Prehistoric Rising World Mod - Work in Progress (Environment Texture Files Released)

A big new update is now available, introducing biomes, caves and much more!
Latest hotfix: (2024-02-21)
  • just starting up the game I never get to the loby and the game crashes.

    zip file says unexpected ending so will try to redownload it.

    If you are unable to read the zip file it must have been a corrupted download.
    Have downloaded it 3 times and works fine my end.

    The file should be 64.4 MB in size

    If you can't open the zip file Rising World will not open it either.

  • When testing the new textures I wandered down the side of a mountain and quenched my thirst at a small pond at the bottom of the mountain slope.

    All was going well as I was sipping the water from the pond.

    Suddenly I find that something is attacking me.

    I turn around and not only do I see a wild boar close up attacking me as I drank but there were another 2 of them coming straight towards me.

    I didn't think it could get worse..... but it did.

    As I was retreating backwards looking back at the 3 boars.... I suddenly get hit from behind by a grizzly bear that had come up behind me.

    Lets just say the bear finished me off quickly.

    How did I get so lucky as to be attacked by 3 boar and a grizzly?

    In settings I have the spawn rate for both animals and bandits set at 200%.
    Oh that is going to be difficult.

    I can't even drink a little water without being attacked by 4 ferocious animals.

  • Work on the T-Rex model is progressing well........ below is a list of the potential dinosaurs that make it into the mod. The first 6 in the list below are definitely in the mod.

    Please let me know of any dinosaurs you think should really be in the mod.

    Tyrannosaurus Rex
    The Compi - Compsognathus

    Indominus Rex

  • My plans for the dinosaurs will be tested with the T-Rex but what I am hoping to do is to have them in the mod with pathing functions included allowing for the models to move around.

    Each dinosaur will have it's own sound. I think I will have Goosebumps if I hear a T-Rex sound during the game.

    While I was hoping to have the Pterodactyl as well I don't think there is a way to add a flying animal at this stage.

    I have to look at the code to see if each dinosaur has the ability to react differently to the players.

    While the Brontosaurus is less likely to attack you, those such as the Compi and Velociraptor will attack if you are in their area.

    The bigger T-Rex and Spinosaurus will hopefully sense you from further away and come crashing towards you.

    As yet I don't know if any of the above is possible but this is where I am aiming to go with this mod.

  • If something in the api is needed then talk to @res51 and I am positive he will try to provide something :)

    I am about to get my head around the API....... have a request open in the Plugin API section for some example code but not sure Red has seen it.

  • The mod is going to have a totally revamped food system......

    65 million years ago :

    Tomatoes were the size of berries;
    Potatoes were no bigger than peanuts.
    Corn was a wild grass with hard kernels in clusters as small as pencil erasers.
    Cucumbers were as spiny as sea urchins;
    Lettuce was bitter and prickly.
    Peas were so starchy and unpalatable and had to be roasted like chestnuts and peeled.
    Sea kale was a tough and tongue-curling leafy weed that grew along the temperate sea coasts.
    Carrots were scrawny.
    Beans were naturally laced with cyanide.

  • I may also add the 10 foot birds called Phorusrhacids or Terror Birds to the mod..... they were extremely dangerous predators which were around for 58 million years..... which is a long time.

    This means I will have reptiles, mammals and birds featured in the mod.

  • Добрый день, Даниэль.
    Так много динозавров вы хотите. Как это повлияет на внешний сервер? Могут ли владельцы серверов регулировать тип Dino? их номер?
    Так как «Rising World» требует больше оперативной памяти с каждым обновлением.
    Один плеер увеличил ОЗУ до 8 ГБ. и два игрока покинули сервер.
    Я бы хотел настроить тот или иной вид Динозавра (включить / выключить).
    P / S
    Я думаю, что динозавры должны быть теми, кто вам нужен в качестве помощников. Например: (травоядные)
    1.Мамонт собирает древесину, рассаду, шерсть из нее можно получить в кожевенном заводе вместе с кожурой, ножом.
    2. Стегозавр, собирает камень, руду.
    3.Брахиозавр только ягоды
    4 компи я не понимаю почему. Додо полезнее или передать атмосферу?
    5.Анкило, только металл.
    6. и т.д ...

    Пример (хищники):
    Мегалодон - рыба морская
    Спинозавр - речная рыба
    Раптор -животное мясо
    Рекс - это мясо животных и ресурсов из инвентаря игрока, с которым он обедал.
    Дилофозавр - может быть защитником (он бесполезен), он просто создает атмосферу в биоме.
    В общем, работа большая и медленная, если вы хотите сделать идеальный мод, а может и нет, я уже давно не смотрел на API, немного знаю английский, но знаю основы Java и все же Я не пишу, это будет долго. Есть
    Извините за мой английский

  • With Rising World, you can deselect and remove bears, tigers, pigs, etc. before playing the game.

    My plan is to remove all vanilla animals with my mod and replace with dinosaurs which you can deselect if you don't want them.

    I'm not sure that dinosaurs will be helpers .... they will most likely be sources of meat, skin, etc.

    I’m working on the mod for servers after.

    Russian Translation

    С Rising World вы можете отменить выбор и удалить медведей, тигров, свиней и т. Д. Перед началом игры.Мой план состоит в том, чтобы убрать всех ванильных животных с моим модом и заменить динозаврами, которых можно отменить, если они вам не нужны.Я не уверен, что динозавры будут помощниками .... они, скорее всего, будут источниками мяса, кожи и т. Д.Я работаю над модом для серверов после.

  • Может быть, я немного смущен. Я должен поставить 2-й сервер, чтобы играть с динозаврами. Или одиночная игра? это не интересно)). Я хочу и поправить свои цифры и те)) Было бы круто))) (Google тр)
    [DE] Vielleicht bin ich ein bisschen missverstanden. Ich muss den 2. Server setzen, um mit den Dinosauriern zu spielen. Одер им одиночный? был интересным)). Ich möchte Ауф Эйнем сервер, гм аллес ца Haben унд Ihre Anzahl унд цу Jene regulieren)) война круто))) (Google тр)

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