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The animal update is now finally available for the new version!

    Am curious to see what types of transport we will have. Am hoping for a more of a steam punk type of vehicles then that of our modern vehicles.

    This is a very good point. I think that if we remove grass it should only regrow if we explicitly want it to. ie, we place something like "grass seeds" in an area.

    I think if I remember correctly I think someone said something about the devs adding "roads". If this is true it would fix this problem. I do think if you completely remove the grass it wont grow back unless you replant it though.

    Like I said in a previous post, If there was to be an economy I think there should be two separate separate ones. using different economy's

    The first economy would be the player economy witch would probably be done in trade most commonly being Items of higher value as a form of currency.

    The second one would be the npc economy witch would be done using one item as a currency. Where as the prices would change to supply and demand. We could use an imaginary trade root. so if you buy a lot of one item in a short period of time the price would go up. If the player dost buy a certain Item the price would slowly drop to the minimum price range.

    Sounds like a very, very complicated game within a game that plays all by itself to me. I'd hate to program all that AI!
    I think the point of RW is that you have to survive in the world, making your own story as you go- not "There's a whole other game going on out there, join it if you want."

    There is also a "stranded" and "Adventure" mode teaser when you go to create world. So I think they are going to add some sort off npcs in the game with structures for Adventure mode. I have no Idea how far they want to go into the adventure theme but cant wait to see.

    Devs already plan to have loot in dungeons which gets better based on the dungeon difficulty. So yeah, lots of stuff to be had as loot.

    Player trade I hope is just barter system. Gold I hope is used for crafting. Coins, well maybe for NPCs.

    I hope you can craft coins too. It always bothered me when in games like Teraria would have gold coins and gold but you where unable to craft the coins.

    I propose the crafting works both ways gold coins to gold bar and gold bar to gold coins

    This would only work if someone owns two servers, because of that I don't think this would be implemented.
    There is always the chance that someone makes a mod to do this for us.

    Ya, your coffee self is right. You don't have to worry about duplicated Items because dungeons are going to be rare as it is I think. On top of this unless random Items responded in the dungeon (witch I don't support on single player) there wont be much high power loot in worlds. In the loot you do get you can have different types of loot (Common, uncommon, rare and super rare). I don't think that there will be many duplicated items especially in single player.

    Alright, what else do we have in mind for the desert, swamp, jungles, and the like? I feel we need to consider those types.

    Snakes, Witches, Sharks, Kraken, Tribesmen cannibals, Spiders, Flesh Eating Birds, Piranhas, Venus fly traps with frog tongues, Traps, Bandits, Fire breathing komodo dragons, Demons, Skeletons, Ghosts, Living scarecrows, Haunted armor, Stone warriors, Evil Fairy's

    I don't know if this is what you wanted but here is a quick 25 to think about. If you want be to pop more out just let me know.

    Maybe like this:…y_vil_painter-d46e1qy.jpg just with glowing red eyes and very far away from the player, hidden in snow fog and only appearing when this fog in there.

    I think this monster should be a diffrent type of monster altogether. where your monster will be aggressive as hell ArcticuKitsu Monster would be more passive. Following you around like its interested in you, but hiding when you look at it. Where it would attack you if you got to close so there like mines that follow you around but instead of blowing up when you steped on them this would just try and rip your face off with ice shards.

    Maybe like this:…y_vil_painter-d46e1qy.jpg just with glowing red eyes and very far away from the player, hidden in snow fog and only appearing when this fog in there.

    Holy crap that's scary! I think this should be a different monster altogether. Where as your monster would be more aggressive I think ArcticuKitsu monster should be more passive following you like there interested in you and hiding when you look at it but will attack you if you get to close. So they are like little mines that following you, but instead of blowing up they just try and rip your face off.