"Length" in Rising World

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  • 1 block side is 0.5m you can convert that to inches and calculate from there.

    setp is positioning precision not length, for instance setp 1 means that each time you move a beam/plank/etc. with the arrow keys/PgUp/PgDn after you have locked it into position with RShift it will move by 1mm

    if you want to get lengths you should use size, I think size 1 1 1 on a beam makes it block size but you should experiment with that.

  • We've built with accurate building plans, i. E. 1 to 1. But I'm not able to deal with inches, we use meters and centimeters. To work with those messurements, you could use 1 block = 0,5 m. I'm using setl 25, so biggest woodbeam is 0,5, then 0,375 m, 0,25m, 0,125 m and so on. This is the most accurate way I know. I was used to play with an architect and he used CAD and building plans with such measurements. Of course you can convert inches to meter and vice versa. I had to convert with a building plan from a Mediterranian house. The measurement 0,5 = 1 block is the mathematical best choice, I know. You could also use the size command to build. It's absolutely recommended to use the grid.
    12 feet = biggest length of a woodbeam = 3m, (1/4 of this is 0.75), you need 3,658, I would suggest 3,65m, better than 3,660 m.
    You could decrease the woodbeam from 3 m with setl 10. Be aware the smallest piece us 0,05 m and you could enlarge to the choosen length.
    Or...you use the size command. But this could result in some overlapping parts.
    I'm not sure if you could understand me correctly; for accurate buildings you have to calculate. Good luck

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