Server shuts down after 3 - 5 mins

  • That only means that your client is losing connection to the server, the server is running without any problem according to the log files you attached. :/
    Could you maybe post your client's log file here for us to see? To obtain that you need to follow this process:

    Go to the RW directory and open the file with a text editor. Then change the value "game_debug_console=false" to "true". Then open the game and play as normal. When you start seeing the losing connection message wait 30 seconds and close the game. Now go to the Logs folder in the RW directory and upload the latest log file here.

    Are you using a wifi, could you switch to ethernet to test if it will happen again?

    Are you using a VPN? They sometimes tend to cause connection issues.

    What is your ping to the server? How stable is your internet connection in general and what speeds (upload and download) do you usually get?

  • Hi thanks for you reply not using WiFi and no VPN installed on computer and my connection is very good in general, ping is around 15 upload is 25Mbps download is 85Mbps.

    when i log back in to our server control panel it shows that it has stopped with (Query failure limit reached

    The server has not responded 15 times and has reached the maximum number of allowed failures. Please investigate.)

    It is also happing to the my mate aswell

    Here's the log files as iv now tried this twice since my last post and every time get the same thing.


    Many thanks

  • Where is your server hosted exactly (name of the hoster)? There isn't anything suspicious in your log, so either the server crashes, or the process gets killed on purpose (maybe due to the "Query failure"). Is there maybe a file called "hs_err_pid" in your server directory?

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