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  • Hi everyone,
    Maybe someone can help me, I have recently had trouble doing a blueprint (getting the whole building in the blueprint) and read that it has to do with distance settings.
    I have looked at the settings and do not really understand what the words mean. It maybe I am ignorant but am not good with the technical jargon.
    Could someone please explain all the graphic settings and what impact they have on the game, this would be very much appreciated.
  • Blueprinting builds isn't really affected by any of the graphics settings with the possible exception of the LOD distance (Level of Detail) which shouldn't be a problem unless you have manually lowered it very much.

    If your build is too big then you should try to get it in pieces (i.e. multiple smaller blueprints) instead of just one blueprint because even if you manage to get it whole in one blueprint then when placing it parts of it will not appear and be missing from the build.
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  • The blueprint limitation regarding the view settings is basically just that the blueprint will only store parts of the building which are actually visible (the "detail distance" is the important setting here). The view distance is basically the "full view distance", i.e. it determines how far away chunks (only a low poly version of the chunks) can still be seen. The detail distance is the view distance for buildings etc. For example, when setting a view distance of 50 and a detail distance of 21, this means the game will render a 50x50 area of "low poly" chunks (containing vegetation, but no buildings and constructions) and a 21x21 area of full detail chunks (containing blocks, construction elements, grass, small plants etc).

    About the other settings, I've just created a new topic for that: Graphics settings
  • I find when making blueprints, to make it a practice that if you can not see it, it will not blueprint. meaning the object being blueprinted must be totally resolved in your field of vision before it will blueprint. I have made some very large blueprints and this is the rule of thumb. One of my largest to date can be seen on artisans server. it is a flying disk.

    this is the inside

    if you stand where the ark reactore is placed, you can bp the whole structure from the inside. If what you see looks like this

    the part that you don't see will be missing in the blueprint. also this blueprint can not be taken from the outside of the craft or there will be places missing. I hope this helps. This is a work in progress of course.

    WARNING: To place a blueprint of this size it took about 20 min for it to fully appear on the server with no one else on the server at the time. When setting these large blueprints, you need to be patient!

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