christmas ideas

  • So I remember last Christmas we got a surprise of weather (including snow). That was awesome! What I'd love to see is the xmashat getting fixed. it's buggy at the moment. I'd also love to see a version of the Christmas tree light up and middle-click on it to get the menu (like when you open animal inventories) and get an option to switch between multi-color or white, and solid or flashing. :)

    If its feasible to modify the tree on such short notice. this would be really cool

  • I must have missed this...........

    I asked Red51 (and re-asking) if we could have the following:

    - Christmas tree recipe fixes for material changes + preview image of small, medium, and large. Proper material being asked for each Christmas tree.
    - Christmas trees to light up; change colours.
    - Christmas Hat + male & female Santa clothing (Don't be shy to go this route)
    - (bonus) Reindeer clothing for male & female. (At least the antlers & nose, and maybe the tail)
    - Decorational string lights (Christmas lights) that you can hang point to point. (Example 1) & (Example 2)
    - Snowman (decorational statue)

    That should be simple enough, I hope.

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