Suggestions - Objects

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    • Suggestions - Objects

      Do not have many in this requests this time :)

      Bell - A bell that can be run and ideally heard by anyone that has the chunk loaded or at least is within their LOD range. Basic Size is up to two blocks tall and one block wide.
      If you want to get fancy, make it scalable and the pitch changes directly proportionately to the width of the bell, and Vertical scale to how far it can be heard. It would be neat to have a fully functional bell tower in a cathedral.

      Banisters - These need some fine tuning. They do not connect well at corners and angle changes. When not aligned to a right angle to blocks the measurements get wonky and they are very difficult to use.
      Three possible solutions:
      Allow them detect and connect to make proper corners even at angles.
      OR add 45 & 90 degree corners, and the ability to scale the length of wooden rail.
      OR make them full EC objects allowing a variety of interesting uses and sizes.

      Doors - Glass doors, doors with windows, or best would be Doors with window frames in them so you can place your own choice of glass in them. Also sliding doors.

      Lighting - Ornate Torch Holders or Lamps, maybe some candles and a variety of candlesticks, (Gives reason to add Bee Keeping eventually :D )

      Thanks again for the great game, and keep up the good work

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    • Bell - +1

      Regarding building. I would sacrifice total freedom for being restricted to staying on grid period. Then the parts available to build with create the freedom to be creative. With some things it is nice to scale yes (like a poster). I prefer things like banisters, fencing, pillars, boards, etc etc.. should be modular and snap together. It frees you to be more creative and not have to worry about lining things up perfectly. Not everyone will be willing to do that. And here comes to flak! lol

      Yes for more doors etc.. and unfinished doors for players to complete. Other things can be like this also.

      Yes for lights and candles (and beekeeping!)

      About finding people, I haven't played MP yet and haven't checked.. aren't there coords you can give each other in order to find each other? Similar to MC?
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    • * Bell? How would a player know what direction the sound is coming from? Maybe a visual clue from something, but an audio clue from a bell?
      * Bannisters would be a 'challenge' to implement. I don't think they're that important right now.
      * I could go for a few different doors. Much more interested in double doors, or tall doors, or drawbridges, or gates, or sliding doors.
      * Different lamps would be nice, like table lamps. Candles seem like pure decoration to me.
    • I am working on a renaissance style town. I am looking for a bell more as a aesthetic value then the multiplayer function.

      Banisters already do snap together, just only works in a straight line. Hence i think option two would be the easiest to implement, as there would be very little new functionality to code. The a few corner pieces to handle transitions, and ability to adjust the railing portion so angle placements can be extended to touch and keep with the grid.

      I place my suggestions more to have them considered for long term implementation, than immediate need.
      My previous suggestions have covered those other door types, and I kinda view that my older suggestions should be a higher priority as I found need for those earlier in my RW learning.

      Candles were the mainstay for lighting for a long time, so fit with the aesthetic I am looking for. Plus I like the idea of bee keeping for resources :)

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      My Youtube Channel - for videos of my builds
    • Yeah I don't think the bell should be the option for finding players haha. But it could be used as an alarm for the town in case of an enemy raid.

      Banisters, well I suppose there just needs to be more content, meaning more pieces available to create different designs. Does everything snap together? If that is already in place, then great! I understood it was difficult to place things because it was all done free hand, leading to gaps in walls etc... I honestly haven't played much since I got some other new games over the holidays haha..
      Haste is the enemy of knowledge.