A bug list?

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    • Avanar, all 3 bugs are wellknown to long time players, but new players have no idea and get frustrated when their horse suddenly disappears or they have cleaning up to do from blueprints gone wrong. I wrote on this forum just recently about the undo blueprint problem, because I had no idea. Some do have workarounds, which would be nice to have information about too.

      So a shared list would be very helpfull I think, especially for new players.

      It is true that someone has to keep it updated, and if that has previously turned out to be a problem in the forum, I see the difficulty.
      I will update it as long as I am active, but I won't commit for life ;)
      But maybe someone else will take over, if I at some point I move on.

      Maybe it could get pinned in this forum, or there could be a special bug forum to report bugs and share info on known issues?
      It is probably only Red who can respond to that last one, I assume he runs the forum too :)

      Would it be possible to translate the German version to English and use that as a starting point?
      If not we will have to start with the 3 I mentioned above since it is the only major, consistent issues I have encountered so far (that I remember).
    • I would really appreciate a list of bugs.

      yahwho wrote:

      Nope - but I'm sure Red has a private list somewhere though :saint:
      Yes, that seems likely. Although it is going to be kind of a struggle for him to collect them all from those different threads.
      I'd like to list them all (in a 'sticky'), so every user knows where to post their issues.
      It's also helpful for the developers to get a quick overview and see what bugs are yet unknown, uncommon and/or easy to fix.
      In the long run this benefits players as well.

      For example, I posted two things I observed into my list of suggestions as a sidenote.
      I don't even know if they got through (or what the '3 known bugs' are).

      Sir Prising wrote:

      Two issues I stumbled upon:
      • After mining ores you can place rock to refill those ores and mine them again. Don't know if that is intended.
      • If you grab a stack of items out of your inventory, place one item into a container (without placing the whole stack) and then put the stack back into your inventory, that item magically gets back into your inventory right after leaving the container.