Cosmicscribbles's suggestions,

  • Note:
    I plan on continuing to update my suggestion's thread here. I see incredibly alot of potential in this game.
    But it's still in early access. Here are some suggestions.

    This is a really big suggestion for me. I would really enjoy to see Bow's and arrows implanted in this game.
    Note: Red51 on steam said that this is going to be implanted into the game. But pretty much gotta rework some stuff. (April 14,2015 5:03 am.)

    Aquatic Transportation:
    I've seen numerous suggestion's in this forum on transportation with steam-powered locomotives. Also horses, and wagons.
    But would there be a means of aquatic transportation, On top of the water (Boats), and below the water perhaps?

    (I'm thinking very early generation submarines, but I don't think this would be very plausible).
    I really insanely suggest the boats/canoes though. Even viking ships. Or late era european wooden ships.

    (Criticisms/Confusions I have with this game):
    I'm a little confused on the era that this game is placed in. Because I see all this old/timy medieval Equipment and gear.
    Then all of a sudden, I can craft a modern leather couch that looks like it belongs in someone's video game room. Not that I don't like it. I don't understand it.
    Knight's don't have modern toilets either.

    I understand this game is meant for building, but would it make sense to make a couch that fit's the era?
    There is electronic's in this game. So there could be multiple era's going on.

    But if that's true. Could there be old school automobiles that run off from coal? Or even a diving kit? At least something to travel underneath the water.
    Like perhaps a strength/endurance meter to swim longer in the water.
    I'm not sure honestly, I'f I knew the era of this game, Then I'd probably have better suggestions.

    I've already seen this suggested in the forums, but it would be really neat to see aquatic life in both freshwater, and seawater. (Big Subnautica fan)
    (Reptiles too)

    Not sure if it's in the forums already, but fences would be really nice, espically for organizing animals, and crops.

    Land transportation:
    I just got an idea, Being from more the west, If this game is going to add horses and wagons,
    Do you think it would be really neat to add buffalo and wagons? Or allow both horses and buffalo to carry wagons?

    Since this Game is heavily based on realism, Would it be possible to have a jackleg drill in the game, To make mining and destroying blocks faster?

    More Creatures:

    Perhaps biome based? More hostile creatures. Perhaps marine. There's already been thread's about more creatures in the forums here.

    I've seen this already suggested in the forums, But it would be really neat to see alot of diversity.
    Also, alot of structures as well. Perhaps, a fishing villages biome, or castle biome with a city merch, and a forgery inside it.

    Now, It would be really neat to have season's change in biomes. But That might be a really difficult one.
    The average fps's I play on is around 20-25, however, I really appreciate the tremendous amount of detail that has been put into this game.

    Update: 9.16.2017

    It would be really neat to be able to submit bug's in rising world. (Like subnautica's approach )
    Or have a Bug list here on forums, (Completely new to these forums, so there might be one already)
    That's all I have so far. I can't wait for more updates.

    I'm not sure what's going on with water, or the physics of water. It's mostly a placeholder, I learned right now.


    It would be really neat to have lances in this game.

  • The water bug isn't a bug, yeah. We don't have dynamic water, so there are no real water physics to speak of.

    These suggestions sound pretty neat! I'd also like to see more vegetation in addition to more creatures. There's very few types of trees and such, after all.

    If I respond in German, sorry for bad grammar. I don't speak German, but I do speak Google Translate. The community seems too nice to stay away!


    Wenn ich auf Deutsch antworte, entschuldige ich für jede schlechte Grammatik. Ich spreche kein Deutsch, aber ich spreche Google Translate. Die Gemeinde scheint zu schön, nicht zu bleiben!

  • I see abandon/collapsed structures in the water. I'm unsure if this was meant to be part of the dungeons.

    However, When you say more vegetation, Would that also include marine vegetation. Like A coral reef for example?
    Also, would there be more biomes in the future?

  • Yeah, underwater dungeons/ruins are a thing.

    And yeah, that's stuff I'd love to see. I hope we do get it.

    If I respond in German, sorry for bad grammar. I don't speak German, but I do speak Google Translate. The community seems too nice to stay away!


    Wenn ich auf Deutsch antworte, entschuldige ich für jede schlechte Grammatik. Ich spreche kein Deutsch, aber ich spreche Google Translate. Die Gemeinde scheint zu schön, nicht zu bleiben!

  • Archery is in that next big update that's struggling to come out. It's just sitting in the pipe......

