'floating in air' bug after spawning is revealed and how to reproduce

  • @red51 -- for a couple weeks now, I had players report to me they will enter the world floating waaay up in the sky occasionally, if they move they fall to their death. It was intermittent but I found out how to reproduce which is why I am posting about it now.

    To reproduce, kill yourself any which way you choose. QUIT game at 'Game Over' death screen. When you re-enter the server, you will spawn VERY high above your last sleep location. Usually in the clouds up high. I have not tested this in single player. This will reproduce every time I have tried, and had a player test as well. Click 'respawn' at death screen works as to be expected. If you QUIT at death screen, you will become a skydiver upon next join.

    People quitting after they die is very common with rage quitters. Please fix this bug for all the rage quitters out there!! :D

    Let me know if I can be further assistance.

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