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    ...add a "glass texture .DDS" file under "textures " in "Assets" folder to be a texture for planks and beams? If not, how does it all work?

    Is there a source code of some kind that is only available to the Developers? Someone on discord said that there is a source code,
    but being the person that I am, I practically have to hear it from the developer, himself to believe it! And, no offense to the player on discord who told me! XD

    The subject’s title of this post is completely self-explainable of the whole thread...

    “I would love to be more creative with glass in my builds in a much more convenient way!

    Working with the typical glass panels can be irritatingly hard to build with. Not only are the glass panels too thin, but another problem is that you can barely see the glass panels while trying to align them, which brings me to my second suggestion:

    More tent for glass panels. Putting glass panels on eachother can add tent to the glass panels as well, but I believe it would be allot more convenient if the glass panels had more tent period.”

    You have great ideas; these ideas could definitely be of use one day to the game! The developers are noting players’ good ideas and will work on putting the ideas in the game once relevant!

    I’m making a Plantation on Green Valleys Reborn Server, and a few suggestions came to mind:

    1. A Plow: will be hooked to a horse or donkey(or camel) to make wide farmland

    2. A Seeder: will also be hooked to a Horse, Donkey or Camel, and will be used to(of course) plant seed.

    3. A Harvester: (Self-Explanatory) will be used to harvest crops. Will also be hooked to a Horse, Donkey or Camel.

    For the record, I am not expecting these features anytime soon; I am sure there are still features that need to be added more than these, but these farming tools will definitely make a huge difference in gameplay!

    As the head Developer, if you were to add something like that to the game, which one would you most likely go with?

    If I were developing the game, Id make a nuke mod on the side, but also integrate larger TNT(TNT Barrells, TNT Detonator, etc)

    I’d absolutely would love to see a Skill system for, say, cooking, weaving, bread baking, milling, farmer, builder, block maker(?), carpenter, miner, etc.. in this game!

    Wheat Plant would need to be in the game if Bread is(of course), as for the cook, it would be nice for more foods and crops to be added. Im thinking of a few new workbenches:
    •Bread Oven
    •Farmer’s Table
    •Library(for skill research, which each skill would have recipes of items that skill would deal with. For example, Lumber Jack skill would require an axe and wood log(s) to research)

    Experience points will be used to level up a player(if you don’t want it being more like Minecraft, the player could just have ‘roles’ instead of experience points)