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    • hrmastick schrieb:

      what does jdbc and public mean and which do i want for a stable gameplay and when will this game be officially released (feature ?( complete)
      only @red51 knows ...
      before Rising World will be officially released it will change from alpha to beta.
      you can take a look at the roadmap on Steam -->…ns/0/3559414588270238365/
      there are the missing features.
      Most people are rather requesting the next update than the release.
      I guess it will take some time. If you take look at the "timeline" you might understand.
      The Alpha-Version was released in 2014 (dont't know the Version-number). Now it's almost four years later and Rising World is in Alpha 0.9.3 .
      If I suppose that the Version 1.0 could be a beta version or full release (according to the roadmap) we are close. 8) mathematical 7 main updates left with additional hotfixes.
      so @red51 can confirm or deny my statement ;)
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    • Usually it's always recommended to use the main (public) branch. The "jdbc" branch was only an attempt to fix an issue with the jdbc driver a few people were having.
      About the "official release": we don't have an ETA for that yet, it depends on how long it takes to get all important features into the game (and get all bugs sorted out).
      About the performance issues, please see my response in your other topic ;)
    • Why does 1.0 have to be the release? Surely if you have more you can add, you could stretch it out to 2.0 or even higher.

      Personally, I'd like to see this game under continual development, there is so much more that could be added. Ultimately, when the devs do decide to reelease it, I do hope there is loads of capability in the API for modders to add more content to it so we can really see how far we can push the limits of it.

      Look at Skyrim, modders have made an entirely different game of it by adding parts of Cyrodil that were previously locked out. I'd love to see that amount of lattitude given for this game so modders can really go mad.
    • Personally, I'd like to see a game along similar lines to RW but very basic and with API hooks into EVERYTHING, including the AI, so modders can have at it in any way they want.

      It would be really amazing to have a game created by the modding community. You download the basic game and then install the mods you want in it, so you can customise the game to your personal taste. the game then becomes what you want to play rather than only what the developer wants to add.
    • Neu

      I'm with those who don't see a distinction between alpha, beta, complete, etc.

      I hope that RW never leaves development, and so is continuously improved, as Minecraft is. I've been playing Minecraft so long that the distinction between alpha and "feature complete" has no meaning (about 8 years or so, but definitely before it was "released").

      I do hope that RW never has zombies, and that is not used as a landmark for completeness.

      I am so sick and tired of killing zombies, which I've been doing for 20 years now (at least since the first Diablo). Such a tired theme, derived from the fact that nothing threatens us as much as other human beings as a combat threat, and mindless, undead ones even worse.

      There is of course the obligatory threat of asteroids destroying the planet, which then becomes an engineering threat. I'm an engineer, so should be happy with that scenario as an opportunity for heroism.

      Except I'm not.

      I'd rather build stuff. For no reason other than it's fun.

      If I have to dodge zombies in RW for it to be considered complete, so be it.