Blueprints, Textures and Importing

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  • Blueprints, Textures and Importing

    Firstly, let me apologise if this isnt the right place to ask this question. I really wasn't sure. Feel free to move it.

    I'm new to RW but loving it, especially the creative part of it as building has always been my thing, In other games I've always made my own textures to suit my needs.
    I've done some research and have a very basic understanding of how I could potentially replace some existing textures with my own but havent actually tried it yet as GIMP doesnt support the right format - need to get a plug in apparently.
    I have also dabbled a bit with blueprints and that's worked quite well. My query is connected to both blueprints and textures. I can understand how, in a single player game, a blueprint downloaded from here can be added to my game and it appears (although I can be told Im wrong) that any textures used by the creator are included and so show up in MY SP game. My confusion lies with the blueprints that are used on the server I play on. I had imagined that there would be no point in replacing textures when on a server as I assumed no-one else would see them. However, the blueprints I have seen on the server seem to have some custom textures - I cannot understand (a) how that works and (b) how I can do it!
    Im not very technical so, if you are kind enough to explain it to me, please do so in simple terms :)
  • There is a blueprint editor by @Minotorious where you can repaint the existing textures in a blueprint into the desired ones. (Ingame textures).
    You can also use "editc texture id" to recolor parts of a building. Normally only a feature for admins.
    It' s possible to use a stone texture on a wooden part, as "item woodplank 64 23" for example. If the server uses pnb plugin or allows console commands depends on the server.
    And as you mentioned above using own textures is nice, but only for yourself ^^
  • Unfortunately it's a little bit tricky to create texture packs. It's important to use the same format as the original texture. This old topic contains some more information about the required file format: Important notice about Texturepacks
    It would be easier if the game was able to convert any image format into the particular target format, but we were unable to add this feature in the past due to patent issues. AFAIK the patent in question expired in the meantime, so maybe we could rework the whole "texture pack creation" process to provide a more "straightforward" approach ;)

    About the blueprints: when a blueprint is stored, the game does not store the actual textures, instead it stores the underlying block ID. For example, ID 182 is a metal texture. If you're now using a texture pack which replaces ID 182 by a wood texture, and you're creating a blueprint containing this texture (ID 182), another player (who isn't using your texture pack) would just see the original metal texture instead when placing the blueprint.

    I've moved this topic btw.^^