How does one modify their stats.rising world server page(s)

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  • I've logged into stats.rising-world, but can't find any options to modify anything at all. It appears to be the same layout as not being logged in.

    There are currently 4 of the same server showing, so I want to get rid of three. How do I go about this?

    Secondary question, but I also don't want 'admin' next to my name in game. I have set showadmintag: false under admin.permissions but it still appears. What do I need to do to get rid of it.


  • have you added yourself as a webadmin in the file? (The setting is at the very end of the file if I remember right) Then you can only modify the page of the server you are a webadmin of, not sure how you got 4 times the same server maybe you could post the links here?

    can you upload the permission file here for us to see? maybe there is a small typo or indentation error in it :/

  • Thanks Minotorious - that will be it. I did add myself but then removed it heh.

    Here is the permissions file:

  • Maybe have a look if the settings_admins_allpermissions setting in the file is set to false. If it's set to true (and if you're an admin in the file), the game will override your permissions ;)

    I gave that a shot, and [admin] is still showing next to my name :(

    On the second issue, I've added myself back to webadmin as suggested to access stats.rising-world, and although I can modify the description on the online server, I can't do anything with the 3 offline ones (they show as no admin or users) so am unable to delete them. I don't really care but it looks silly with 3 offline servers all of the same name. Incidentally - they are all the same 'server' I just kept deleting the serverkey when deleting worlds thinking it was linked to the servers world and had nothing to do with the stats page.

    I'm going home for lunch soon so will have a bit more time.

  • Just thought I'd mention here my server also has appeared twice. In did at one point try and run two servers from my physical server. I created a second mysql database and configure the second server to run from this database with the same server name with "test" in the name and a server password (and a separate port). When I tried to run it it Java something on the lines of address already in use. Admittedly I gave up then. But since then as I mentioned my original server is listed twice. The duplicate would be nice to remove for OCD reasons ^^

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