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    Maybe slightly off-topic, but the new city builder Cities:Skylines does decent flowing water with no problems. Just don't dam rivers in the wrong place :)

    I think removing and replacing furniture and similar items is fine, and should definitely be implemented. I feel we should also be able to remove blocks once placed but they should either remain as the same block that can be re-placed somewhere else, or possibly broken down to recover some fraction of the resource that went into them. I don't think we should get the full resources back from deconstructing items, there should be some sort of wastage involved in the process.

    As it is we spend a lot of time with a rake just getting rid of the grass to make a road , we do not need it to grow back LOL. Our fingers are to the bone as it is :)

    This is a very good point. I think that if we remove grass it should only regrow if we explicitly want it to. ie, we place something like "grass seeds" in an area.

    My hopes for electricity in the game is that you would need to build some sort of generator and connect it to whatever you need to be powered. Things that were not connected would not be powered. I would not want this electricity to flow through just any old stone or wood block, either. For electricity to pass through a block, some sort of "cable" item would need to be added to it.

    I would like to see the ability to have switches for lights and other things.

    Finally, I would want to have to supply the generator with some sort of fuel on a regular basis, not just place it and have it generate power for free for ever.

    I think in order to work properly in the game, any banking / economy system will have to have a way of controlling the value of all things. The use of a specific thing (possibly Gold in the form of Coins) would work for this, however in a procedurally generated world that is possibly infinite, there would have to be a fixed amount of this one item at the start of the world that would never change. This would mean that there would never be any new gold in new areas of the map, or else the relative value of everyones current holding of coins would continually decrease over time. This would lead to the first people to join a new world owning all the land where the wealth was, and people joining later on struggling to have anything. I imagine it would be difficult for the devs to implement an effective economy unless it became a central feature of the game, which I don't believe is their aim.

    Right on track with ya Geneo, most people on here are here to play creative mode, build a house, have a tiny piece of land..
    Witch will eventually change anyhow since "Devs" mentionned that nothing will be free on the game.... Sure hope this game
    don't end up a Pay to play game and have the same effect as other games witch you need to pay for a place to build
    your house and there is nowhere to built in fact...

    I believe that when they said "nothing will be free", what they meant was that things like the iron stuff we can currently make without mining ores beforehand are what is not going to be free, and that will be once those ores have been implemented in the game. Nowhere have I seen any suggestion that we may actually have to pay real money to take part in the game.

    Some interesting ideas there. I believe the most primitive implementation of a train would be wheeled wagons pulled along rails by horses or some other livestock. (See Hopefully something like this will be possible.

    As for roads, I am hoping some way of including curves and more gentle gradients than the 45 degree slope will be implemented when they are added.

    When the time comes for water to be added into the game, I am curious as to how it will be implemented for existing worlds.

    I am presuming that firstly there will be no water added close to parts of the world we have already been building on, and secondly that once it has been added we will need to drink water for the survival aspect of the game. If this is the case, then obviously we will need to be travelling a long way regularly in order to survive.

    Therefore, I have the following suggestions...

    1. Make it to be possible for us to create a channel which the water could flow into, therefore bringing it to our built up areas.
    2. Failing the water being able to flow by itself, some sort of pumping mechanism (and possibly pipes) would need to be implemented to bring distant water closer.
    3. If there will also be underground bodies of water, allow these to be created under areas we have already worked on, as long as we have not already dug too close to them.
    4. If there is underground water and we dig wells, there will also be a need for some mechanism for getting water to the surface.

    A related suggestion - At some point can some of the items like sinks work in some way. (ie, could you connect a water source to a sink (via pipes / pumping / some other means) and obtain drinking water from it?)

    I think maybe if an in game camera was implemented, the proposed TV could be used as a monitor in a CCTV like set up. (Like the camera system from Space Engineers).