• Why didn't I think of this sooner?

    With new player models and clothes coming, we should be able to craft a mannequin (maybe an NPC that just stands there and does nothing). We can then dress them as we see fit. It would be nice to show off clothing. On an economy-driven server it could be part of a display for an in-game clothing store.

  • I suggested this to Red51 weeks ago that I'm hoping he's looking into something similar to armour stands in Minecraft for this coming update so we can display our clothing freely. It beats storing them in chests that it's better to have them displayed out in the open, similar to how you display hide out in the open.

    A mannequin would be interesting, yet having an armour stand also would be ideal. Anything to display clothing, tools & weapons out in the open in both a Minecraft & Medieval Engineers style.

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