desert biome feel that the cactus is handy as a wood source, or should it be changed into something else? Should cactus stay as a wood source, or should we instead have desert trees for that type of stuff? Basically any desert tree would work, even 'this alien looking one' which is actually normal. I was low on wood related resources (lumber) that I had to convert cactus into lumber to build stuff, and I'm thankful they were around.

    But what's your thoughts on cactus? If you have no opinions then I challenge you to colonize a desert biome by just making a house, some windows, and such using them. Make a farm, and then see what your priorities end up as.

    I'm curious. Maybe as desert decoration, for cacti fruit named 'prickly pears' (like apple trees), medicine, and......... Yeah. Maybe food for animals, as well as a source of 'red' dye because of the insects that grow on them. Maybe Red51 has a plan because he implemented stuff which goes deeper than a simple Google search so that makes me curious what the future holds for cacti.

    If unsure, or lost feel free to skim the wiki for the basics:

  • Yeah, I'm now leaning in the 'Conan Exiles' side of things that we should gain a few varieties of desert trees to mess about with. I've been playing Conan Exiles again for some casual testing purposes that I approve of having desert trees. The cacti I have growing (in RW) actually behave as interesting fences that you could grow them to keep desert bears (it's an open world, yet it hasn't happened to me) away from you, or even bandits. You could prickle the bandits to death. Even make them prickly so you take damage from them.

    Yeah, I swore that cacti stored water, and I'm glad you reconfirmed that. With that in mind there should be cacti types which you could crack open to fill up your water containers with as they (very slowly) regenerate water for you to survive on.

    The 'prickly pear' is something that's catching my attention because you could farm up cacti for both water & food source. You could have an interesting cacti farm variety going on that it be interesting to see how people would live purely in the desert biome.

    Seems like that's two votes (including mine) that wants to see cacti losing their wood ability, something I'm going to assume is only temporary.

  • Overall, the game needs a bit more biodiversity in plants and also diversity in minerals and rocks. Adding salt for one and occasional sand patches in grassy biomes wouldn't hurt.

    I haven't touched Conan since that first month when I was hosting. I have taken a look at ARK very recently and saw how things changed (much better UI for one). One thing that got my attention was the addition of sand, clay, and salt. New crafting options include adobe style construction and some kind of meat preservation system that uses salt to preserve. I don't know what Red is planning for cooking but spoilage and preservation would be nice. Perhaps when the cooking update is announced to be upcoming then we can discuss this further.

  • Alright, playing more American Truck Sim that I stumbled across another cactus type that would be interesting to see in Rising World. Happily cruising through Arizona. I'll obviously wait for the main survival side to release, yet having these cactus types would be interesting.

    What even is Adobe. I just know it's a software, yet it's used in Colony Survival...... Let's Google.....


    Adobe (US: /əˈdoʊbi/ ( listen), UK: /əˈdoʊb/;[1] Spanish: [aˈðoβe]) is a building material made from earth and often organic material. Adobe means mudbrick in Spanish, but in some English speaking regions of Spanish heritage it refers to any kind of earth construction, as most adobe buildings are similar in appearance to cob and rammed earth buildings. Adobe is among the earliest building materials, and is used throughout the world.

    Alright, if Red51 knows how to add that into the game then I'll try and build with it.

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