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The animal update is now finally available for the new version!

    Yeah no problem that comment was more about if i ever need to update the database later On :S
    This was added before last time when i said you need to replace your database so yeah since then you don't need to replace the database and i did do some tricky code-fu to convert the code to work with the new API and the new databases, so all players since the database upgrade keep there areas lol if that makes any sense to you at all oO

    Perfect sense :)

    There's only a few builds atm - but I only know where one of them actually is heh (just outta hospital with two broken ankles, a broken wrist and forearm is stuffed too would ya believe it.. so time is something I have in abundance).

    Thanks again for your work Yahgiggle.

    I'm trying out your latest version and /wpp listallareas works fine - but for some reason showallareas and both tp <ID> and areatp <ID> don't.

    I'm also getting a wall of text at each login (have tried restarting server 3 times now to reinitialise the script but it remains).

    ... here is the top of the wall of text (no such column). Under the WorldProtection subdirectory I have

    The linux start scripts ("" and "") should be in the server folder ;) Did you set the force_install_dir dir? Otherwise SteamCMD may download the server files in a different folder

    Cheers red all good. My problem was I wanted to keep everything in /rw (my old server directory) so extracted to there and ended up with a mess of old and new directories and files - stupid really as it's normally me hammering into people to use a decent directory structure.

    After reverting to a clean image I dumped everything in /rw/rwserver - which is perfect because I now have the new one under the old one so if things ever get changed back I'll be ready :)

    Server showing as online, world correctly converted, scripts and plugins all working. I just made it more difficult for myself than I had to heh.

    EDIT: Duh just noticed the pinned topic about steamCMD will use that

    I've installed steamCMD:

    [ 0%] Checking for available updates...
    [----] Verifying installation...
    Steam Console Client (c) Valve Corporation
    -- type 'quit' to exit --
    Loading Steam API...OK.

    Connecting anonymously to Steam Public...Logged in OK
    Waiting for user info...OK
    Success! App '339010' already up to date.
    CWorkThreadPool::~CWorkThreadPool: work processing queue not empty: 2 items discarded.

    But where can I find the new startscript? I must have missed it somewhere but I've read all related threads about how the linux start script had problems, but now it's fixed etc.. I just can't find the damn thing :(

    PS: lenko's comment was probably a direct translation from german that is why it said "last player online" instead of "last time a player was online" which for a native speaker ofc mean two completely different things ;)

    Fair call.. It's one of the things with google translate.. it may be fantastic but some things can get misinterpreted. You are spot on in your analysis though.. I read "last player online" as exactly that.. which with tail and grep can give you exactly that extracted from the log with times and IP addresses.

    I would find it however great if the function: "last player online" as a singleess plug-in to have.

    Not a plug in - but I just use the simplest of simple commands: tail -f <current_log>.log |grep -E "F.f|PLAYER CONNECT|Client Connected ID" in a different screen session.

    Extremely light on system resources, doesn't impact RW performance whatsoever because it's just looking at the log file, and shows (in real time as each user logs in) User name, User IP, and time connected.

    You can output it to file by Ctrl-a H which means you can sort it however you want.

    I'm getting a similar error to that encountered above by Minotorious:

    java.sql.SQLException: Could not connect: Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MariaDB client
    at org.mariadb.jdbc.internal.SQLExceptionMapper.get(
    at org.mariadb.jdbc.internal.SQLExceptionMapper.throwException(
    at org.mariadb.jdbc.Driver.connect(
    at java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(
    at java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(
    at risingworld.worldconverter.database.MySQLConnection.connect(
    at risingworld.worldconverter.SQLitetoMySQL.convertToMySQL(
    at risingworld.worldconverter.RisingWorldWorldConverter.main(
    Caused by: org.mariadb.jdbc.internal.common.QueryException: Could not connect: Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MariaDB client
    at org.mariadb.jdbc.internal.mysql.MySQLProtocol.checkErrorPacket(
    at org.mariadb.jdbc.internal.mysql.MySQLProtocol.connect(
    at org.mariadb.jdbc.internal.mysql.MySQLProtocol.connect(
    at org.mariadb.jdbc.internal.mysql.MySQLProtocol.<init>(
    at org.mariadb.jdbc.Driver.connect(
    ... 5 more
    No connection to MySQL possible

    Version info:
    mysql Ver 15.1 Distrib 10.1.26-MariaDB, for debian-linux-gnu (x86_64) using readline 5.2


    I've created a new mysql database

    MariaDB [(none)]> SHOW DATABASES;
    | Database |
    | Sukeyland |
    | information_schema |
    | mysql |
    | performance_schema |
    4 rows in set (0.00 sec)

    Edit to add: The client is also the latest version

    Maybe have a look if the settings_admins_allpermissions setting in the file is set to false. If it's set to true (and if you're an admin in the file), the game will override your permissions ;)

    I gave that a shot, and [admin] is still showing next to my name :(

    On the second issue, I've added myself back to webadmin as suggested to access stats.rising-world, and although I can modify the description on the online server, I can't do anything with the 3 offline ones (they show as no admin or users) so am unable to delete them. I don't really care but it looks silly with 3 offline servers all of the same name. Incidentally - they are all the same 'server' I just kept deleting the serverkey when deleting worlds thinking it was linked to the servers world and had nothing to do with the stats page.

    I'm going home for lunch soon so will have a bit more time.

    Thanks Minotorious - that will be it. I did add myself but then removed it heh.

    Here is the permissions file:

    I've logged into stats.rising-world, but can't find any options to modify anything at all. It appears to be the same layout as not being logged in.

    There are currently 4 of the same server showing, so I want to get rid of three. How do I go about this?

    Secondary question, but I also don't want 'admin' next to my name in game. I have set showadmintag: false under admin.permissions but it still appears. What do I need to do to get rid of it.


    well you don't need to add blocks or build to expand your area, you can just click the p key and click the button add area
    if you feel someone is taking over land you need talk to them in a nice manner and ask them to give you a little more room ..


    Ahh of course - p key; add area - *facepalm*

    Re other people, I think building right up close might be inadvertent (and why it's probably people new to the game doing it).. they bundle along, find a spot, and start building without fully looking what's around or even fully understanding what's going on.. granted I only had a foundation down so it didn't really stand out.

    Sorry but how the database is setup i cannot do this oO maybe i could add this but you would needed to re protect the areas over ?

    Ahh well nevermind. I've done it all now anyway (there was bugger all really heh).

    I note in one of your responses to shark you said: "..i have been adding the code for this plugin to be able to also do what the old area protection did".

    Once done this would be the perfect 'one stop shop' plugin. The only problem with the autoprotect is it works well until someone new to the game bundles along and starts building right alongside where you've temporarily finished but wanted to extend some days later. I guess I could have placed random blocks extending outward to where I wanted to build to, but then there'd be a lot of chucks in the world with just a single block in em if everyone else did the same. It also means there is no real 'buffer' like there is with areaprotect because even placing blocks to where I wanted to build someone could build a parapet right up against my final wall.

    Cheers Yahgiggle - works a treat.

    Is there anyway you can create an equivalent of /showareas /hideareas? Probably not or I'm guessing you'd have implemented it but just throwing it out there :)

    I know it displays the name of the owner down the bottom - but I'm in a situation of wanting to protect a bunch of different areas that were built before I installed the plugin and I have to keep backtracking to see if I've missed anything heh.