    Aquatic transportation is something I bugged Red51 for, desiring boats that we just might see Egyptian styled Nile boats, general canoes, among others. Basically anything that would fit on the Danube River (minus the tourist boats) that we could make use of. I have to however wonder if we'll be able to have Galleons, and such. I did suggest submarines, only because Minecraft refused to allow us to explore the ocean, something I see Rising World allowing us to do. Various Scuba gears, boats, submarines..... This game is mature enough that it won't shun you for exploring, using what you need to use.

    > Critisism Part: The game is supposed to start you off in the Medieval Era, allowing you to progress from the tech into the Modern era. Starting from the sticks & stones to then have you work your way through the main Medieval Era into Modern Era. Imagine playing a loose form of "Medieval Engineers' as you tech up to then start playing '7 Days to Die', but without the zombies. Something like that, but in a loose manner. You should also be able to lock yourself in either Medieval or Modern era (just those two, not 'Stone era'; No stone era) to have fun the way you want. I do have to however wonder if, and how research shall work.

    We're also to gain appropriate furniture for the Medieval era. Everything fitting their age, and all that. Whatever you've seen in Conan Exiles & Medieval Engineers as Medieval era furniture is something I'd expect in this game as well. Whatever medieval furniture you find via Google (real era) is what you should expect.

    Keep in mind that survival is the main part of the game, yet with how games are built that building stuff is currently the main focus. It's not 'rebranded', just that it's easier for building elements to be added first to gradually wiggle the way into survival with each update. It's a hybrid game of 'Survival, Building, and exploration'.
    Fishing is supposed to be a thing that we're waiting on Red51 to tell us how fishing shall be. I hope fishing isn't as stressful as other games make them to be. Both pole fishing, as well as cage fishing should be a thing. Fish farming of shelled fish, and etc. Even having a fishing next on a boat, or to net up an area to have fish farms should be a thing.

    Fences are something I desire vanilla wise for the quick building style, yet you can make your own using planks, beams, and logs. Just straighted up a plank or log then size planks up sideways to then have yourself a lovely fence. Ask around on the forums for how to make fences properly.

    Land transportation shall be a thing with horses & Camels at first, then trains, then eventually carts & wagons once animations are settled. Having Oxes & Buffallo to haul goods would be a wise thing to do, something that made Wurm Unlimited highly appealing. Once map generation is switched to its actual map generation we'll most likely see uses of Oxes & Buffalo as wagon & cart pulling. They'll however be a long while attaching onto wagon because of animation smoothness. Red51 wants to make sure animations are smooth as butter so we'll see a delay on wagon additions.

    Mining: The drill is in the next update. It's been shown as a preview:…s/models/mininghammer.jpg

    More creatures, as well as biome based, is something I can agree on. Pack of Wolves are supposed to be a thing, and some fish & birds were also in the queue of being added into the game. All modeled up, and everything. There's a few more coming, yet loving the 'biome specific' idea. Needs to happen. Zombie dogs for hell & monsters for dungeons as well.

    NPCS are a major part that we'll be digging deep on this one. Dummy NPCs for now, yet it'll dig into bandits, raiders, angry cabin loggers, pirates, and etc. It'll eventually evolve into NPC villages that I also hope to see fishing villages. Fishing shall be a big part in this game that we'll see if we'll have fun fishing, or if I'll have to rely on NPCs to supply me fish. I would love to see whatever else people would love to see, + customizable NPCs companions.

    Seasons are a big one, something that even Minecraft struggles with. I can see this happening, yet it be so far off in the distance that you'd have to wait equally long as for the ones in Minecraft. Red51 has been known to surprise (the basic weather in previous update) that we'll have to wait and see.


    - Bugs:
    If you have singleplayer issues then post here:
    Client Help

    If you're on steam, and have the game, then you'll see a subforum to the right called 'Support:

    - Water:
    It's as basic as you can get, though we'll see water & dirt placement improving in a future update. Water shall be easier to place (I find it highly frustrating to place) that we'll see a more user friendly way to go on about it. Dynamic water is planned, yet it's so complex that it'll be added later in the game's life. It'll be a few years from the looks of it.

    - Lances:
    I agree with lances. I suggested those as well in both a realistic, and a realistic decorative anime manner for more weapon variety. We'll have to wait after this next update to see if we'll have these or not.


    Sorry for the lengthy response back, just sharing information I know in return for your curiousity. It's up to you if it's worthwhile or not. :whistling:

  • @ArcticuKitsu 9.18.2017

    About the creatures in the biomes
    I would like to point out first directly, "Zombie dogs for hell & monsters for dungeons as well". It's a really great idea, but I don't think it would fit into the style of this game.
    Komodo dragon's and nile monitor's could work for the dungeon. It's just an idea however.

    About the criticism
    I mainly only found the eras confusing because if there are future updates, How far would they be willing to go into the modern era?
    So would there be car's and trains that run off from stream, or coal even? That's about it.

    Geological occurrences
    Now something I've seen vary rarely in games is geological occurrences. Perhaps instead of zombie dog's, there can be earthquakes or volcanic lightning.
    Even if that's possible. However I don't design games, I'm a learning illustrator. It's probably extremely difficult in programs to design stuff like that.

    I didn't expect to see a comment like yours, but thanks for the big responce! I got really frustrated with the game because I completely deleted my world thinking, I
    could repair and build a fort in a generated abandoned shed found in the snow biome. I look it up on the wiki, and it seems they are only in the forest biome, as I'm only aware of.
    I'll probably continue to update this, when I have more thoughts.
    I just really hope this has not become abondonware or is leading to that.

  • I just really hope this has not become abondonware or is leading to that.

    It is definitely NO abandonware. In contrary, red51 is more active and, which counts even more for me, very informative. Where in other games I only read "thank you for your patience", red51 shares his knowledge and gives hints about reasons, workarounds or for better understanding.

    In all other games which I've played I've never experienced such an active dev in the forum, and I know that he comments in the Steam forum and Steam reviews a lot of entries and questions about "dead" game.

  • Well, that's how Red51 is going to implement the wild animals on the top side, zombie dogs in hell because we have hell at the bottom, and dungeons to be populated by monsters for that slight Skyrim vibe to things for both a population & challenge thing. If you stay top side you'll only have real world entities to worry about. There's also filters if you don't want such things in the game when you go to generate the world. I'd however be with you to suggest bandits & raiders (even occultists) in the dungeons.

    Komodo Dragons and Nile monitors would be sweet. Simply suggest it openly and it'll be considered by Red51


    I bet it is because people don't do their research that we have to keep pointing things out. I mean, I don't mind because it informs people that we'll work our way up through Medieval and into Modern Era. If there'll be a transition era between the two is yet to be seen, yet I'd expect steam trains and such. How far into Modern Era? That's up to Red51, yet it be pretty far from what we're seeing in the crafting benches. There indeed would be cars that would mirror our world. Seeing as how there's a picture of a Jeep on Facebook we'd have a nice range of vehicles & trains. You'd find oil in deserts to convert into fuel.


    Earthquakes would be difficult, yet Red51 has final say in this. It may be far more difficult to add into the game, more than the dynamic water portion that we'll have to see about that. Volcanic lighting may be easier, as with eruptions. I'd accept those, yet it's up to Red51. We'll have to see as Rising World matures through the ages.

    I just warn that do not blind yourself on disliking the zombie dogs (or zombies in general) because it'll blind you with what's in front of you. There's of course more he could do with the environment and etc. Freezing rain, a misty white foggy morning (even in winter), severe thunderstorms (blowing wind & sideways wind & rain), yet earthquakes may be the most difficult of them all. Maybe tornadoes, yet that would cause people to moan & groan when their builds are destroyed. It's a very awkward area because this is supposed to be a more 'mature' game.


    That's rough, yet it's a process of learning. Abandoned sheds are anywhere grassy, which is a large area to explore. Even in the winter biomes. Pyramids are in the desert water ruins in oceans, and etc.


    This isn't abandonware, not the right game for it to be abandoned. Red51 really wants to push each update out because he wants to see people being happy, which in turn makes us happy. He really wants to make that dream game of his.

  • I'd just be happy with more weather, and volcanic lighting in hell.

    Well, I mean if he does plan on having zombie dog's, I hope it has alot of a sense of believably behind it if it were real.
    That's why I actually got this game because of the quality and detail and a sense of realism. But i'm not everyone.
    Also, not sure how to suggest thing's openly. I thought red Would keep an eye in this forum.
    I'm really glad this isn't abondonware. Can't wait to see updates and such in the future then!

    So, You're saying it is possible to find abandon wooden shacks in the winter biome then?
    Update: I got really lucky and managed to find this.

  • It's a feature! 8o

    Yeah! Magical floating water! :D

    If I respond in German, sorry for bad grammar. I don't speak German, but I do speak Google Translate. The community seems too nice to stay away!


    Wenn ich auf Deutsch antworte, entschuldige ich für jede schlechte Grammatik. Ich spreche kein Deutsch, aber ich spreche Google Translate. Die Gemeinde scheint zu schön, nicht zu bleiben!

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